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WonderBang Special Stage

Happy New Year Everyone!!


All us authors at Imop, wish you all the very best of luck for the new year. Another year of wonderfully, incoherently, epic spazzing with us to come everyone haha XD We still have a few more New Year posts to do up, so watch out for those! But in the meantime, sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’m sure you guys all understand, festive season means out and about haha <3

Video: Wondersmurf @ Youtube

I’d recommend you to click the video and watch it on Youtube, cos then you can choose the “watch in HD” option and the screen is really clear and MASSIVE :D


Beckerys and I made a deal, so I’m recapping this performance for her while she’s doing something for me *Audience cheers* ^____^v

Anyway, I LOVE the WonderBang special stages!!! But before I go on about their special stage, I must have a little rant: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DBSK + BIG BANG SPECIAL STAGE?! WHY DID I NOT SEE IT?! (the piano battle doesn’t count) YOU LIE, SBS, YOU LIIIIEEEEEEEE. *end rant* *smiles sweetly*

Sun Ye and Tae Yang performed Irony, Yoo Bin and Seung Ri did Lies, So Hee and GD did Tell Me,  Ye Eun and Daesung did Haru Haru and Sun Mi did Nobody with T.O.P. And no, I didn’t know all the Wondergirls names (I rely on Candychu to tell me who’s who XD) I got that from the video description XD.

Has everyone heard Irony before? It’s sooooooooo catchy! It’s one of those songs that you only need to hear once to be able to remember the melody, and have it playing over and over again in your head ^^;;; Sun Ye looked reaaaaally hot *___* (did she get hair extensions?) I thought that she and Taeyang sounded wonderful together :D And I love how JYP included “YG” in his brief intro, haha XD.

LOOK AT YOO BIN’S MASSIVE HEELS O_O Omg, I have no idea how she could dance in those; I’d fall flat on my face XD. I thought it was cool how she did GD/TOP’s rap bit while Seungri sang :) If Big Bang ever needs a girl to rap in their song then they should recruit Yoobin; she’s awesome sauce :DDD Oh, and Seungri looked really good *_* I hope Yoobin won’t get any crazy antis because she touched Seungri’s face, though.

I KNEW that GD and Sohee would be a couple! And I also knew they’d get Tell Me! I’M SO SMART :D. GD’s headband thing was SO CUTE XD I wouldn’t go anywhere with him if he wore that, but it looked cute for the performance XD. Sohee on the other hand…I’m not sure why she wore what she wore?? SHE DIDN’T MATCH. All the other WGs wore black, while Sohee looked like she just walked off the street and didn’t have time to change =.= I was tempted to reach into the screen and whack Sohee with the Singing Stick, cos she can’t SING :'((( I think she’s a really cute, polite girl, BUT SHE CAN’T SIIIING. She’s improving though, I’ll give her that :]

I think Ye Eun and Daesung’s performance is my favourite :] Their voices go reaaally well together, and I LOVE DAESUNG’S VOICE :D. They need to give him more lines in BB songs. I love their version of Haru Haru, I think they should record a special Ye Eun + Daesung edition to put in their next album :D But Daesung needs to burn his pants :\

TOP and Sun Mi’s performance was too short :( They sang like, five lines =.= The opening shocked me a little, though. I saw a girl sitting on TOP’s lap, then the camera zoomed in and I realised it was Sun Mi. SHE’S SIXTEEN :'(((( But she has a nice voice, and she and TOP looked good together ^___^

They finished the special stage off with Big Bang singing “So Hot” and Wondergirls performing “Last Farewell”. Both groups changed the songs up a little, eg. “Big Bang we’re so hot, hot”, and imo, did a really good job =DD

Okay, gonna go reply to comments now.


  1. I was actually really looking forward to this stage, so I’m really happy they did it, unlike the DBSK+BB stage they promised.

    Irony was WGs first single, before Yoobin came into the group. And I LOVE Yoobins heels, so pretty! And off topic, but Seungri released his solo MV, and it’s… O__o!!!!!
    Ye Eun’s and Daesung’s was my favorite too =D
    Their voices are gorgeous! And yeah, when I saw Sun Mi sitting in TOPs lap, I was like “wait a second, he’s 5 years older than her…”
    I like the “Won to the Der to Girls Girls” at the end XD

  2. I enjoyed this special stage. XD
    I’m starting to learn the Wondergirls’ names finally. XD And Big Bang is growing on me. My fave has to be Daesung too though! He’s adorable on Family Outing.
    About Irony- I first heard it through my Suju/Kangin bias ♥. He sang it on Chunji radio and I thought it was super adorkable. XD Have you seen it?

  3. Daesung and Ye Eun was my fave stage too <3333333333333333333 Their voices sound really good together.

    And I thought SunMi was sooooooooooooooo sexy with TOP! *___*! I was originally pretty sad about them changing partners, since alsjdkfls Yoobin-TOP was so wonderful in the other Wonder Bang stages, but SunMi was so sexy <333.

  4. Awwwww, I loooooved this. Maaaan, I’m such a big fan of WonderBang – definitely salivated over their previous joint performances, and have rewatched them millions of times.

    (Wow, have I mentioned yet that I’m absolutely pathetic?)

    Ye Eun was AMAZING. I’ve never been such a big fan of her (no particular reason behind this particular sentiment – just never felt an attachment to her), but yeahhhhh, in total admiration of her. She and Daesung = <33333333333333333333333333333.

    So Hee STILL.CAN’T.SING. Her voice irritates me. Like, really really irritates me. Gah.

    Sun Mi has grown up so much! Mannn, I hate how tall she is. And how nice and long her legs are. And how pretty her hair is. *______* GIRL CRUSH.

  5. Rose:
    I’m glad someone understands my disappointment over the BigBang DBSK special stage :]]]]] I really wanted to see them sing each other’s songs :'(

    I watched Seungri’s solo mv~! IT’S SO INAPPROPRIATE XD well, for an eighteen year old, anyway. And he probably filmed it when he was 17 :S

    Thanks for the link! I haven’t seen it ^^ I love it when people cover other people’s songs :DDD And Irony is ridiculously catchy *___*

    Lol, I still don’t know the Wondergirls names XD Actually, I do know their names, I just can’t match name to face XD (I know Yoobin and Sohee, though ^^)

    I liked seeing Yoobin + TOP together too, but Yoobin and Seungri looked like big sister + little brother XD It was a good performance though :D. Sunmi shocked me a little, I was like “OMG SHE’S SIXTEEN?!?!?!” (or is she seventeen now XD;;;) but her and TOP’s bit was so short :(((

    What happened to the “i’m not listening to kpop” phase? :P

    I liked the previous WonderBang performances too!!! That’s how I first noticed Big Bang, actually ^^. Though I still remember that everytime they did a special stage Big Bang had to wear PINK. Not a good colour for some of them :/

    Sohee needs voice lessons. Or she should lipsynch her lines. The girl’s adorable (Dumpling cheeks!) but SHE CAN’T SING. She sounds like she’s talking half the time XD.

    I can’t believe SunMi and Sohee are the same age!!! Sun mi looks a LOT older *_*

  6. I couldn’t find a recent Big Bang post to put this on D: SHAME ON YOU! (well actually not really, news in the BB category has been kind of slow these days)

    But LOLOL MY FRIEND SHOWED THIS TO ME TODAY AND OMG IT’S SO FUNNY. It’s a Haru Haru parody for Macbeth and omg XDDD it’s actually really good. But for anyone that’s actually READ Macbeth…… :D Watch away.

  7. I read that the reason for the cancelation of the BB + DBSK stage is because DBSK was invited to perform in Japan in Kohaku. Which is around the same time, Kohaku is a VERY BIG thing in Japan. Almost everyone is on holidays and they all stay at home to watch it.
    It’s a WONDERFUL thing for DBSK but not so good for all fans awaiting their joint stage with Big BAng.

    ANyway~ I <33 The wonderbang joint stage!
    I love it Especially when big Bang sang SO HOt!
    It was SO HOT! I miss the Yoobin + TOP couple but SeungRi and Yoobin are quite close so it was interesting!

    GD is so cute with the Headband (I like leaders..e.g. Yunho, GD, Leetuek, Sunye)

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