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More pictures under the cut :D

I really, really, really like their suits btw. Don’t they look spiffy? ♥ And its cool how they’re all wearing the same silver tie, but different coloured shirts. Lol, I’ve been staring at their shirts for ages now and I still cant figure out which colour I like best. XDDD Probably leaning towards Yunho’s, oh or maybe JaeJoong’s pink, but Changmin’s pastel yellow is nice too and oh Junsu’s blue is quite nice but hmm Yoochun’s purple is alright too….ROFL. Can I just take all of them please?

Girl’s School Attack Version Man, those lucky lucky girls!! I’m so jealous :( I could wish every night that the boys would come visit my uni, but the odds of that is like 0.0000001% considering where I live =_= I was actually expecting a much BIGGER reaction from the girls, not that their reaction wasn’t scary enough. I would be freaked and run back out to the van, but I guess the boys are use to it lol.

Haha how corny is the microphone and the spotlights? And isnt it kinda funny to see them wear their uber nice suits and then go and do some huge crack dance LOOOOL. But then again, I guess thats the whole purpose. To make it look crazily hilarious and utterly stupid, yet insanely cute at the same time <33

Student Studio Version This version was kinda boring compared to the others, but still insanely crackastic. Them in the studio, wearing their suits and doing more crack dance and singing lol. I spot the horizon dance, chicken wings, some swimming moves and err..peek a boo? moves ROFL.

Credits to DNBN


  1. lmao if they came to my class, no one would probably know them except for me.
    I’ll be like “OMGAHHHH JAE JOONGGG I LOOOVE YOUUUUUUUU~” and he’ll be like ‘wth, only you reacting?’XD

    But lucky galsss.

  2. oh man.. how i would die if i was in that classroom..seriously the girls in korea and japan are making me super jealous…why can’t the guys come to my school.. then again i would probably be the only one that knows them.. ahha..

  3. omg how luck r they. i would seriously scream at the top of my lungs if they even came knocking on the door. i wouldn’t care if the teacher was there or not, i would leap out of my chair and jumpin to the door. I WISH THEY CAME TO MY CLASS<3

  4. I originally was gonna comment and thank you for the 1600×1200 versions of the guy in their OHSOAMAZING suits, but the 4th pic cracked me up! Jae pulls the most hilarious faces. But who wouldve thought that he pulls them as he opens a car door too. As for the 8th pic. YUSSS! Jaemin interaction. Yunho also looks lonely and ticked off about it xD

    Yunho: Yes shiny watch….its just you and me now :(

    Im already laughing and I still have to watch the vids :P

  5. Ir
    My uni class is packed with international students from Korea, China, HK, Taiwan etc, so I’m sure I wouldnt be the only one that knew the boys XD But I’d definitely be the first one to jump up and try to molest them ROFL.

    Yea, probably the only thing that I’m ever jealous of Korean girls are that they get to meet all these boys! So so lucky.

    I would be screaming too haha. But mainly running up to them to try to grab them. A bit of touching here and there and probably try to kidnap them at the end of the day XDD HAHA I sound like a freak rofl.

    LOL I didnt even notice JJ’s facial expressions. Too busy staring at the shirts lol XD I’m so cool haha.

    “Yes shiny watch..its just you and me now” ROFLMAO HAHHAAHAH YOU’RE SO FUNNY HAHAHAH XDDDDDDDDDDD

  6. haha if you noticed, the choice of colour of their shirts are actually same as the dwarf costume they wear for balloons performance (:

    jaejoongie – red
    yunho – green
    changmin – yellow
    junsu – blue
    micky – purple

    they look wonderful (:

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