Posted by: beckery | December 28, 2008

081227 Music Core Special

Another great music show today with an awesome line up of artists and songs XDD I dont remember the end of year music shows ever being this exciting hahaha. The artists pretty much performed all their hit tracks of the year <3

DBSK – Are you a good girl + Mirotic
OMGGGAHHH the “Are you a good girl” performance was really hot *____* Hot enough for me to turn a blind eye on their plaids =_= (Are plaids the new “in” this season?!!? Cuz I’m totally not digging it! I miss the other spiffy suits they wore!). Anyways, the beginning dance for AYAGG was so smexyy man. I think Changmin’s expressions throughout the performance pawned! Seriously, I kept going back to watch his expressions haha. And he’s soooo sweaty (yum!) XDDD But omg omg omgahh THE BEST PART WAS AT 2.05!!! O__O The fans were screaming their heads off and I totally understand *drools*!! Especially Junsu, LOOK AT THOSE HIPS!!! <333 As for Mirotic, “under my sky” LOLOLOL. *gets bricked* I cant help it ok haha XD Minus that, a great performance as always!

Big Bang – Haru Haru + Sunset Glow || Taeyang – Only look at me
Woot Haru Haru again XDDD I’m LOL’ING really hard at Seungri’s tableclothes though haha. Seriously, whuuuutttt?!?!?! And GD’s telephone necklace hahaha. Other than that, Haru Haru sounded great <3 And D’awwww once again, they bowed down on their knees during the “ah ah ah” part for Sunset Glow. Isn’t that just sooo sweet?! ♥ And yeap, GD does that thing where he fire balls them at the end and SR tries to fight back only to get scared away hehe.

Why is Taeyang’s performance so short? :( I really liked this song from his mini album. They should have let GD perform a bit of his version of the song. That would have been hawwt lol.

SHINee and SS501 under the cut XD

SHINee – Replay + Amigo
Totally irrelevant but Solbi looks soooo pretty *_*And Seungri and Daesung look good in their suits XDD

TBH, I like Replay more than Amigo. So I was really happy that they performed a bit of it XDD It wouldn’t have hurt to make it longer though =_= I’m so greedy haha. The camera guy must love Taemin, there was like a full 10sec close up of only him haha. Such an adorable boy. I was reading comments and some people spotted Onew’s mistake at 1.04. So I looked out for it and HAHA he looks so cute bopping up XDDDD

And zomgggg Minho’s smile and wink when he starts Amigo off *dies*. That boy will be the death of me!!! As always, I love the rap part the most. Although the camera guy didnt do any close ups of Key. He looks so hot when he raps!

SS501 – Ur Man

YEAP! This was with ALL FIVE!! Awww dont you miss all five of them on stage together?!?! <33 I really like their black suits, they all look so handsome! Nice hair, nice clothes, nice boys woot! Ohh and Jungmin and Leadershii pops down from the sky clutching poles hahaha. Ok that sounded really weird, but it actually looked really cool! Their poses were so smexy! But I have a major complaint!!! There was NO CLOSEUPS of Jungmin or Leader. Nil. Nada. Zilch. =__=


  1. omg yay Five Forever as One!!!! i loved when they took their blazers off and put it back on so swiftly at 2:33, then wah so much hip thrusting in DBSK’s performance at 2:05 and 3:42, i think i’ve had enough smexy boys for today, need to go gather my thoughts properly now.

  2. SHINee did AWESOME!! and to make it better, the cameraman filmed Taemin for about 12 seconds long (i know because i counted every beautiful second.).

  3. that was goshness..:”)
    they goottt me under theirr skies

    iwatched a viddeo (part of that music core) where jaejoong and junsu cryy:(
    ijustdk why tho.. there wasn’t an english sub. :-/

  4. lol
    nvm.. it wasn’t part of music core :D
    it was their fifth anniversary haha

  5. nataly
    Ohhhh yes yes, I know what you’re talking about! Its so smexyyyy <33 Lol. I can never get enough of hot boys XDD

    SHINee’s Shining World
    LOL. Awww you’re so cute <33

    Ohh yes the 5th anniversary. We didnt do a post on it cuz we’ve all been up our heads with stuff. But I did read about their speeches and how they cried. Gosh, love them <3

  6. LOL you’re not alone, I still laugh at “under my sky” XD It’s so lame, how can anyone NOT laugh at it?

    While I was watching SS501 perform, I was like “AS;DLFJL;KASJF WHY ISN’T ANYONE HERE TO SPAZ WITH ME?” because it’s like *freeze* *cue Leader and Jungmin dropping down on poles sexily* *o* Jungmin looks so smiley and happy while he’s dancing ^^

  7. Kristen
    LOL I know right! As much as I love the boys and I love Mirotic, I just cant get over that part. It’ll be all fine and dandy and then comes “under my sky” and its full on ROFLMAO HAHAHAH XDDDD

    IM HERE TO SPAZZ WITH YOU!!! LEADER AND JUNGMIN WERE SO SMEXY WHEN THEY CAME DOWN *___* Oh how I missed Jungmin’s craziness. Gotta love the boy <333

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