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Super Junior M Fansigning @ Landmark North – 26/12

::EDIT2:: I’ve read everyone’s comments but I won’t be able to reply to them til later on~ I’m sorta living off 5 hrs sleep a night atm XDD. Anyway, I’ve finished uploading all my share-able pictures! The videos will have to wait another week though, sorry. When I’m in America I think I’ll have better internet :D! Also I went on the SJM thread (didn’t backtrack though) and there are some not fan taken pics in this post.


[I’ve only put my name on the embedded picture but I trust you guys to not steal the photos I’ll later upload, as your own. So please do not hotlink and credit if taking out – though I would prefer if you just linked to this post :D.]

I HAVE INTERNET. Lol. I’m probably being a hassle to my mum’s friends but I feel as if I owe you guys a full recount while my memory is still fresh … AND I SORTA NEED TO SPAZZ. Unfortunately, I can’t upload videos (or pictures) at the moment (HOW I WISH I COULD *___*) and I know you’re all probably gonna go onto baidu/soompi and see other people’s photos/fancams; but you know, come back when I upload mine? :).

So I’m sure by now, you’re all familiar with what was required to get SJM’s signatures. On the 25th, me and friend A travelled all the way to Sheng Shui. We arrived at just a bit past 12 and already, there was a massive queue outside the plaza. Though there was no sign, I knew what they were there for because they all looked like fangirls (you know how you can just tell?) so I was a bit put off by that. Friend A and I walked around the whole mall (about 4 levels high but it was really small) and I spent $300 on food lol. But then we didn’t find a shop where we could spend the other $500 and since the queue outside was so long, I thought, *sigh* I should give up. And I did.

Then late last night my mum’s friend B called me up and said she saw their Signing Event ad in the magazine. She called up Landmark North for me and surprisingly they still had a few passes left to get their signatures so she offered to take me first thing there this morning. We got to Sheng Shui at 11am and uh oh, the queue was even longer than yesterdays. Fans were sitting on the ground all looking dead. We asked the staff if we could still get a pass but they said that fans had been lining up since late last night so they’d given them all out.


Gah, yes I was pretty upset because I’d gone to Sheng Shui (half hour train ride – no seats too because the trains are pretty packed to China) two days in a row and I felt so sorry for friend B because she has no idea who SJM are, she’s not a fangirl (she’s a married woman and a mother of a baby! Though from this experience she’s learnt to NEVER let her child get into fandom – I say that’s a good idea – so at least she left with something) and we only got there early in hope of getting a pass; so basically, we got there 6 hours before the event for nothing. However I guess I’m sorta lucky we did because FANS WERE ALREADY WAITING IN POSITION. AT 11am. When the event was supposed to start at 5pm (it’d already been pushed back 1 hr). WHY????

We bummed around at the nearby malls, though they were all even smaller than Landmark North and after eating lunch, it was about 2 and friend B suggested I get into position. Basically, level 2 was where the event was; the open space was very little with a massive pole right in the center (DAMN THE POLE) and you could look down from the above levels. 3 hours before the event started however, all the levels (3 and 4) were filled with fans. Many had just left their bags on the ground and that was how you knew that spot was taken. Two girls stood where there were bags and these fans looked like they were about to bash them. Friend B was just peeking down and more fangirls glared at her. (I felt so bad T_T).


We finally found a spot located beside the escalator of level 3. They had barriers beside the escalator so that peoplew ouldn’t crowd around. I had a spot tucked behind the barrier but being the sneaky fan that I am, I kept pushing the barricade out so that I could stand closer to the edge; but then the Manager came up and pushed the barrier back T_T. Since we were beside the escalator on level 3, it meant that people coming up would all get in the way of the stage. I was pretty annoyed but the position was sort of safe so I couldn’t complain that much.

While we were waiting, passersby and the staff of the mall were all bitching about fangirls lmao, saying how they should go home, why stand for hours waiting, they were wasting time etc etc. The worst comment though was this guy who said “Even if they (SJM) were dead, there’d be this many people. Imagine what it’d be like if they were alive.” (Dw, I didn’t get what he meant either but it was rude). So the staff quickly said “Don’t say that, they’re their idols.

Everyone coming up the escalator also said “Why are they all girls *looks onto stage and sees SJM poster*…ahh, no wonder.” It was pretty annoying though when people who had no idea were like “Stupid taiwanese boyband” and I’m just like thinking, YOU’RE SO WRONG IT’S NOT FUNNY.

Other funny things that happened were fans who had these random blue balloons from some other mall/event and stuck S and J and M on it with paper and tape. One of them even dropped their balloon – I laughed so hard, sorry. Another couple of hours past and they’d started playing SJM’s music. Fans kept screaming at everything though. The people were testing mics – they breathed into mics and that created this massive uproar. Fans would also take out signs and banners and everyone below on level 2 would all point and scream and it was CRAZY.

Finally at 4 something, they realised it was getting dangerous (I don’t think the mall had ever seen that many people) and barricaded off the escalators completely. I was like WOOT no one will get in my way :D But then a couple of security and photographers got onto the escalator AND STOOD RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. So my photos are all on a really bad angle or else there’s someone’s head in it T___T.

At about 5.30, the MC announced that SJM had just come from the airport and were on their way from the carpark, putting on make up, fixing clothes and after a few more minutes THEY FINALLY CAME. Omg it was crazy. First of all, THEY’RE ALL INCREDIBLY HANDSOME. Kyuhyun came in and I was just like OMG *falls down on knees* MARRY ME. Henry also has really nice skin and he’s so cute even without the cheeks, though that’s sad. AND DONGHAE WAS WEARING A BEANIE AND GLASSES AND SHOWING OFF HIS COLLARBONES AND JUST BEING SEXY AND IT WAS A MIRACLE I DIDN’T DROOL.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

If you go through my photos and videos, you’d definitely be able to tell who are my favourites. I only had 30minutes of video space (including photos) on my camera so I had to be really selective. I ended up taking a lot of the screen too which is sorta stupid because it was really hard to see T___T. Zhou Mi is really tall and he was just smiling throughout. He’s really nice to look at :). Ryeowook is really small and just sort of kept disappearing behind the MC :(. But he was so pretty *__*. Siwon and Hankyung are also very good looking (friend B showed interest in Hankyung from the poster and afterwards asked about Siwon ;) But then she told me she didn’t understand why ‘that Lee Dong Hoy is so popular‘ lmao).

I’m going through my pictures and videos now so I’ll tell things in order :).

They introduced themselves (I filmed it but omg all you can hear are screams, sorry T_T), talked a bit and then two fans brought on a cake for them.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Then it was unwrapping presents time! Fans had prepared gifts (one for each member) and the fan would go to whoever chose their present. I tried to control my fangirly-ness because I didn’t want to act like a retard in front of friend B; and I was doing pretty well until they started playing games T__T.

Photobucket Photobucket

The first one sounded really stupid (still does). Basically, after unwrapping the present, the members had to guess why they were given that present and if they guessed incorrectly (or maybe it was correctly?) they’d have to take a photo with a fan. Ryeowook went first and got a t-shirt which said “I ♥ HK”. He saw it and said “I ♥ HK” multiple times – it was sooo cute. He clearly had no idea what the question was LOL. But that’s okay because seriously, how stupid does the game sound? Then he said something about how (you know how the hearts are in red?) they were/would be “RED” (popular) in HK. That sounded reasonable :). So he took a photo with a fan.

Next, was Henry. He got their SJM CD but the case was empty. He was all ????? and said it was probably because they were so popular they totally sold out. Something like that. AND THEN THEY FULLY HUGGED. LIKE REAL TIGHT. Then it was Donghae’s turn. I was practically whimpering throughout (not sure if you can hear though because of the fans T_T). He got a piece of paper which said simply ‘zzz’ and the meaning behind it was that the fan hoped Donghae (and the other members) could get enough rest and sleep before their concerts. I thought that too lol so I really liked that present. To me, that was very meaningful. THEN DONGHAE WENT AND HUGGED THE FAN TOO OMG. I can feel myself fainting now just thinking about it. He also then led the fan off the stage back into the crowd. But from there I sorta started losing it.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I filmed Hankyung’s bit but I don’t know what present he got. Then, Siwon got some little red thing too but I didn’t know what that was either. I have a really cute photo of him with the fan though. He looked like he was younger than Onew. So that’s really cute, eh? Kyuhyun got a bottle of tea but it looked like detergent or pee lmao so I was all eh what the. He said he probably got the tea for his throat so that he could sing smoothly before their Concert/s :). He put his arm around the fan during their photo and omg so embarrassing, you can hear me aww-WWW-ing XD.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Um, my camera just died T_T. WHY???? So I’ll have to do the rest from memory. Great, I have no idea what Zhou Mi got. Omg I’m so sorry! I fail so hard. All will be good when I can upload my videos :).

Okay what next…um um um. The next game was to teach the members Cantonese :D. Btw Henry spoke in Canto a lot and omg he is fricken adorable. Seriously, I need to marry him and we can have Canto/English/Sorta Mando speaking babies. It would be PERRRRRRFECT. Anyway, unfortunately (I don’t mean to say unfortunately but I still feel sorta bitter about it) many fans had come from China (okay that sounds totally racist but I just thought it’s fair to let HK fans do most of the stuff with SJM because they already practically live in China. Maybe if only HK fans were there, I could’ve gotten a pass for their signatures T_T) and so a Mandarin speaking fan had gone on stage to teach them Cantonese. T___________T. In the end the translator did all the teaching.

The first phrase was “I’m a good looking boy”. HENRY. Omg let me spazz over him ALSKDJASLKDJALKSJDLKAS. He’s like “I can read I’m very…” but he could say the rest anyway. Everyone had a go at saying (starting from Zhou Mi) and when it was Donghae’s turn, he reached for the fans hand and said it. Then back to Henry and he’s like “I really am very good looking” XDDDD. Oh yeah, forgot to add, Kyuhyun is like really scared of speaking in Canto, I think. When he had to say it after Zhou Mi he was all @____@.

The next phrase (LUCKIEST FAN TO GET UP ON STAGE HERE) was “I love you.” Easiest thing to say, really. So, again, starting from Zhou Mi. The MC made fun of Kyuhyun being all scared again. When it was Siwon’s turn, he had to be all FANSERVICE-Y and FRICKEN GOT DOWN ON HIS KNEE, TOOK THE FANS HAND IN HIS AND SAID ‘I LOVE YOU’. This created trouble for Donghae, though not really at all, BECAUSE THEN HE GOT BEHIND THE FAN AND HUGGED HER AND SAID I LOVE YOU. OMG I DIED REAL HARD. When it was Henry’s turn, he was probably thinking “WHY???????” (like me, only for a different reason) and instead went for “I really do love you.” When it came to Ryeowook, Donghae offered some advice by whispering in his ear (<333) and Ryeowook ended up singing “I love you” except I think he only really sang ‘love’. Still, it was *______*.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Um, I think after that, they left the stage and came back again after the tables and mics had been set up. Reporters asked them a few questions and fans just screamed like hell. Then it was Signing time. Each fan really did get all 7 signatures. This was when I left though, because I couldn’t bear staying any longer. By then, me and friend B had stood (and been squished) for about 5 or more hours. The whole time, I only had one foot on the ground too. It was so squishy that my WIDE feet had nowhere to stand so I was either on tippy toes or one foot was on top of the other T__T.

It was pretty obvious Donghae was a favourite and his screams lasted the longest. It was really funny too because before they came on stage, the MC was calling each member and fans would scream. After calling out six names, he then went “I haven’t left anyone out, right?” and everyone’s just yelling out “DONG HOYYYYYYYYYYY”. Donghae had the most signs (THERE WERE TWO EUNHAE SIGNS. I CRIED HAPPY TEARS.), then Hankyung (he had the prettiest, brightest, shiniest signs) and then Kyuhyun. I’m sure the others had many signs too but I couldn’t see that many. Then Hankyung and Zhou Mi probably got the most (or loudest) random screams/shout outs. I was close to tears hearing people cry out Zhou Mi omg. I really hope he heard :D.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

What else…oh yeah, KyuMi are so married (sorry Sungmin :(). They were just always standing off together and Zhou Mi had a hand on Kyuhyun’s shoulder but since my camera is a pain and I have to go to the menu to switch from video to camera and back, it was really hard to see something and want to capture it straight away. Also, there was a lot of SiHen? WonRy? Wth are they called? Well they’re sort of rare but not today. They kept whispering to each other during the interview with the reporters and laughing and GAH Siwon is so fricken handsome *____*. He also kept doing his hand gestures (first putting a finger on his lip to shush fans and then putting hands together as if to say ‘please’). AND HIS EYEBROWS OMG. When they cut the cake early on, they each got a glass of champagne (I presume) and when he took a sip, his eyebrows like went off his head. I laughed SO hard but, yeah, no photo, sorry :(.

I sure hope I haven’t left anything out because I really want you guys to know everything that happened :). And it’s like the first time I’ve seen some of the people we blog about in real life so it really is a special time~

In conclusion, FANS ARE CRAZY. I no longer need to worry about being an insane fan, because compared to the ones I saw today, I am nothing. Well, I’m a stupid fan for having stood for 5+ hours lol. As for those who camped outside I have no comment. It was a happy time though. Would I ever do something like that again? Probably. If I can stand for 5+ hours for SJM, imagine what I would do for all 13 members of Super Junior. Or SHINee? Or, oh God, DBSK? I’d hate to think. I’ll admit though, after bumming around Sheng Shui for two hours, I sorta hoped I wasn’t into fandom. But now I don’t really regret it…*massages feet*. I’m really glad they came to HK though because HK is awesome and so is speaking in a dialect I understand perfectly :D.

Hope my recount was a good read. My camera is full atm and I don’t have another memory card so I’m sorta stressed over the Concert night. Cameras aren’t allowed and apparently only $800 seats can actually see the stage (said the fan who was beside me today) so maybe I won’t take that many photos anyway. But I really wanted to, like, record Henry and his PWOARSOME violin playing. And Donghae if he does some sexy-back dancing ;). Oh and Kyuhyun of course. Omg when he spoke today, my knees went weak. (SORRY IM SO BIASED DDD:)

Anyway, I’m sorta feeling really dizzy right now (not sure if it’s the adrenaline or if its just exhaustion) so I might get some rest. This post is the longest ever, I think; so if you read all of it, pat yourself on the back :D.


  1. Chyeah. Pictures :D. This is a really really long post. But I’ll read the whole thing :).

  2. WOW. i am SO jealous =]]]] i read the whole thing…Idk what i would do if they ever came to america…you’re really lucky, but i wish you could have spent the other $500 so that you could like die of happiness =D PLUS i would have REALLY liked to know what you would have done once you saw henry or kyuhyun like 2 feet away XD
    *sigh* have fun at the concert!!! (sneak your camera in =P stick it in your shoe or bra or wear a hat and put it in there or something)

  3. AHHHH. I AM SO JEALOUS!! Sounds like some crazy and intense day for you there :D. I loved that I felt like I was there, so great account ^_^. About the fans screaming at everything…I probably would’ve done that too xD. It’s probably the adrenaline rush you get when knowing that you’ll see one of the most awesome boy groups ever hahaha. And omgggg. Kyuhyun looks so freakin darn gorgeous in that KyuMi picture. And Ryeowook is SOOOO ADORABLE. Henry does look like he has flawless skin. I found the first game actually kinda funny. LOL @ Ryeowook for coming up with some random answer to a question he doesn’t even understand. I love him :D. Donghae sounds like such a sweetie, bringing that fan off the stage. I am sososososo jealous of the fan that got to hug him and also of the fan who hugged Henry. Some of the gifts were really meaningful. I loved the one Donghae received, cause the poor boys really do need more rest :(.

    I found it hilarious when that Kyuhyun’s afraid of speaking Canto LOL. I wouldn’t blame him though cause it’s not easy. And Donghae helping Ryeowook with the second phrase = <3333333333 I don’t know why, but sometimes Ryeowook reminds me of a little lost boy. He’s so tiny and fragile looking and sometimes so clueless <333. I was sooooooo happy to read that there was KyuMi and HenWook interaction. I especially love Henry + Ryeowook. My two favorites together :D. Kyuhyun and Zhoumi are so cute together ^_^.

    I tried finding videos on soompi, but there weren’t any yet (or any good ones). I really really reallly want to see Henry speaking Canto. It’s so freakin sexy when he speaks it. English too hehe xD. Why can’t I find any fancams yet?!?!?!

    Have fun at the concert!! Take lots of pictures of Henry/Kyuhyun/Ryeowook/the rest of them :)))))). BTW, I read that fandom only gets stronger when you meet your idols, so… :DDD

  4. I’m so sorry for this random spazz, but I was looking on soompi and someone just posted up pics of the event, and Ryeowook has got to be the cutest boy I’ve ever seen *squish*. Everything about him is so tiny/precious/childlike/innocent/beautiful. I think I’m running out of words to describe how incredibly awesome that boy is. THEY NEED TO COME TO AMERICA!!!

  5. omg.. your experience reminded me so much of the Big Bang concert & DBSK fanmeeting that I went to in Thailand. Trust me, all fandoms are crazy… I stood 10+ hours, waiting for DBSK and nearly sufficated to death at the BB’s concert. I’m glad you had a clear view of the SMJ boys – they sound so cute! KyuMi??? awwwwwww.. I still secretly hope for KyuMin (Kyuhyun & Changmin).

  6. ^ He really is <33.

    <33333333333 THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ! SLDJKLSDFSKJSDLFJSDKL. LSJDFKLSDJF;LSDJFKl. omg I’ll be back with something coherent later.

    Everyone says Zhou Mi is a lot more handsome in real life alsjdkfls. I’m jealous. SO JEALOUS! And the Kyumi married thing zomg. JEALOUS JEALOUS. LOL.

    Have fun at the concert <33! And thank you for the pictures :).

  7. aw thank you for this detailed post! Thank you for your efforts too<3 lol I’m so sad that I’m like at the diff. part of the world but I’m happy to hear Shibrows and tofu boy are cute/good lookingXD
    lol damn, why did Hae had to be the most popular T_T I guess cause hes such a adorkable fishie.

    lol oh the fans. Don’t worry, I hate it too when like fans from the country the group originates from or goes frequently to come over here and ruin it for everyone. I’m not racist or anything too but I was SO mad when the Taiwanese and Japanese fans ruined it for us American fans when there was a parade and my ex fav. group was there. I was like WTF, GO BACK HOME.
    After seeing that, I noticed….I’m pretty sane compared to those ones.

    But I wish I got signatures from sjm. I want one from ShibrowsXD Maybe added with his down on his knees, proposing style signatureXD

  8. That was such an enjoyable read!
    I squealed and laughed throughout the whole post.
    Henry’s skin really is amazing? Ohh, I wish I had such pretty skin. Without his puffy cheeks he still looks so adorable <3. Ryeowook being covered by the MC? Aww LoL
    The games sounded fun~~
    I laughed so hard when you mentioned EunHae banners xDDD Long live Eunhae!!!
    The event sounded so freaking awesome
    It’s a shame you didn’t get their siggies =(
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see the videos! *___*

  9. OMG i’m so happy for you!!!
    They all must look REALLY good in real life o_o
    AHH..their fanservice-ness is great xDD
    Have tonssss of fun at the concert!!
    And you should so totally shout random things in english to Henry =)

  10. abc123zyx
    Yay I’m glad I made it like you were there :DD/
    Kyuhyun is really so cute. Like he either comes up with really witty stuff or he’s so scared that he just gives blank looks. CAN YOU TELL I RLY LOVE THIS BOY????

    I think Ryeowook is like a little lost boy too! You just want to take him home and feed him milk and cookies. Which is why I feel bad when I laugh at him but sometimes he just does dorky things XDD.

    I guess not that many posted videos from this event. I’ll put them up eventually, I promise! But after the Concert post I need to rest this computer XDD!

    I know, if I had actually spent the $500 I would’ve gotten a pass. But sigh, no use thinking about what should’ve been. Guess me and SJM have no fate XD.
    I don’t even know what I would do if I ever got that close to them. I’m sure it would’ve happened very quickly though…

    I LOVE KYUHYUNXCHANGMIN TOO!!! Two magnaes of two favourite groups :DD. Favourite members too laksflkjfakldfkljsdf.

    Hahaha not sure if you’ve seen but there was even MORE QMi at the Concert. They’re not a favourite couple but even I went crazy seeing them :DDD/

    No problem! Hope it didn’t get too long and boring hehe ^^” Donghae is so so popular but with good reason :PP *biasedbiased*
    Yeah at the Concert TWO thai fans got on stage. So unfair :((( They’re already having their SMTown Concert in Thailand </33

    Yes, LONG LIVE EUNHAE! I miss them so much :3. Argh yeah I still have all those videos to upload T____T. I’ll get them up when I go to America I think :D.
    And I really think Henry has perfect skin *___*

    Haha thank you :DDD. LOL not great for the fans who just had to stand and watch XDDD.

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