Posted by: lovediaries | January 3, 2009

What’s in SHINee’s bag?

Well SHINee’s bagS. SHINees’ bags? Omg apostrophe’s confuse me. Anyway thanks for the heads up yumimaki!! <333. Has Onew’s been uploaded? Cause he should’ve been the first to show what’s in his bag but I can’t find the video ;__;. Thank you tristabelle for linking me to Onew’s video!!

This was all filmed when they visited Thailand as a group for the first time :D. I watched Key’s first so my reaction to his ghei-ness is a lot bigger than the others XD.

Onew – HE IS SO CUTE! While they were deciding who should go first, Onew was already clutching at his bag :3. And omg Jonghyun XDD He was already reaching out from the first bag. Onew takes out one mp3 and Jonghyun quickly grabs another one to show that Onew is a ‘greedy’ one. But how long can the plane ride be that the battery would die? XDD Silly Onew. He then takes out a pair of glasses he wears when he dances!? They look pretty thick LOL. But why would you wear them when you dance? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of wearing contacts? Onew also carries digestion medicine. WHAT A WOMAN. Even I don’t have any and my digestive system is as weak and fragile as anything. BUT AWWWWWW, he said he brought it for himself and the members. He’s so nice ;___; HE ALSO HAS A RUBIX CUBE! My friends at school were obsessed with them for a while but I never learnt how to play it (have you guys seen the clips on youtube? lol they’re crazy, apparently). Onew is such a smart/patient cookie :). And you can tell he’s full pro by the way he FLICKS at the cube instead of twist it like noobs XDDD. Then, the highlight – Onew reads a book called “HOW TO RESPECT A FUNNY LEADER” ROFLMAOOOOOOOO XDDDDD. But shouldn’t the others be reading it instead? XDD. Oh, Onew <333

Onew then shows off his headphones in a case and Jonghyun pulls out his wallet and a pink bag with cleaning foam LMAO. I really can’t bear all the ghei from this group XDD. I kid :P.

Taemin – Taemin takes out a whole lot of pens lmao. He’s such a good student ;D. He also has a little notebook which he uses to write things down that can’t be said out loud. Aw, he’s so cute. I want to adopt him :3. Minho starts reaching for Taemin’s bag (2Min? TaeHo? *squeal*) and pulls out an mp3 but Key says it’s not Taemin’s…except it is his. LOL. Taemin also has a bunch of cords for when they’re practising. And he has skin lotion. Omg I need to start being more of a girl. SHINee makes me look bad T_T.

And Jonghyun is seriously such a PAIN omg I love him XDD. What happened last time when I said this about him? Well anyway here, he’s really “手多多”. Lol I can’t think of another way of saying it but if you translate it it means “many hands” and usually used to describe a guy feeling up a girl or SOMETHING like that LOL. In all these clips, Jonghyun is all touchy and reaching for everything. Here, he grabs Taemin’s diary and pretends to flip through it. Then Key is all “come back at 2am, we’ll meet at the elevator” XDD.

Jonghyun – Jonghyun doesn’t make full use of his pockets XD. Maybe cause it’s me, but if I have a bag with many zippers and pockets, I put something in all of them. I just don’t like having space wasted! Even if it’s just tissues or a lipgloss, I’ll put them in separate compartments :D. Jonghyun takes out his two wallets, laptop, book, mp3 player (duh) and his lyrics book!! I tried seeing if the english on the cover made sense but I’m too un-co to pause it at the right time ^^”. Ah, Jonghyun makes me laugh. He acts like a little kid too, sometimes. Like he’ll just turn his back on the other members if he’s writing lyrics down XD. Such a funny boy.

And Jonghyun’s doing it again! The whole talk-while-staring-at-Onew-as-if-for-approval :DDD. Jonghyun is sweet :). They all are.

Minho – Minho takes out his bag which was from his parents when he got into high school. AWWWWW. By now, I’m no longer surprised that these boys carry around lipglosses and creams and beauty care things T_T. (I love Jonghyun’s “Lip gloss-u”.) LMAO THEN Minho takes out his school keys and Key goes “These are my friends” LOLOL *dying at his lame joke* XDD. Minho also takes out a pen given to him by his brother for exams :3.

Minho’s reading “Catcher in the Rye”. I had to read it for school in Yr 10 so I was … younger than Minho is now :D. Woot, I feel as if I’ve achieved something lol. But even til the end, I didn’t realise the main character of the book was in a mental institution. It was one of those books which made me uncomfortable and I don’t think I’d ever read it again.

Minho also has a laptop too. AND LOL they’re so cute; Minho holds up his laptop and they all go to cover the brand XD.

Key – He is so GHEI and I love him for it :D. I really want that beanie with the piano keys on it. I’ve been trying to look for cute beanies here but I think I’ll just go with the ones which have pom poms hanging on the end. Like the one Nichkhun was wearing here.

Anyway Key takes out his polaroid and his mp3 and his wallet and HAND CREAM T_T. Even I don’t always remember to moisturise daily and he carries hand cream in his bag. Which is normal. Just…not really guys xD. He shows the photos in his wallet which he took with his polaroid camera…WHY NO ONKEY PIC??? Only with Taemin and Jonghyun. CUT.

But you know, Key can really accessorise. I love his sunglasses :D. Also the way Jonghyun kept holding onto the camera meant something. You can always tell with Jonghyun. I think he’s easy to read like that :). So they take a photo and I GOT MY ONKEY :DDD. I bet Onew was waiting for his chance to hang over Key. Oh the way this makes me feel giddy makes me feel like a total perve XD. AND OMG THE POLAROID HAS A SNOW WHITE FRAME. Seriously, Key, how GHEI can you get? XDDDD.

But, afterall, you can’t be Almighty without having some flaws ;)


  1. LOL, Key’s gheiness!! But that makes him more endearing!!

    I want to steal all their bags! XD I’m still waiting for Onew’s cut though, I wonder what’s in his bag?

    And speaking of Dubu, have you watched this?

    Oh my onew-ache! He’s not helping! Not at all!
    The fan is awesome, btw.

  2. Ah, SHINee Subs isn’t doing Onew’s bag until we can find the RAW. D: It’s proving difficult to track down. :(

    I loved Key’s the best~ JongKey. Of course Key has one picture with his “son” Taemin and another with Jonghyun. Such a good girlfriend. :’D ♥ And I want his beanie so bad you have no idea aslkdjfg omg.

    Jonghyun is SUCH a brat, lol. He just doesn’t keep his hands to himself at all. XD

  3. LMAO at “手多多”. “手痒痒” also. He kept reaching for their stuff, grabs em and shows them to the camera.

    Taemin protects his stuff from his hyungs, how cute. Jonghyun proudly displaying the picture he had with his members is pure love. Minho had so many gadgets, and his pen-between-fingers-flips is..

    Key’s bag has the most stuff. It’s like doraemon’s pocket. He keeps pulling stuffs out. I like his grandma’s written message to him, he obviously treasures it a lot. The polaroid camera! Its more fun taking pictures with it I think. (I want one)
    When Minho offered to be the one taking pictures of them, tried to take the camera, but Jonghyun pulled back the cam and continued talking to Key. =.=” Maybe they didnt hear him. XD

    “Omg I need to start being more of a girl. SHINee makes me look bad” <- Haha.. That’ll make me look like a guy. =P

  4. nylenuol
    Ah, I’m going to have to come back and watch that video! Thanks for linking me <333 You know you’re awesome :D.

    :O You know, I bet whoever has the RAW is keeping it all to themselves XDDDD. I hope you guys find its oon ;~; And I don’t say it enough, but thank you to you guys <3333 I’d never survive without SHINee subs :DDD.

    LMAO you Jongkey shipper. I bet the Onkey pic was so private and special to Key that he couldn’t reveal it to the public :PPPP

    Yay! Someone understood me xPP. That’s exactly why Jonghyun is a pain XDD. Poor Minho. It would’ve been the smart thing from the start but he just kept hogging the camera XD. He’s so funny to watch lol.

    And *hi5* I totally thought of Doraemon when Key was going through his bag. I thought his grandma’s message to him was sweet too :). And judging by the way he said “When I went to Seoul…” he must live really far :(

  5. OMG, I love Jonghyun and his grabby hands. At times, I just wanted to slap his hands away and say “Hey! Let them do it themselves”. But he always gets a little overbearing when he’s excited – it’s a thing. Ah, he is a bit of a brat sometimes though. I’m so biased towards him, I didn’t even realize that’s what it was. XDD

    Taemin’s was cute and Minho’s was sweet and Key’s was….Key and Jonghyun’s was informative – IDK he wrote lyrics! But I’m not really surprised. And you’re welcome – this was a fun watch.

    Oh, and Jonghyun’s doing it again! The whole talk-while-staring-at-Onew-as-if-for-approval . OMG, YOU NOTICED THAT TOO! I thought it was just me – I love when he does that, it seems like like he’s affirming Onew’s position as the leader or something and subsequently, being a good dongsaeng. I love annoying!hyung, good!dongsaeng Hyunnie~

    And I want Key’s beanie too – but who doesn’t? That message from his grandmother was so sweet. ^^

  6. Oh, and SHINee singing Christmas Carols – another must watch, y/y?

  7. hey candychu! onew’s bag video is out (: credits to shineesubs
    they all have nice bags! me jealous >_< onew has a book which is total crack xD dubu why read such a book when you dont need to! (:

  8. yumimaki
    LOL of course I noticed it. I mentioned it before in another post lol. But agree, I like that he does it because it shows he respects Onew, I think :). And thank you for the other video! I didnt have time to watch it before but I’ll do so now ^^

    AH ILUSM <33 I’ll go edit it into the post ^^

  9. I MISSED SHINEE. I MISS SHINEE. I’ve had difficulty following SHINee ever since shineesubs got suspended TT Lol I’m a horrible fan ><

  10. ^You must get your act together or we’ll never be able to kidnap Key! :(

  11. … why are their bags girlier than mine? D:

    • They have like lady bags O.o


        God, he’s such a girl.


          End of story.

    pwe love you! saranghae! come to houston texas!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 SHINee FIGHTING! v^O^v

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