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090104 SHINee Special Medley

Thank you tristabelle for the heads up!! You know I love you <33

{credit: randy19972 @ youtube}

I LOVE MEDLEYS. Here, they perform “Romantic”, “Love Should Go On” Remix Version (the one Plugged by DJ_Oneshot as written on the track XD) and “Amigo”. They sorta cheated though because they got changed after “Romantic” which means they didn’t perform all 3 songs in a row XD. I wonder why they always wear emo clothes for “Romantic”. They did look nice and warm though. I really wanted to be cuddled by them because I am freezing my fat little toes off atm. I should go put on a jacket but deep down I’m hoping that if I remain cold, someone will come along and provide me with some body warmth ^^”.

Okay, I got totally off track there XD. Um where was I…ah yes, “Romantic”. Key cracked LOLLL. But I shouldn’t have laughed at him because the moment I did, my ovaries sorta burst and now I’m in a lot of pain. Key wasn’t his best in this performance (he’s still singing ‘art‘ instead of ‘heart‘) but Jonghyun was so perfect that it didn’t really matter. I really liked Key’s outfit though :). He’s all looking comfortable and sexy and you see Onew who’s standing all straight and proper with his clothes all buttoned up. He’s so adorable XD. (Key’s shirt is buttoned up to his Adam’s apple but that is beside the point.)

The camera was sort of weird though. Like, nice close ups and everything (Key’s gazillion piercings are so hot) but the way the camera cut from one to another and the whole group to a face was odd…

Then it’s “Love Should Go On” !!! One of my favourite tracks off their mini-album…except I loved every song LOL. The performance was so awesome. Loved the rapping and the choreography and Minho touching himself and Onkey’s matching white pants – because they’re matching and not cause they’re white, guys ;P. Taemin is sorta funny when he’s rapping because yes he’s sexy and badass when he’s dancing but here he sounded like he had something in his throat XDDD. One of the highlights of this song for me is definitely Onew’s “love forever and last forever” (though I never really hear the ‘and‘) – when will his solo album full of English tracks be released?? Keep dreaming, eh? XDDD.

Then into “Amigo” aslkdjfaskldfasdklfjsd freaking loved all the new choreography!!! I’m glad that everyone got a bit of solo dance time (except for OnHyun who got couple dance time XP). Key is just so *____________*; he redeemed himself in the “LSGO” and this performance :DDD.

Anyway for the next Medley, I vote “Last Gift”, “One for Me” and “Forever or Never”. Hmm that combination sounds sort of weird BUT I DON’T CARE. You go from heartbreaking ballad to a more lighthearted song and then BRING ON THE SEX.

But I really have to watch what I say because the other day I accidentally favourited the pic of Seungri’s abs onto this computer and I can’t remove it from bookmarks. There’s also no history I can delete pages from so if my Aunty/grandparents ever come across these things, I am so dead. Maybe. T_____T.


  1. thank you candychu i love you too (: haha i died at onew’s expression during his love forever and last forever line, it was just <333 except it turned funny after that line d: but i can’t help replay it over and over again. dubu~
    haha i vote that they sing forever and never and last gift too. taemin’s solo in last gift is something i am looking forward to hearing, especially since he starts off the song. (:

  2. I’ve been away for a while and now that I’m back let me just say…Oh my gosh you’re so wierd. =P Surprise body warmth? Busted ovaries!? I missed this blog <3<3<3

    Anyway, I must say that I never *really* liked Romantic until this perf. They did a great job.^^ And either I fail at details or Key got more crazy piercings. Love Should Go On was my 2nd fav after Replay except I don’t really like the remix. The beats don’t make sense to me. Lol I think Minho is turning into a bad bad boy…who is 17. Manseh for extra dance solos! \^o^/

    Lol Explaining that pic to your grandma would be mad awkward. On a related note, I need to get a copy of Taeyang’s mini album, but I don’t want to cover the hotness…I mean…pictures with innocent smiley face stickers.

  3. tristabelle
    Haha you’re awesome :). Lol I was probably too happy at hearing his english line that I didn’t even notice what was wrong with his facial expressio XDD. Yeah lol but I wonder if Jonghyun would sing along like he has been for their “Romantic” performances :/

    Why is everyone disappearing without warning :((((. Busted ovaries is better than saying “shock of period pain”, isn’t it? XD

    :OOO Why not? Well I’m glad this performance changed your mind :D. And um, I’m pretty sure Key didn’t get any new piercings. His ears have always been quite…full ^^

    Are the CDs covered? or…would you be sensoring them yourself? XDD

  4. Ah, they wear emo clothes cause Romantic is a sad song. Oh, but they all looked nice though. I was really digging Minho’s striped jacket – and Key’s jacket was really nice! Like so nice I want to buy it even though I’m a girl and have absolutely no use for a winter jacket.
    Hmm, if Onew ever does release a solo album full of English tracks, I’d be a guaranteed buyer, that’s for sure. And I loved everything about this performance – everything, everything, everything! They sounded good, they looked good, they danced well – and they included that great dance break from Gayo Daejun. I wish they’d perform Forever or Never once though…it’s the one song I really, really want to see them perform. Preferably on a music stage with a set and cool outfits (please, stylist noonas!) and awesome choreo. Now go put on a jacket candychu – I don’t think Key’s gonna come warm you up tonight.

  5. ^Lol I know but they’re pulling an SJM with their “Romantic” performances. Dark blues would look nice…just not necessarily greys and whites, you know? I really liked Minho’s jacket too! Or was it a cardigan? Well either way, that was what first made me realise how cold I actually was. Seriously, SHINee are making me wish I was a rich boy because then I could afford all their clothes and not look weird wearing them :DDD

    ROFLMAO @ your last comment. I was starting to smile to myself…then I got what you were trying to say T___________T

  6. Wow they did super well. I think I’m into Romantic a whole lot. They did super well (or did I already say that?) but then again, I don’t seem them screwing up alot. Key’s ears are really quite full ^^ but I know he didn’t have them pierced while he was on that show before his SHINee debut.

  7. ^LMAO yes you said that twice but I agree, they did super well :DDD

  8. SHINee น่ารักมาก
    **โดยเฉพาะมินโฮ 55+

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