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Super Junior M Show in HK 28/12 – Part 3


Finally, the last Part! Sorry I’ve taken this long to get everything up; but know that I’ve sacrificed sleep and shopping time for you guys!!! <33  After this I can catch up with other fandoms finally get on with my life XD.


When the fans left the stage, stools were brought up and Hankyung (I’m pretty sure it was him cause he’s leader and all and should do this sort of thing) announced something. Me and my friend were like “wth did he say!?” and after mumbling the way he did, I finally worked out they were going to sing Michael Wong’s “童話” (go listen to this song if you haven’t yet heard it >:D)!!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Seriously, I’m so angry with myself for not filming them singing and just trying to take stupid pictures of the stupid carousel ferris wheel (omg I don’t even know what I took FAIL) on the stupid screen behind them T____T. Honestly,it’s like I’ve never seen carousels ferris wheels or horses in my life!?!?!?!

But anyway, this was another favourite performance of the night because they all sang so well – I was moved to tears. But I mean, I almost cried seeing Donghae and that fan (AND THERE ARE PICTURES OF THEM HUGGING ALL OVER EVERYWEHRE) so that mightn’t mean much XD. I just really think they all ought to sing LIVE more because they sounded so so good.

Then only Kyuhyun, Ryewoook and Zhou Mi were left on and I feel so smart because I knew they would be singing a David Tao song.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

They sang his “愛很簡單” (Love is very simple) and the entire time I was just thinking of Yesung LOLOLOL. Like if one more member had been up there it would’ve been alright but it seriously felt like Zhou Mi had replaced Yesung. And so I kept seeing Yesung and his orange hair and sort of chuckling to myself. LOL IDK I’m such a weird fan. Again, the performance was BEAUUUUTIFULLLLLL *____*. The chorus made me so happy cause the lyrics are so sweet. I went crazy taking photos but they all came out crappy. Like when Kyuhyun sung “I never want to…“, I was thinking “never want to what?” and then “lose you” came up on the screen and I was like OMG *GRABS CAMERA*. I’m so lame DDDD:

During their performance something else came to me. (Their voices are so inpsiring it got me thinking a lot lmao.) I counted who had done their solos and who were left and I immediately knew Siwon would be next. Actually, most fans did because while K.R.Z left the stage, everyone was shouting out SIWON SIWON SIWON! So you know, when it comes to these things, fangirls are so quick and clever :DDDD/


The stage went dark but you could make out this tall, lean figure walking down the and I WHIPPED my camera out again because Siwon’s silhouette is gorgeous *____*. He was wearing a suit with a bowtie and carrying a rose. Then the music started playing (“The way you look tonight”) and it was so greasy and so Siwon.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Siwon walked off the stage and the fans went crazy because he was the only one to come down. I stood up in my seat trying to take photos of where he went and I was probably being the biggest nuisance to all the fans behind me. THEN he walked even closer to us and was walking between the area of $480 and $400.

In concerts in Australia, if you get out of your seat, you get kicked back by security so at first I was really reluctant to move but Siwon was just SOOO close and waving around that I didn’t care anymore and quickly bolted down the steps of the $400 area. AND THIS WAS WHEN I WAS WITHIN A 5M RADIUS OF CHOI SIWON. I was so nervous I kept shaking and afterwards I hit myself for not FILMING the moment. Because as you can see, the light was shining so bright (and Siwon’s face just glows) that HES WHITE. And you can’t make out his beautiful features :3. Argh. I could’ve flown above the fangirls and thrown myself onto him if I wanted to. And well, if I had wings. BUT STILL. *SIGH*. During times like these, you really can’t think .____.


Anyway, he left the stage and BOOM SJH appeared on the screen :DDD. I took pictures and then I remembered that SHINee and DBSK would be on so I quickly changed to video mode!!! Yuri and Sooyoung also came on which I thought was rather weak. Two of the nine members? Honestly XD. Then Lee Yeon Hee came on and I squealed cause I love her and she’s gorgeous. FINALLY SHINee came on. But I was too excited I didn’t hit record fast enough and so I missed their Canto intro ;~;.

Onew did all the talking and LOL you can hear me laughing at his hair because I just laugh at everything about him XDD. The 5 members of SHINee then changed into the 5 members of DBSK and (you’d think those sitting in the hall were there for these next 30 seconds) FANS WENT NUTSO. Watch the video and hear for yourselves. They screamed the ENTIRE time they were on screen and you couldn’t even hear what DBSK were saying. I read the subs and would squeal whenever anyone mentioned coming to HK. Which is sorta funny because I don’t even live in HK so it’s not much use to me XD.



I was still watching the screen after the messages had been played and suddenly someone playing the drums came on. He was wearing a white shirt so I thought “who the…” but then I could see his face properly AND IT WAS SIWON. PLAYING THE DRUMS LAKFJFKDKFSDFKLASDF. And omg he is so hot *_____* I probably drooled and then the drool evaporated from the heat coming from Siwon. LOL that is so gross XDDDD. But omg watch the video!! Then Henry came up on the side with his violin. They were performing “Julia”. I never watched the video of them on Youtube (I suck) so this was very new to me and OMG HENRY CAN SING SO WELL. He just blew me away. But like for their 100day anniversary, he only sang like one verse or chorus or whatever part of the song it was :(.


They left and the stage went darker again. Then Ryeowook started playing the piano and deep down, I had wanted Kyuhyun to sing “Cheoeumneukkim Geudaero” (just like in the Super Show Concerts) because that has got to be one of my favourite Korean songs ever. (Janice, my favourite HK female singer recorded this song – in Chinese – on her latest album and when I heard the opening notes my heart exploded.)


He played Teresa Teng’s “月亮代表我的心” (The Moon represents my Heart) with Ryeowook on the piano AND OMG I JUST FELL MORE IN LOVE WITH KYUHYUN. He played the WHOLE song OFF BY HEART (it’s like 3 minutes long) and it was so beautiful. I’ll also say that Kyuhyun has really long and nice fingers. I think you can hear me commenting on them in the video XD. You can also tell how easily amused I am because I made a big deal about the moon on the TV. Sorry, I’m a total loser XD.

I didn’t record the whole performance though because I had little space on my camera and I was told I’d need it for the encore XD. So I was going to wait for Kyuhyun to start singing BUT HE DIDN’T :(.

I’ll admit, I was really disappointed because HIS VOICE is one of my favourite things about KPOP lol so I waited and waited and waited. Then I knew the song was coming to an end and was about to clap when ROFLMAO HE WENT OUT OF TUNE. OMG IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING OF THE WHOLE NIGHT AND ME AND MY FRIEND LAUGHED SO HARD WE ALMOST FELL OFF OUR CHAIRS. But I could feel fangirls’ burning stares so I had to control myself. It was very hard though. I mean, he was playing such a nice soft song on a clarinet and doing it so so well then just as he was coming to the final 3 notes, it came out WHACK. Omg I love Kyuhyun so so much ;____;. Too bad I didn’t record it. You guys will just think I’m a horrible fan XD.


The two then left the stage. Or maybe only Kyuhyun did to put down his clarinet back into its case because the other members came back up and Kyuhyun took ages to join the others.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I think it was here when they talked about their wishes for 2009. I remembered most of what they said because it was very special :). Kyuhyun said that he wanted an annual pass (I think he said pass. Or maybe private jet? Idk something like that XD) which would allow him to travel from Korea and HK anytime he wanted. Gah, he’s such a genius. He should go be a scientist or something :D.

Donghae said that he wanted a house in HK so that he could live here whenever. The male MC suggested all the fans present chip in together and buy him a nice house lmao. Donghae was just all :) so the MC continued and said how about he stay at each fan’s house a night LOLOLOL. When the translator told Donghae he quickly shook his head. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING *wibble*. And that was when I forgave him for being such a flirt before XD.

I filmed Henry’s part because I knew he would talk in Cantonese and omg he is SO adorable. He said in 2009 he wanted to be able to go back to Canada to see his family because he missed them and omg me and my friend AWWWWWWWWW-ed like crazy. It was a really sad moment. But you know, one of the reasons I adore Henry is because he’s so genuine. He’s awkward most of the time and doesn’t kill his own brain trying to impress fans. He just does what he can and I really like this about him <33333.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Then it was “Marry U” and as you can see from the pictures above THERE WAS MAJOR LOVING!!!!!!!!!!! And omg I’m such a perve. Donghae was crouching right in front of the camer and I saw his the outline of his butt so I had to take a photo LMAO. He probably realised how tight his pants looked so he hopped back and got down on one knee. THEN HE KISSED THE CAMERA OMG I DIED PRETTY HARD.

Then QMI. Omg I TOLD YOU THEY WERE MARRIED. Kyuhyun put his head on Zhou Mi’s shoulder and Zhou Mi had his arm around Kyuhyun. I couldn’t take good photos though cause I shook so much. But I always thought Kyu wore the pants in their relationship? Guess not XD.

Right at the end when Hankyung sang the last line, Siwon came up behind him and HUGGED HIM. Then Hankyung closed his eyes. It was SO GHEI. I saw some HanChul signs in the audience lmao. That was pretty hilarious XD.

Speaking of couples, I didn’t witness much HenWook. A lot of the time when they were all on stage though, Henry and Donghae would be whispering to each other and I’d wonder if they were speaking in Korean or English. But there was seriously some intense whispering going on between them. It made my fangirly heart jump with glee~

Hankyung then announced it was the last song and of course they would perform none other than…*drumroll*…“U”!!!! I took 3 separate videos lol. First the intro up to the chorus then the second verse (BECAUSE HELLO, DONGHAE AND HENRY LKDJAKLFKLDJFKLADJF) and the last part of the chorus right before Hankyung’s dance solo up til the end. All the hip thrusting made me faint lol. You can always tell when I’m especially excited because I shake the camera ahahahahha. Here, it was when they all stood in the line. Argh, am I really that pervy!?!?!? XDDDD.

Unfortunately, they didn’t perform this song LIVE. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU PERFORM THE WHOLE CONCERT LIVE EXCEPT FOR THE LAST ONE WHICH IS LIKE YOUR BIGGEST HIT?????????? Sorry, I just really don’t understand. It’s not like they’re incapable ._____.


I saw photos before going to the Concert so I knew for the Encore, they’d dress up as Santas. They left us waiting for quite some time but that was okay because I had to let my camera rest. My battery was flashing red already so I only filmed parts here and there :(. Before SJM came back on, they had this massive countdown on the screen from 10-1 and when it was finally time, Donghae came on LOOKING AS CUTE AS EVER singing “Feliz Navidad”. Then Zhou Mi came on singing too and Donghae hopped behind him and GAH I died. Lucky I managed to film that :).

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The others soon came on (you can hear me “OH MY GOD”-ing and sounding like I was melting lmao), each with their own sack of balls (ROFLLLLLLL) with their signatures on it for the fans sitting in $800 and $480 YET again. They had the CUTEST choreography for this segment. You can tell how pleased I am with my “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Kyuhyun then started singing “All I want for Christmas is You” and you can hear my dying :DDDD. I really don’t think I spazz enough over Henry’s English but i wish he sung an entire song by himself XD. It would’ve been so romantic :3. Except he did sing every second line lol so that’s okay. There was very little Engrish though Kyuhyun has always had good English :D.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Then they sang their last song, “Jingle Bells” and came right up the front of the stage so you can see them pretty clearly in the video :DDD. When they finished, they still had some balls left in their sacks so they chucked them while “Haengbok” played in the background.


After that, it really was Goodbye. They bowed and left the stage.IT WAS SO SAD ;___;



And that, really is the end :(.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my spazzing and if you watched my videos I bet you’re all dying to sit next to me if we ever go to a Concert ahahahhaa. But I do apologise. I didn’t realise I was moaning during Henry’s solo until pinkandsparkly told me that was what it sounded like. Anyway, I hope in 2009, SM Artists will come pay Australia a visit. Or more specifically, my home in Sydney ^^~


  1. Siwon is shining in those pictures. It might be the light, but he looks too good to be true!
    You looked like you were pretty close!! Did you scream his name? xDD
    I love the SiGeng and KyuMi pictures LOLOL
    SIGENG PICTURE: OMG OMG It’s breathtaking!! SO HOT. O________O
    Yet so ‘ghei’ LOL
    They all make such cute santas *_* the dance when they sang all i want for christmas is you was so adorable~!!
    And that bowing picture is mega cute!
    Thanks for sharing your experience~

  2. ^Yes I was pretty close to Siwon. But no I wasnt coordinated enough to call out Siwon and take photos XDD. During the encore though when they were near the end of the stage, I got up and waved at Hankyung :DDD.

    Haha to witness the ghei for myself really was a very interesting experience XDDD. The memory will stay embedded in my mind forever ^^

  3. Oh my… can I just tell you how INCREDIBLY JEALOUS I am? You were SO CLOSE to Siwon… =3

    But… I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but the santa outfits were kinda creepy lol~ but the encore performances were so good~ I wish they would sing in english more often lol~ Henry sounds so good <3

  4. Don’t feel stupid or anything like this! I would be just like youif it was me..
    Aaaah, you saw them so close!! I’m happy for you *o* Really am!! One day I want to see them live here in my city *one day, in 746375638475639 years =.=*
    The pics are great and so the videos!!
    Wookie <3

  5. “Seriously, I’m so angry with myself for not filming them singing and just trying to take stupid pictures of the stupid carousel on the stupid screen behind them T____T. Honestly,it’s like I’ve never seen carousels or horses in my life!?!?!?!”

    HAHAHAHA. I would probably do the same thing, cause there’s something really nice about ferris wheels. Like when I went to Santa Monica pier in Cali, all I tried to do was take pictures of the ferris wheel. They all came out terrible and blurry cause it was nighttime though.

    I love that picture of Siwon walking out and all the blue lights. It makes me want to marry him. But then again, he wants to marry everyone, so I have a chance right :D.

    SHINee had a Canto intro!?!?! I haven’t seen anyone who filmed that actually. I found it hilarious when DBSK appeared. I was just like hahahahaha *rolling around in laughter* cause I thought this was an SJ-M concert lmao. The power of DBSK fans…xD I get excited when artists I like say they’re going to HK…cause I don’t know why either. But maybe it’s cause there are news reports on them and I understand. And like the SJ-M concert, there were Canto translations, which makes it a lot easier for me :).

    I love that Kyuhyun plays the clarinet. I have a soft spot for guys who play classical instruments. Like Ryeowook and the piano and Henry and the violin. I just find it really really attractive xD.

    I love hearing Henry speak Canto. It’s adorable how he struggles to find the right words, and he’s usually able to get it. I’d love to take him back to Canada :D. It’s only a ten hour drive away! Plus, I can go visit relatives while I’m there xD. But we can have long conversations in English, and then I’ll teach him Canto muhahahaha.
    Oh, and Kyuhyun’s Canto…hahaha. I loved how he whips out a sheet of paper, looks at it, then continues speaking <33333.

    Omg, Marry U. I don’t know what fancam I saw, but there was some major love there, especially with KyuMi. I was literally squealing when I saw how adorable they were, especially when Zhoumi took Kyu’s hand and put it to his heart. TRUE LOVE!!! Haha, then Donghae comes out of nowhere with a pair of fuzzy pink earmuffs lmao. I LOVEEE that SiHan picture too. I’m happy to hear that there was some HenHae. Henry’s cheating on Ryeowook though =/. I also always wondered how Henry speaks to the other members. I know with Hangeng and Zhoumi it’s probably Chinese. Maybe he’s been teaching Donghae English hehe.

    I was also hoping they’d perform U live. I really wanted to hear Donghae rap. The encore was amazing though. I got really happy when I heard Kyu’s voice opening up All I Want for Christmas is You. And omg! Henry’s English!!! <333333333

    Thanks for your wonderful spazzing :DDD. I shall go watch the rest of your videos now. I’m curious to see what pinkandsparkly was talking about in Henry’s solo xD.

    Hmmmm…do you think they’ll put this on DVD? O=)

  6. ^ Whoa. That was longer than I expected it to be…

  7. Omg, and I forgot to say how much I loved Tong Hua. It was so friggin beautiful. I already had an inkling they would sing that song one day but I was still pleasantly surprised to hear it. I almost got teary when I saw it cause it was just such an amazing performance <3.

    BTW, I think my love for Kyuhyun has shot up to the level of that for Henry and Ryeowook hahaha.

  8. lol awww<3 Thank you for this long report!
    LMAO oh the cheesiness for the santa perfs. I get all sad too when good things come to an end.

    ahaha but the screamage for DBSK and SHINee was epic. I never knew girls can scream louder than a already loud screamXD

  9. ah, such a cute spazzy post <3
    seems your seat was actually pretty good, but ahhh it would be so nice to be right up the front at a concert ^^;;
    YES agreed, people should come to Sydney ): barely anyone has come since Rain, but I wasn’t into kpop back then .___.”
    hope you enjoy the rest of your time in HK ~~

  10. “In concerts in Australia, ”

    omg this is how evil yu are
    i skimmed over that
    and then i read the whole thing and my bubble burst….EVILLL *cries*

  11. natasha
    But not close enough ;~; Haha I’m so greedy XDD.
    LOL rly?? You think the santa outfits are creepy XDD. I thought it was cute ^^ Yeah and the English singing was awesome :DD

    Awww thank you <333 Maybe one day when you’re on holidays they’ll have a Concert wherever you go? ^^

    Your comments are so epic :DDDD
    I’m really glad you’re loving Kyuhyun so much now :DD. Though really all the members deserve as much love as possible, yes? ^^

    And omg I can’t believe I called a ferris wheel a carousel. I’m so dumb. Carousels are the things that go around and you sit on the horses or whatever is on the thing, right? T____T

    Yeah I’m glad I took a clear-ish picture of Siwon walking out because it was such a nice scene *___*

    Well they said “Dai gah ho”. I think. I don’t know I was too busy screaming but I’m sure they said a few words in Canto XD. LMAO I know eh. At first my friend kept talking about DBSK & Cass and she was worried she’d get kicked out for talking bout them but I guess it wasn’t a problem since everyone screamed for them XDD. And yeah that’s why I was grateful it was SJM having a Concert in HK :D.

    AGREE! I love instrument-playing boys :D. Like Kenny Kwan who plays the saxophone omg *____*. And Kyuhyun on the clarinet *sigh*. I mean, Siwon on the drums is really hot but like you said, classical instruments make them even more attractive ^^

    I would love to teach Henry canto. He’d be the cutest student :3. It was like at the fansign, Henry was teaching Hae how to say something and he wrote down on a piece of paper and before it was Hae’s turn,he kept practising. I really need to upload those videos soon XD

    YEAH lmao I remember when Donghae suddenly had those ear muffs. It was so cute.

    I’m glad you had fun reading :DD. Yes do watch those other videos. But if you’ve already seen the Donghae one then my reaction in Henry’s won’t be that exciting. (Though the others reckon my reaction was more entertaining than what was on stage XDD Such a compliment don’t you reckon? :P)

    And since it was so short, I doubt it’ll be on TV. Maybe they’ll broadcast it? Not sure :/

    Yeah I really didn’t mind waiting for the Encore because it would’ve meant the Concert wouldn’t finish so soon T___T.
    Lol one thing I learnt is never underestimate the power of fangirls and their screams!

    Hehehe yeah it was good ^^. I wonder if it was worth paying the extra $80 to be a whole lot closer and the chance to go on stage. But ah well ;~;
    I was already into Kpop then but I’m not really a Rain fan. Like I don’t listen to his music. And plus tickets were like $500. I don’t think I’d even pay that much for DBSK :S. With that money I could probably fly to Korea and buy a nice big bag to kidnap them XD
    Haha and I will! I’m off to USA soon :)

    Haha I’m…sorry? XDDD. Lol well shouldn’t you be glad the Concert wasn’t in Australia (if that’s where you live) because otherwise you would’ve missed it

  12. <33333333 OH THIS SOUNDS EPIC!

    I love all the boyband loving and Siwon’s glowing face (XDDD LMAO) and KRZ (AH I KNEW IT WAS A DAVID TAO SONG!! *proud* omg I’m not that much of a Chinese music noob after all … it was really pretty!!) and all the Christmas songs!! <33333333



    Sorry this is my first time posting here since i’m like a silent reader = =
    But! I just read all 3 parts of your fan accounts and (again) AHH full of jealousy and <333 and OMG you’re just soooo lucky! wish i could go…*sigh*

    THANKS for the greeeaaat fan accounts~~hope you had fun
    Btw, Happy New Year 2009!

  14. Hope so.. one day they’ll come to Brazil and I’ll be happy *dreams a lot* =.=
    Anyways, come here to wish you a great new year, with lots of sjm and sj for you, lots of shows and lots of Siwon-Horse xDDD

  15. They should come have a concert here in Canada! I would love to see my HenMochi <3 He’s such a cutie!

  16. spazzes
    Yes you should be proud you recognised it as a David Tao song (who else could it have been? XDDD) !!! And LOL it seems that way, doesn’t it? I really do think some fans sat there just for the minute that DBSK would come on xDDD

    HEHE THANK YOU! I’m glad I got you to give us a comment because we love hearing from new people. SPEAK OUT MORE, Y/Y? We don’t bite :DDD. Hope you had a Happy New Year!

    Hmm Brazil…I’m sure itll happen one day ^^. Thank you; Happy New year to you too <333

    Well at least you once lived on the same land as Henry? XDD


    Guhd they all look sooo good. KYU. The clarinet thing just killed me!!!! He looks so ~ ~ ~

    And Siwon!!!! Hotness to the 102985476923805 power.

    LOL. Thanks so much for uploading the pics, the vids and your spazzy account. They’re all sooo entertaining. <3333

  18. ^TOLD YOU SO ;D

    I know, the clarinet playing was so beautiful ;~;

    I’m glad you enjoyed it <333


    I’m back from holidays and I’m totally speechless right now. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this spazztastic account of the SJM show. YOU ARE WONDERFUL, and you totally made my day. <3<3

    I’d say more but aaaaahhh… my brain is completely overloaded. So much fandom to catch up on, lol. Right now, I’m tearing up at a fancam of the Tong Hua performance and am pretty much incapable of saying anything more, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with us!!! I’ll be back later to catch up on the other entries. :D

    P.S. I want a piggy back ride from Kyuhyun :P

  20. ^HIIII <333 I hope you had fun on your holidays. And no problem! I had great fun myself sharing my account even if I made myself seem more like a retard, it was worth it :DDD

    p.s YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE ;________;

  21. u r so lucky to be able to watch the sjm show
    i wish i coud…someday
    thx for sharing the experienceaa:)
    i really luv them n i will support them till the day the part(hopefully necver)

  22. ^I’m sure you’ll get a chance! I mean, I never imagined I would ever see them in person and, well, it happened! :).

    (And yes, hopefully never ever ^^)

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