Posted by: beckery | January 5, 2009

DBSK~Mechaike New Year Special

Video: jaejoongiefied @ youtube

I’ll be honest and say that I have seriously NO IDEA what is going on here hahahaha. However, I was still cracking up so much. The hosts (especially that guy with the funny drawn on beard rofl) and the boys were just so random XD The boys walk by and the host guy is like “ohhh it’s toho-genbu” ROFL. So someone corrects him and is like “shinki shinki”. Seriously, looking at him just makes me crack up so much. He’s so funny haha.

Then they sit down and talk about Kouhaku. According to the video description, this show was pre-recorded, which is why when the host says that he’s already seen Kouhakau, they all laughed cuz it was impossible since Kouhakau wasnt even fimled then. Anyways, he acts like he’s seen them perform and everything and even mentions that Yunho fell during the middle. The camera spans to Yunho and he kinda goes “……” for a few seconds LOL. Love his expression <3

The host then ask the boys which Japanese artist they like and they replied Exile. The funny host is all “EGG?!?!?!” HAHAHAAHAH WHAT!? Then Jaejoong suddenly goes “OKASHINKI” ROFLMAO IDEK!

Dont ask me what happens later cuz all I know is that every few minutes they dance funnily (is that a word?) to “Summer Dream”. Junsu does some funny gag imitation, which obviously turned out to be a complete fail judging by everyones laughter. (OH ILU JUNSU ♥) So the funny host is all “What was that?!?!” :S AND OMG WATCH THIS! Jaejoong suddenly runs out and grabs a soy sauce bottle and goes “soy sauce” ROFL LAY OFF THE CRACK JAEJOONG!

Junsu does some more random gag imitations, which causes everyone to crack up some more and Jaejoong brings out his soys sauce bottle again XDDDD I seriously love how he keeps such a straight face when he brings out the bottle and says “soy sauce”. Its like nothing is absolutely wrong with that! Nope, not at all. Its perfectly fine to suddenly whip out your soy sauce bottle in a middle of a show XDDDDD

And watch at 4.49 how the other four trick Junsu into volunteering. Smart Yunho for thinking up the plan and the others for catching on haha. Poor Junsu bb, bullied again d’awww lol.


  1. lol omg, the host dancing along with them for summer dream. I think they’re all on crack, the host, JaeJae, Junsu, Changmin, he didn’t like the food!!!!

  2. hahahah!!!
    i completely new way to bully junsu XDD LOVE IT!! *lol*

  3. Dude, I would SO try that kimchi sushi. XDD

    Jaejoong and the soy sauce…I’m thinking it’s a pun? Even if I understand Japanese, it doesn’t mean I know if it’s a pun or not. Nothing like Junsu’s easy to tell oyaji gags. XDD I mean. Jae is random, yeah, but…THAT random?

    …And what WAS that bottle of soy sauce doing there anyway?

    PFFFFFT YUNHO. XDDDD So evil. Of course, I didn’t know they were gonna speak in Korean, which meant I actually had to turn on the subtitles, but hey, I’m pretty sure anyone could get what they were plotting. XDDDD

    Poor Junsu. He’s always the subject of entermaint through his torment. XD <3

  4. XDD ahaha but sadly most of the subs was wrong lol. The more and more I checked it, it was wrong haha.

    I was thinking it on youtube then it exceeded the limit T_T

  5. SHOYU.

    Now every time I will see shoyu ramen on any menu, I’m going to think of Jaejoong and probably sing Summer Dream or something. DAMN YOU, JAE, FOR GIVING ME SHOYU NIGHTMARES.

  6. You’d think Junsu would expect them to do things like that by now. Poor boy is just too innocent!

    And there has to be something behind that soysauce thing because even Jaejoong can’t be that random. (Or can he?)….

  7. HA! I was right, JJ’s soy sauce WAS a pun! I just didn’t get it until paperteuk said it. XDD

    “Ima dou iu koto?”
    “Shoyu koto!”

    The response SHOULD be “Sou iu koto”, but since “Sou iu” and “Shoyu (soy sauce)” sound the same…well. Pun. XD

  8. nataly
    LOL I think they’re all on crack too XDD But Jaejoong was definitely the most high haha. I didnt actually get what Changmin was saying…lol. Yes, I fail XD

    Yunho sure is a smart one for thinking of it and it was so blatantly obvious but Junsu still fell for it haha. Oh I love that boy soooo much <3

    Well I dont understand an ounce of Japanese so I definitely dont know whether it was a pun or not hahahaha. Like I mentioned, I didnt actually understand half the stuff they said and what was going on haha. Im such a lost one XD

    But yea, their evil scheme was so obvious but my poor bb Junsu still fell for it. What a loveable loser haha.

    Ohh was the subs wrong :/ Well its ok, I wouldnt have understood a single thing if it wasnt for it anyways haha.

    :S ??? Umm Shoyu?! Lol. I have no idea whats going hahaha. Gosh, I feel like an idiot now XD

    Lol I know right! The poor bb needs to learn some tricks and get the others back. Keeps getting picked on lol.

    Ohhh I get it now hahahhaa. You’re so smart, I totally had no idea what was going on LOL.

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