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Super Junior M Show in HK 28/12 – Part 2



Continuing from Part 1…After talking about their ideal girls, they then had to give their roses to their fans T_____T.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Each would catwalk down the stage and throw the roses (OR GET DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND HAND IT) to the fans, again, sitting in $800 and $480 T______T. Kyuhyun was such a tease, he bent down to tie his shoelaces for so long XD. Siwon walked down with the rose in his mouth ASLDJASLDJAKLSD and Hankyung took off his jacket and strutted down with his rose. Donghae did a little twirl. I filmed his part because Kyuhyun’s was really cute but I missed it (he did a I’m-singing-in-the-rain-jump, you know the one where you jump up and kick your ankles together? I can do that, I’m so pro :D) so I was hoping Donghae would do something ASLDKJASJS too, but he didnt XD.


Then they (as in the MCs) talked about SJM appearing on shows and singing mando songs and they wanted the audience to sing the song which touched Hankyung to tears. So everyone and Hankyung started singing “我願意”. I was like covered in goosebumps *__*. Then Ryeowook sung “Kiss Goodbye” but he screwed up the second line, as in, sung the wrong lyrics, so I laughed. But he still sung very well! Gosh, I feel so horrible for laughing at Ryeowook. At least I didn’t laugh as hard as I did for Kyuhyun later on BUAHAHAHAHHAHA.

And I don’t mean to sound surprised or anything but man, Ryeowook has so many fans. I bet many of his fans are the sort to like him cause he’s small and cute and pocket-ed-able because they’re all loud and scary like they would eat him if they could XDDD.

Then it was Kyuhyun’s turn and OMG *_______*. He sang “不讓我的眼淚陪我過夜” and it was just soooo beautiful. The only complaint is I really wished he sung it longer or if there were pretty lights instead of “Okay, Kyuhyun, show off your Chinese”  T_T.


Next, they performed “At Least There’s Still You”. It was really really beautiful but I didn’t film the whole thing. Just from Henry’s part onwards~


Afterwards, they left the stage and it was SOLO TIME.


Hankyung was first and he came out with a hat WHICH HE THEN LATER THREW INTO THE AUDIENCE.


Next was Donghae and OHMYGOD I seriously DIED and came back to life, realised why I died and died again. I don’t even know where to begin. And though it was painful, his solo was probably my favourite performance of the night. Favourite along with Siwon and Henry’s “Julia”, maybe. OH IDK. Too hard to choose T__T.

Okay so Donghae performed Usher’s “Nice & Slow”. His english has improved soooo much (Henry been assisting him, I presume ;P). I, um, don’t listen to western music so I’d never heard this song before lmao *bricked* but I could pretty much make out what Donghae was singing. Like when he said something about making love, I said yes please LOLOLOL. But yeah, he danced and sung LIVE which was why it was so freaking awesome. HE ALSO GRABBED HIS CROTCH. LIKE, GRAB SQUEEZE TYPE GRAB. So yeah, quite a bit of screaming from me XDDD. And giggling :PPP.

THEN he walked over to a fan sitting on a couch which I hadn’t even noticed until he went over. HE STROKED HER HAIR AND OMG. My screaming should explain my feelings. Seriously, by the end, I sounded like a dying animal. I COULD FEEL MY HEART BREAKING AND JUST SMASHING INTO A GAZILLION PIECES. And I so could’ve done a better job than that fan XDDD. I guess she was really nervous and scared because she just sat there. Not moving. She nodded at Donghae and that was it. BUT OMG THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH TOUCHING AND CARESSING AND EVEN THE CROTCH GRAB WASNT ENOUGH TO MAKE ME HAPPY. Well it made me half happy. EXCEPT HE ALSO SAID ‘I LOVE YOU’ IN A REALLY LOW VOICE TO THE FAN AND THAT JUST KILLED ME.

It’s pretty funny cause in most of the videos i’m like “whoo-ing” but here I’m just like “WAAAAAAAAH” ;_______;.


The stage went black after they left the stage and I just heard this “Yo Henry” or “Hey Henry” or something like that. Important thing is, I heard Henry’s name and quickly started filming :DDDD/ Henry was leaning on the massive “SJM” and started beat boxing. Except everything was pre-recorded I think. Probably the violin too. ANYWAY, he’s so amazing. Seeing all his performances have killed me but to watch it RIGHT BEFORE MY VERY EYES was so incredible. He did all this awesome dancing and was talking to himself (HIS ENGLISH OMGGGG) and then he said something like “Let’s go for a ride” ALKDJASLDJASLDJLKASJ. After more dancing he stepped over to this chair. Me and my friend are pretty blind so we’re like “ANOTHER FANGIRL? Oh…OMG VIOLIN VIOLIN VIOLIN” XDDD. He played something I don’t know (maybe it was random?) and then he performed “Storm” and I omg INCOHERENT.



Then Zhou Mi came out singing Cantonese!!! And I was like “OMG THIS SONG…wait, what is it?” Because it sounded really familiar but it’s been so long since I heard it. He performed Leo Ku’s “愛與誠” and WOW I was super impressed because Cantonese is like the hardest dialect/language to speak isn’t it? Well, it’s really hard to get your sounds right and he sung an entire song in Cantonese. Zhou Mi is so awesome and he had a lot of support :DDD/


Zhou Mi then left the stage and the others came back on. They talked some more here but…I really can’t remember what about anymore XD. All I wrote down in my notebook when I got home was that Kyuhyun mentioned being really close to tears because of the support from the fans. Everyone wanted to make him cry after but then he was like his make up would run so he wouldn’t cry XD.

Oh yeah I don’t think I’ve said this yet but DONGHAE IS SO GOOD LOOKING. He was practically GLOWING. He has the nicest features and he’s just so so so soooooo handsome. Everything really is a gazillion times better in real life *____*.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Zhou Mi came back and they all talked more. It was really cute of Zhou Mi to try his best to respond in Cantonese; though it was pretty fail like Henry’s (who said some mando words in his sentences and then would try to correct himself).

MORE fans were then invited onto stage. I didn’t film/take pictures of any of this because I was fuming just sitting in my seat XD. I didn’t want to have to waste camera space on it lol. I remember most of what happened anyway lol. Each member was paired up with a fan (two of the fans up there were from Thailand T_T) and had to teach them how to dance. No one could really communicate with their partner lol so I laughed. Except that only meant more physical contact </3.

Zhou Mi had a Thai fan who went around talking to everyone and hugging everyone while they were practising their dance. Me and my friend were so so jealous. And none of the fans could dance no offense XD. I’m such a bad sport!

When it was Siwon’s turn (he got the other Thai fan) he used Hankyung as a demonstration AND OMG I THINK THEY KISSED. OR ALMOST DID. Cause his dance involved jumping inwards (he changed it to a jump after the fan failed to do a body wave) and then a SMOOCH. I watched them on stage but couldn’t actually see whether their lips touched or not T__T. Hankyung’s routine was really cute. They did a few steps and then drew the two halves of a heart :(.

THEN DONGHAE. Omg I’m really gonna die of jealousy. He and the fan did U hip thrusts back to back and you know how they sorta throw their arms behind them? Yeah they held hands and then went in for a hug. As if that wasn’t enough already, the male MC asked them to DO IT AGAIN. By then I was yelling at them to get off the stage LMAO. IM SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!!

Henry’s routine involved shooting an arrow, running forward then jumping. Something was wrong with his fan lmao because she just failed miserably. LOL I have to stop being so mean ;______;. This is why I don’t get chances like they do!!!

Before Ryeowook did his little dance, he’s like “Oh my moves are sort of sexy” LOLOL. Isn’t he the cutest???? They ended up doing that massive hip thrust in a line from their U dance. Again, the fan failed pretty badly XDDD.

This was actually supposed to be a “competition” so the next part, they had to catwalk in their pairs and try get as many claps/cheers; and whoever got the loudest would be considered the winner. I think Zhou Mi and his fan just walked down the catwalk arm linked in arm. When it was Kyuhyun’s turn, HE FREAKING GAVE HIS FAN A PIGGY BACK RIDE. Like one where SHE WAS FULL PRESSING INTO HIM. HER CHEST INTO HIS BACK ;_________;. When he got back, he put her down but then she hit her head on his shoulder or something. I went crazy, as you can imagine.

Siwon walked down the catwalk with his fan like they were walking down the aisle of a church (stupid MCs humming the wedding march T_T). I can’t remember if it was here (since he always does it T__T) but he got down on one knee and kissed the fan on her hand. Hankyung took off his jacket and walked with his arm around his fan. Argh. Donghae took the fan halfway down the aisle and then slid down on his knee. Um…okay, maybe he was the one who kissed the fan on her hand. Henry twirled his fan around but she failed. Again. Ryeowook took the fan down and sung “Marry U” to her. It was really sweet~~

Although I was close to tears and wish for this to never happen again, it was fun to watch fans failing XDDD.

By then, I had very little camera space left so for KRZ and Siwon’s performance (which was beautiful, btw. AND THIS WAS WHERE I WAS TWO METRES AWAY FROM HIM. HIM AND HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE. – but more on that later) I only took photos and no videos which I FULLY regret now :(.

I think I’ll be able to fit everything else into one last part :D. Look out for it! ^^


  1. OMG sounds like a night of jealousy and hearts being broken several times LOL
    Hankyung’s dance was hella hot. That man can dance~!!
    Ohhh… the things they do to the fans T_T
    Especially Donghae… Stroked the fan’s hair and sat pretty close to her *dies*
    I’m jealous just watching the fancams and reading your recount rofll
    It looks like your favourite of the night (or favourite overall) is Donghae!
    I can tell cause his video had 3-4 mins while the others were like 1 min and there are more piccies of him. Haha
    But I’m not complaining! xDD
    Two metres away from Siwon?! OMG, dang.
    I’m looking forward to the last part!!
    Do update soon!

    Lol well actually my Henry vid is over 5 minutes long but its still processing. Henry, Hae and Kyu are my favourites, just so you know :3


    I don’t think I’ll get the last part up tonight because I totally killed this computer. And it’s really slow and making me very angry T____T.

  3. ^Omg, that’s such a great way of putting it! A night of broken hearts and jealousy. I’m glad to hear that Ryeowook has so many fans. He looks so tiny and adorable in these pictures!!! You’re probably right about why the fans like him, but I wouldn’t eat him, I’d just kidnap him and take him home with me xDDDD.
    I am so jealous of that girl who was was on stage with Donghae. HE SAT NEXT TO HER!! AND PUT HIS ARM AROUND HER!! BTW, this was what he was singing:
    I wanna do something freaky to you baby
    I don’t think they heard me
    I, I wanna do something freaky to you baby
    So call out my name

    I want a piggy back ride from Kyuhyun :((((.

    It was so fun hearing Henry talk in Canto. He had some trouble with finding the right words, but he managed to say a lot :D. And Zhoumi’s Canto was pretty good. I was impressed haha. His solo was amazing though. I loveeeeeee his voice. And Kyu’s short solo. Yes, it really does kill fangirls. Me at least. I really like that smirk-smile of his too (at the very end) :).

  4. Ahhhhhhh!! At Least There’s Still You!!! I love KRZ’s vocals in that!!!!!

  5. One more thing, thank you for that wonderful fancam of Henry’s solo. It was really cool how he was talking to himself. It actually reminds me of something I’ve seen before, but I can’t remember what >.< Anyway, he is amazing <3333

    I’m really curious, how full was the arena? Was every seat filled, or were there some that were empty?

  6. dude… reading this breaks my heart TT_TT I REALLY REALLY wanted to go back to Hong Kong and go to the concert, but unfortunately… I couldn’t ): You evil, lucky girl XD

  7. LMAO………!! i like donghae but i wouldn’t die for him, but man! i swear, i thought the girls screaming were gonna die when he performed his solo~~ X.x

  8. I ARE JEALOUSSSS. Esp. with the fan parts lmao. Oh man I would have been SO jealous if I were there.

    But Han Kyung’s really good! I guess he had been learning from Hyukjae or whatXD?

    But omg Hae’s solo T_T that semi killed me but i was like thinking, “hmm hae sexy, you’re so skinny”XDD

    ..I can’t wait for Shi Won. I need to see my Christian boi<3

  9. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ryeowook sang ‘marry u’ to the fan?!!? T_T…………… </3 i’m heartbroken T_T wahh.

    but woooooow u were SO lucky to be able to see them live. T_T i wish i could’ve. SIGH.

    i can’t help but think that ryeowooks quite a flirt at times :| tsktsk magnae…

  10. abc123zyx
    Okay I clearly had no idea what Donghae was singing XDD. But sif I can be blamed for that. I was too busy staring at his body XDDD. I want a piggy back ride from Kyuhyun, I want Siwon to get down on his knee and kiss my hand, I want Henry to serenade me with his violin skills, I want Donghae to dance for me, I want Hankyung to put his jacket around me, I want Zhou Mi to smile with me and for Ryeowook to sing for me. But we can’t have everything we want, can we? T_____T I’d say the place was 90% filled by teh end. But apparently it awsnt that full on the 27th either :/ Like I said many fans didn’t buy tickets :(

    Aw :( I’m sure in the future you’ll get a chance like me. But hey didn’t you already go to Hollywood Bowl? =.=” You would’ve seen more artists than me T____T

    I LOVE DONGHAE AND I WOULD D:. Rofl, okay the scream that was the loudest and the one who sounded like they would die was me XDD.

    YES. If you could die of jealousy, that would be the time to T____T. They’re all so talented I’m glad they all got to show off their skills :DD.

    LOL WHAT? If that makes Wook a flirt I’d hate to think what you think of Donghae XDD. Or maybe I say that cause Donghae’s my favourite and I find it unacceptable xP

  11. OMG so jealous of the fan that got to be with Henry! >_< HenHen’s my fave :( But his solo vid you put up was sexy ;P Mmm…



    I kid. I luuuurve you Little Lezzie. I’m just jealous HUHUHUHUHU!!!

    Btw, how’d you manage to sneak in the cam?

  13. Oh, and the one who went down on one knee was Henry >_< omg my heart is breaking :P lol

  14. Mandy
    I just bought a mag (or two lol) which had stuff from SJM’s concert on the 27th so I saw pictures OF HENRY DOWN ON HIS KNEE. Dw, my heart broke too ;_______;

    It’s really not that bad seeing it through videos/reading it through fan accounts. Seeing it in person makes you want to jump off a clip. Consider yourself lucky.

    They didnt check bags. Funny cause they had all these warnings before the concert saying dont take photos or whatever but everyone was too busy screaming to hear. And they werent that strict. Lucky :)

  15. Well, lucky you. I thought you had to stuff your cam in your bra LOLOL.

    Btw, the part 3 link isn’t working for me. It keeps saying “Page Not Found”. :(

  16. ^You wish I had to stuff it in my bra.

    WHAT. Don’t be silly…why isn’t it working??? It’s like the best part. Sort of. How bout clicking it off the side widget? The post is there !!! :(

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