Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 1, 2009

2008 Imop Awards

Step into your comfiest stilettos and roll out the pink carpet; the 2008 Imop awards are here! We’ve got the not-so-serious ones (where there’s a bit of sarcasm added here and there XD) to start with (cos everyone’s a winner here at Imop :]) but then we’ve got the serious ones (best mv, best song, etc.) after the cut, cos really, not everyone can be a real winner :P We’ve only used Kpop artists when making these awards, so as much as I’d love to give an award to JJ Lin (best album FOR SURE) we didn’t include any artists we don’t regularly blog about, even if they’re deserving of an award :). We’d also like to emphasize that these awards are purely for entertainment purposes and are based on our biased thoughts and have nothing to do with album sales, fan votings etc <3

We’ve linked the “reason” for giving the artists their award to the award name, so click on that and you’ll be taken to a picture/video/song. Some awards need more than one piece of “evidence” so we’ve linked different sections of the title to different pictures (eg. the Big Bang one). We’re also working on a Imop Authors’ Choice Top 20 Songs of the Year post, and that should be out within the next two days ^^

[Disclaimer: It annoys me that we have to say this, but these awards weren’t made up to be OFFENSIVE to any group. We love everyone, really :] ]

The Cleanest Lyrics Under [the] Sky – DBSK

Most Representative of Their Group Name – Super Junior Happy

Biggest Budget Spent On Clothes – Super Junior M

Starting The Guyliner Trend In Asia – Big Bang

Legs Girls Envy – SHINee

Most Inspiring Group – Wondergirls

Young Men Award – SS501

Best Matchmakers – Shinhwa

Group Most In Need of Pants – SNSD

Most Hated By Stylist – Micky Yoochun [DBSK]

Animal Rights Activist – G-Dragon [Big Bang]

Best Jailbait – Taemin [SHINee]

Imops New BFF – Jo Kwon [2AM]

Because there’s three of us, and we all have different favourites, we had a really hard time choosing the winners of the serious awards. So that’s why we ended up having two winners for each award XD

Best Comeback – DBSK || Rain

Artist and Song of the Year – Mirotic [DBSK] || Haru Haru [Big Bang]

Album of the Year – “T” [DBSK] || Amigo [SHINee]

New Comer of the Year – SHINee || 2PM

Catchiest Song – “Nobody” [Wondergirls] || “Replay” [SHINee]

Best Music Video – Haru Haru [Big Bang] ||  I will + Lovers [ZLY]

Honorary Award – Shinhwa


So what are your thoughts on our choices? Did we pick the right ones? I’ll reply to your comments, I promise; it’s just that it’s 2:45am in Australia and I need to go to sleep if I don’t want to spend the first day of 2009 looking like a zombie XD


  1. I would have chosen Yunho as most hated by stylist. Probably because I like most of the different styles of his hair, even if it looks like the 70’s (like in the one you posted as being “much better” lol).

    The “Biggest Budget Spent on Clothes” was AMAZING. I totally agree that wearing the same outfits all the time is costly! XD

    Mucho thanks to Big Bang (which I’m not even into…yet) for showing Koreans that guyliner is totally sexay. ♥

    Shinhwa was so mischievous with Anbi! Despite the veiled jealousy, they really are good matchmakers, huh?! XD

    Best Jailbait INDEED. Who else was nominated? Taemin will be everyone’s downfall. ♥___♥

    I liked the categories you included ~ things that one normally doesn’t see on lists like these. Overall, I’d say I pretty much agree with you guys!

    Great post!

  2. Biggest Budget Spent On Clothes – Super Junior M
    LOLOL! I definitely agree with that ;D.

    Most Representative of Their Group Name – Super Junior Happy
    I still can’t forget Eunhyuk’s pink monkey or whatever that fuzzy thing was he had attached to him during one performance.

    Most Hated By Stylist – Micky Yoochun [DBSK]
    His hair during their T tour T_T. And then his “curtain” hair. And many more times I can’t remember.

    Animal Rights Activist – G-Dragon [Big Bang]
    I think WTH?!?! every time he appears on stage with some giant furry thing on his head,

  3. Ah, I really think most representative of their group name is Shinee. I can’t stop imagine like glittery things around them whenever they introduce themselves. And they’re so SMILEY.

    I think they’re > SJ Happy just because they naturally exude that aura? Not the SJH isn’t happy? It feels contrived sometimes, because we know they’re capable of being mature adults.

    And Lol. Definitely agree to new BFF. Jo Kwon is hilarious. Have you seen the new Wonderboys act?

  4. Imops New BFF – Jo Kwon [2AM]


  5. ahahaha i love the rankings! Jo KwonXDD I want him as a friend lmao.

    Tae Min’s such a jailbait. Hes looking good now so I can’t imagine how good looking he will be when he gets older.

    lol yoochun’s hair. I feel bad for him for being victimized always.

    lol sjm. does sm not like them to the point that there’s no new clothesXD?

  6. Group Most In Need of Pants – SNSD

    I dunno whether to laugh or get mad about this. XD
    Was it meant to be offensive? Nope. But it bothers me cuz there’s so many anti’s and I bet they would get a kick out of this. =_____=

    Oh well. And I totally agree with Micky Yoochun’s! I feel bad for his old, beautiful hair. =(

  7. “Most Representative of Their Group Name – Super Junior Happy”

    that group was seriously way too happy. hahaha i didn’t particularly enjoy their mini-album, but I did lmao in the performances. especially that one where some kind of fountain malfunctioned and they all got drenched during one of their songs, except for Yesung (who has magic powers). LOLOL!!!

    There was also that one time where SHINee won some kind of style award, but looked so freaking hilarious that it was really kind of WTF WHY DID THEY WIN!?! That was one time I thought their stylist hated them, another time was them at the Golden Disk awards XDD.



  8. Most Hated By Stylist – Micky Yoochun [DBSK]
    Group Most In Need of Pants – SNSD


    But SO true!!!

  9. tacti
    I’ve actually had no problems with Yunho’s hair this year (well last year now haha), except for that epic wolverine hairdo. I still think Yoochun is hated more by his stylists. The poor boy needs me to come and do him up hahaha XDD

    LOL. I dont remember who came up with the SJM one, but that got me cracking so much ROFL

    BB really pawn those guy liners <3

    Shinhwa were infinitely adorable (when are they not?) in that We Got Married clip. They’re such fanboys sometimes and the biggest kudos to Dongwan for the strawberry kiss push. Gosh I love that boy so much!

    I would also include Minho for jailbait, but of course, Taemin is indeed the biggest one out there XD

    :DDDD I’m glad you liked our post. It was meant for fun and laughs. We had fun thinking up the stupid awards aswell.

    Haha, I think everyone has to agree with the SJM one =P

    For the SJH one, it was suppose to be seen in two ways:
    1. They really do represent their group name with those kiddie songs and ugly PJs and stuffed animals haha. I love my SJ boys, but seriously =_=
    2. We also added sarcasm in there by linking the award to the SJH emo magazine scans lol. Cuz it is really funny for Super junior HAPPY to be doing EMO photoshoots, dont you think? XD

    Oh Yoochun’s hair this year is just *shudders x 100* We all ADORE THE BOY SO MUCH, but seriously, his stylists NEEDS TO BE FIRED RIGHT NOW!!!!

    I lol so hard everytime I watch a BB performance and GD has his “furry friend”. I love the boy, who doesnt? But his fashion sense is a bit -_-|| And when DBSK were wearing plaids and those furs, I said to PAS “OMG DBSK stole GD’s furry friends” XDD haha

    Lol. Um, each group could only win one award and seriously ARENT YOU JEALOUS OF THEIR LEGS?!!?!?!? ROFL. So it was hard, but we ended up giving SJH that award. Plus, we couldnt think of anything else for them XD But I agree with what you said. SHINee really is “shiny” haha.

    Yeap, we all watched the Wonderboys stage and cracked up so much. Jo Kwon’s expressions and actions really pawn everyone. Omg I love that boy so much <333

    LOOOOOOOOOL. Fierce indeed XD

    Lol. Jo Kwon would make the bestest guy friend <33

    Tae Min is bad for these noona’s health. Very bad =_=. As for Yoochun, I just feel like flying to Korea and kidnapping the boy and giving him a makeover lol. And Father SM is just being stingy and thinks that just cuz SJM is in a different country, the fans wont mind that they wear the same clothes to!!! LOOOOL

    Honey, of course you’re meant to laugh!!! Its just all good fun and games for the new year. Like PAS mentioned in the disclaimer, we arent anti’s of anyone and everything we said isnt meant to be taken in an offensive manner. So just laugh it off kk XDD

    ROFL ILUSM. You always have the best comments hahahaha. XDDDDD

    Like I explained to
    abc123zyx, the SJH award was meant in two ways, but I dont think anyone picked up on the sarcastic one hahaha. All good, as long as everyone enjoyed and laughed XD

    And I remember the performance you’re talking about, because it was one of my first post as an author haha. It was where the water fountain on stage went all crazy and drenched the boys WHO WERE IN WHITE *___*

    LOL JO KWON PAWNS!!! PAS was like “omg omg we must give him a special award” but we were racking our brains for something not as offensive as gay and came up with that lol. You just gotta love that boy XDDD

    I’ve said it to you already but I will say it again HAPPY NEW YEAR HONEY!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH (which I think you’ve realised) and we’re all looking forward to another year of awesome sauce spazzing with you *group hug* <333

    HAHA. We’re glad you agree XDDD

  10. AHAHAHA…….. Most Hated By Stylist – Micky Yoochun [DBSK]
    i.e. OMG!! what is that thing on his head?!! xD

    Catchiest Song – “Nobody” [Wondergirls] and “Replay” [SHINee]
    I totally agree! *starts bogging* (i think that’s how you spell it =S)

  11. queqir
    XDDDD We all love Yoochun, but we cant help but make fun of the poor guy!

    Nobody and Replay are definitely some crazily catchy songs!….”bogging”?? HAHA I dont know, but you’re so cute <3

  12. LOL I agree with your awards!

    Stylist that was good at first but now wtf? => DBSK
    loved the idea of keeping their clothes to the minimum at first… but then I have no idea what happened o.O

    Legs Girls Envy – SHINee
    !!!! YES! Even *some* guys envy those legs… they are o.O

    Honorary Award – Shinhwa
    Do i sense bias?

    Big bang-
    I think they wear more makeup than most girls I know XD

    A comment on Yoochun’s hair… i actually cut mine like his o.O
    NOT as sexy as when he does it =)

  13. abdul
    I know right!! I loved all those suits they wore for their Wrong Number performances. I was thinking “maybe someone knocked some senses into those darn stylists” then BAM they wore those hideous plaid suits with fur OMG *cringe x 100*

    Lol. I admit that for the Shinhwa one, we (well mostly me XD) specifically came up with the “Honorary award” just for them. BUT, it wasnt done blindly. They got that because its their 10th year anniversary this year. This is TEN WHOLE YEARS we’re talking about. Ten whole years without disbanding and changing members. I dont know about you, but I’m pretty sure they deserve that award no? haha.

    Um..well Yoochun does have nice hair whether its good or not depends on which “Yoochun” hair cut you got =P

  14. Haha, this list was funny!! Group Most Needed in Pants-SNSD that was hilarious and ironic considering the fact that in their comeback music video they’re wearing pants. XD

  15. ^ Glad you like it XDDDD Well their comeback is in 2009 and these awards are for 2008 so its all good lol. Plus, who knows, they may still be wearing their skirts for their performances :D

    that’s the only complain i have towards sj-m.. they’re extremely hot guys but i can’t help but laugh when i see henry wearing the same clothes. :DD

    JO-KWON FTW! isn’t he like the most “DIVA-ISH” out of out all groups. (hmm. he’s a 2 levels higher than key’s diva-ness)

  17. lol omg this is the best award show i’ve ever attened/watched! brillant

  18. Beckery

    Thanks! Hehe I know you aren’t antis ^^
    I really enjoyed teh awards.
    SO entertaining! Especially Jo Kwon!

    Is he gay? If he is thats ok ^^
    Hes soo funny to watch XD

  19. lmao! im lovin and couldnt agree more with this, esp on SJ-M clothes, wohoo!
    this is the funniest award, ever!

  20. wooooow ahahha ur awards for sjh, shinee, snsd, and yoochun award are so true! XDD also for the best comeback, album, and artist! ahahaha
    amazing xD

  21. Most Hated By Stylist I think should go to Zhang Li Yin. Her coordi/stylist whatever dresses her in frills and lace…in old granny dresses not meant for a 21 year old girl ;(

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