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Super Junior M Show in HK 28/12 – Part 1

This is taking longer than expected because I’m uploading pictures and videos onto youtube (I can’t wait til America to do this klalkjsdf) and then filling out the descriptions and writing the actual post and then putting everything together; so I’m breaking it up into parts. I’ll try get everything up as soon as I can but I do have crappy internet so please be patient (though really, I’m the impatient one XDD)!

I’ve put the pictures first, described what’s happening and then linked to the video at the end :). Hope it’s convenient for you all^^! Oh and like the last post I wrote, please don’t hotlink or steal my pictures/claim them as yours. Thank you :D~

LAST NIGHT WAS FREAKING AMAZING … but at the same time, so frustrating because of all the fan interaction THAT DIDN’T INVOLVE ME XDDD!!!!


I filmed a bit (or the whole) of almost every performance (if you’re watching them, put in headphones because you can hear what they’re saying/singing a lot clearer. Quick warning though, I sound like the biggest retard in my videos so um … DON’T JUDGE ME XD) and took a lot of crappy pictures. It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered my camera had a mode which prevented shaking and blurryness of pictures T_T so I didn’t end up getting an equal share of “good” photos of each member. (Most of them are Kyuhyun LOL. And actually in all the videos, every time Kyuhyun was up the front, I’d film the big screen lmao. He is that good looking!)

I want to make it as detailed as possible so that I can always come back and re-live the Concert :D. Hope you guys enjoy reading ^^~

Photobucket Photobucket

I went to the Concert with a friend from LJ (sooo lucky I didn’t have to go alone because I think us two were the craziest/loudest fans in our area. Or I was so loud that I couldn’t hear anyone beside me screaming? That’s also possible XD) and we got to Star Hall at around 7.30, half an hour before the Concert was scheduled to start.

It’s really interesting because the Hall is actually in the middle of a shopping center, so then, it wasn’t really that big ^^”. Surprisingly fans didn’t turn up hours ahead because for the $480 and $800 area, you pretty much have to fight your way to the front. The Hall only really started filling after 8 and even so, it wasn’t completely full. But then a lot of fans didn’t buy tickets and it would’ve meant more noise so I’m not really complaining though most of the noise in my videos came from me XDDD.

Before the Concert started, they played their “Me” MV and fans went crazy, as they would. But awww, seeing it on the big screen is so much better :3. Afterwards there was this massive BOOM and “Super Junior M Show” came up onto the screen, then two MCs (one was the man from the Signing Event) came onto the stage and made fans scream and yell out. Fans had come from HK, obviously, Thailand, China, Singapore and Korea (Australia too :D) – dedicated much? THEN the MCs had these frizbees and they chucked it to those in $800 and $480 and if they caught it, the fans would be able to GO ON STAGE AND DO STUFF WITH SUPER JUNIOR M. This was so annoying to watch T_T.


They had this video introducing each member drawn as cartoons and then footage from “U”. The cartoons were really quite ugly (except for Siwon’s who actually looked more like Henry XD) but they played “Miracle” and even though I don’t like the song all that much, it was very cute. Then, FINALLY, SJM came on stage :D/ The way they walked on wasn’t that exciting (no special effects lol…or maybe there were fireworks but I’ve forgotten XDD) but fans, including myself, went nuts.


They went straight into “ME” and I was totally surprised when Siwon started singing because it was LIVE. I know it’s a Concert and all but they hardly sing LIVE when they’re on TV so I was a bit O_O for a minute XD. They sang very well though considering all the jumping in this song :D.


Then someone (maybe Hankyung?) said “Ai ni ai ni” and the music immediately started. The choreography for this performance was even cuter! And it’s the first time I’ve seen them perform this song. I don’t know if I’m making this up but I think they performed this before…?


Then it was time for introductions :DDD. This was one of my favourite parts alkfjlsjfslfsdfasd. Ryeowook said a very simple “Hello, I’m Ryeowook”. Then Henry said “I’m very happy to come back home”. Or else he said HK? XD. Donghae said hello and wished everyone happiness ^____^. I giggled right after he said it lol. And yeah, the loudest scream you can hear is me XD. Hankyung also said he was very happy and I don’t even know why I kept laughing XDDDD. Siwon said something but I think I was too high to hear so you can hear me saying “What was that?” LOL. THEN, sorry if I burst anyone’s eardrums but Kyuhyun said “You are my 心肝寶貝 (which basically means precious darlings LSKAJLADJKASLDJASLDJSA). Hope you have a fun night” . I told you he learns the most interesting phrases XDDD. But yeah, I shook like crazy from excitement lmao. And Zhou Mi asks “Have you guys been missing us?” so of course I shout out “YES”.


Afterwards, the MCs came on stage and gave each member a rose. They then asked them what type of girls they were interested in. Zhou Mi’s one was really funny because the MC heard wrong and so everyone was like WHAT THE? He said he liked girls who said “白話” which is Chinese? Some dialect? Accented Chinese? I don’t know but everyone heard “大話” which means lies lmao.


When it was Kyuhyun’s turn he looked so lost. He’s soo cute lol. Then he said as long as she’s a girl, he’ll like XD. Nice ;)


And this is where I fail. I’ve forgotten what Siwon and Hankyung and Ryeowook said T___T. But I managed to film Donghae and Henry…hehehe. I was pretty upset with Donghae though XD. He walked off to point to a certain fan and I was so cut lol I didn’t even follow where he went XDD. You can hear me crying out though lmao like “NOOOOOOOO~”. AND HENRY IS FREAKING ADORABLE. He said he likes HK’s SEXCHIIII girls. So I shouted out that I’m sexy XDD.


In the next post, I’ll put up Hankyung’s, Donghae’s (KEYBOARD SMASH X A BILLION), Henry’s and Zhou Mi’s solos :DDD. Look forward to them!!!!


  1. I just wanted to say…I’ve been refreshing LAEC all day. It’s getting late now, so I’ll officially spazz tomorrow :).

  2. ^Aw, you’re so cute :3. I just read your comment on my other blog and omg you just wait for me to write about his solo. I might die of a heart attack in the process though XDDD.

    *runs off to reply to comments*

  3. Ok. I have no sense of self control whatsoever, so I read this post. And you have really HQ videos. And thank you for the Ai Ni Ai Ni video, cause I didn’t see anything with that yet. It’s okay if you sound like a totally crazy fan cause I do too and I didn’t even go to the concert. I’m looking forward to the Donghae part xD.

  4. I promise I’ll stop spamming, but the Ai Ni Ai Ni performance is so darn cute!!!!! And when I saw Henry on that giant screen in “Me”, I got really excited. Like REALLY excited. Also, for the past two days, I’ve fallen more and more in love with Kyuhyun. This is a bit scary D:

    I wanted to die of a heart attack when I first saw Donghae’s solo :(. I also got sad when I saw Kyuhyun take a picture for that girl cause I thought it was so incredibly sweet. It was also kinda funny when she gave the camera to him to hold xD.

  5. AAHHHHH!!! WAAAAAAHH! u lucky girl!! *cries*

  6. omg such clear fancams! So amazing<333 I love you for that! Ai ni ai ni is suchhh a cute song! Me has got to be one of my favs too<3

    I’m so sad suju will never come to my place. I would have so loved that T_T

  7. abc123zyx
    LMAO You’re like me with your lack of self control XDDDD. Aww I’m glad you’re liking Kyu more. Did I um influence you in any way? XD. Actually the friend I went with also admitted to not liking Kyu as much before but after last night she was like “HESRLYCUTE”

    Ooh I’m glad my videos came out HQ. Then you’ll be watching the other ones I upload? Cause omg its taking sooooo long T_______T.

    I have Donghae’s full solo so you can hear just how much of a retard I really am XDD. Though it’s also really embarrassing XDDD.

    But that Kyu thing you’re talking about probably happened on the 27th :/

    SPEAKING OF KYU, HE WAS BEING REALLY FANSERVICE-Y TOO. Argh, I really want to quickly post up my other parts now but the computer is even lagging when I reply to comments :(

    Ahh, I’m really glad the videos came out clear :D. No problem! Glad you enjoyed them. And yeah “Me” is one of my fav songs off their album too :DD

  8. Hahaha.I always thought Kyu was gorgeous and had this amazing voice. I loved that video where he talks about games too xD. But something crazy and kinda embarassing happened and I started focussing more on him in the concert videos.

    I got so excited seeing the major KyuMi! And he also seemed really outgoing in this concert :).

  9. redandrosy
    Oops, just approved your comment! ^^”
    Haha but its really stressful going to these things XDD


    AND OMG THE QMI. I shook when I took the photos though because I spazzed. Majorly. And there was SiHan too but I failed pretty hard taking pics T__T.

  10. thnx for taking the time to share ur photos and videos~! >.<

  11. OMG sounds so awesome! *___*
    The fancams were clear and they sang Live WOWOW $@&%Y(FSW
    When Kyuhyun and Henry’s faces appeared on the big screen… *dies* So handsome xDD

  12. they showed the “Me'” Mv in the beginning? when i went on Saturday, they showed “U”. LOL.

  13. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST ALL DAY OMG. OMG OMG OMG!! It sounds amazing from your fan account and a handful of other ones I’ve read *___*. Sounds like there was a loooooot of fan interaction, which always makes for the best concerts imo, so alsjdfklds omg so jealous! Going to watch all your youtube videos in a bit, but omg omg omg I”m glad you had such a great time <333 Thank you for posting this :D!

  14. queqir
    It’s okay! thanks for commenting <3

    I’m so stupid, I’m watching my vids on youtube evn though I can watch them on my computer or camera. I’m just trying to test the quality LOL

    Rly?? I was hoping they’d show the “U” MV. Two mvs would’ve been better instead cause the concert started half an hour late T_T

    LOLOLOL I just published Part 2. A whole lot more spazzing there and omg YES THERE WAS A LOT OF FAN INTERACTION. Too much, actually, for my liking XDD. I should’ve paid an extra $80 cause I could’ve been the one Donghae sang to XDDD. Ahaha no problem :DDD/

  15. yeah, the concert started half an hour late for us too. i was looking forward to them playing the “Me” MV too. i was a LITTLE disappointed they didn’t sing Don’t Don. since it’s EPIC. but yeah..

  16. I just came back from the mountains (with no internet *gasp*) and I came home to find your lovely post!!!! You are a rockstar!

    Thanks for posting this! Imma read the next part now. <3333

  17. Karen
    Haha okay it must be some unwritten rule “If you’re cool, start your event later than the scheduled time”. Well I guess since they already made “U” into their song, they thought to leave “Don’t Don” as the SJ song XD?


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