Posted by: lovediaries | January 2, 2009

Big Bang – “Strong Baby” MV

This is my first post of 2009 (damn, should’ve made it SHINee XD) and I bring you …. the MV for Seungri’s “Strong Baby” alkfjafjjklsf!!! I didn’t know there would be an MV for this!! (Actually I still haven’t watched his performance of it yet *bricked*). I actually have to get to the airport in 3 hours and I haven’t finished packing. But I saw a gif where Seungri gets all sexed up and he’s with a girl who has a tattoo on her back and so I had to watch this because it would be the sensible thing to do, of course xP.

It starts off with Seungri lying on a bed AND PULLING ON BED SHEETS while GD does his intro. I still ROFL at his “crack crack crack crack”. A female walks in and puts a rose down on the bed. Then Seungri starts dancing in a suit *____*.

I’m sorry to say this though but Seungri has little short fingers XD. Not like Kyuhyun’s who are long and slim. But who am I to complain since my hands are so pudgy they have dimples lmao XDDD.

Seungri is later in a car where he gets some lovin’ and face stroking *wink wink*. Then WTH is with the choreography he does with GD? It totally ruined the sexyness of the MV T____T.

And okay I really have to get back to packing. But I think it gets even more exciting and hot and steamy ;).



  1. Rofl, that MV is made of all sorts of LOLZ, imo -.- I can’t see the Magnae sexy, I don’t know XDDD”’ Did anyone remember that it’s sungmin’s b-day today? ._. Pumpkin needs some loving XDD HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  2. i thought this mv has a ton of smex, i loved g-dragon in the black tie,pants, shirt but lol every time he said crack it reminded me of mean girls when that girl kept saying it.

  3. lol i can’t imagine him all grown up yet.
    Its like “DANG you were just a kid who liked to talk about himself on manwon haengbok”XD

    I liked Ji Young’s hair on this one but the semi make out scene looked really awkward lol.

  4. lmao your fingers have dimples?? awww…. lmao that made me laugh out loud lol haha but oh, the video!!! lol that is my 2nd (?) fav song on their c.d lol haha the video was nice and i was thinking the same thing too, like “when did he grow abs?!” lol i know you don’t ‘grow’ them, grow them but omg lol haha it’s hard seeing him that way cause he is the youngest but i shall get used to it lmao hehe

  5. lovemelodies
    Yes we talked about his birthday, lol! but we’ve sort of been failing with doing our bday posts, as you may have noticed XD. I didnt even leave a msg for him on my own blog, I feel so bad, but we’ve all been busy :((( I know that’s not really an excuse T_____T

    I thought it had too much smex for someone who just turned legal; but hey, he’s older than me so I’m not complaining ;)))

    Well there were some shots were Seungri still looked like a boy and as adorable as ever :3
    Haha I found it sort of funny cause you could tell they never actually kiss XD

    YES LOL I have pudgy hands and feet :3
    Hmm yeah it’s my 2nd or 3rd favourite song too! I hope they do an MV for “Foolish Love” cause tahts my favourite track. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

  6. omo perezhilton did a post on this vid i just realized! i think he’s starting to become a real k-pop fan

  7. ^Wow I shall go read about it :D

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