Posted by: lovediaries | January 6, 2009

DBSK 3rd Asia Tour Concert – Mirotic Message

{credit: jaynerox91 @ youtube}


Wow it’s like another tour with a release of each album O.o DON’T THEY NEED REST?

Yunho speaks Engrish. He’s so cute :). JAE, I’D RUN TO THE CONCERT IF I COULD. BUT I CAN’T, OKAY?

SHINee ARE SO THE SPECIAL GUESTS. I think. Well if they are, someone has to buy me tickets :DDD

Capslocking because I feel like it ^^.


  1. don’t worry!! i will definitely run to the concert…
    in my dreams….wait for me!! *sigh* i want a fairy god mother!!! lmao haha

  2. is SHINee really the special guest?!

  3. ooo.. does that mean that kyuhyun and ryewook from suju might be there also. if so.. can’t wait to hear wish live..ahha.. if i had money i would fly there instantly and be there with you instead of here staring at the monitor… wait another so many years for me okay.. lol..

  4. I am sure alot of stars will show up for their concert. :)

    And if someone is getting you tickets, grab me one to! Mirotic live would be OH TOO SEXY! Actually just them live would be too sexy. I would be the one in the news for getting a nosebleed and fainting. But don’t let them take me away, just pretend I was napping because I would never leave their concert!

  5. shycapri8
    Lmao we’d be running for like months…across waters too XD

    Er, no they’re not. I just want them to be :D

    OOOH. Well they will be there if they’re gonna perform “Wish”. Which they should. They should perform their new songs cause “O Concert” had practically the same tracklist as their “RS Concert

    I HOPE SO. Make the whole of SJ there too (plus M) XDDD. That would be an awesome concert. Lmao but they’ve performed Mirotic live multiple times. Except I’m sure it would be like a full on epic stage, eh?

    LOL “I haven’t died from DBSK…I’m just er, sleeping…and refusing to open my eyes” XDD

  6. bitter that they’re not coming to KL :/ and getting that Bangkok ticket would prolly be like scoring a lottery for me.

  7. ^If you win lottery, maybe they’ll go to KL ? :)

  8. hmm do they sleep? its odd that they’re always singing and doing cute stuff, arent they ever tired?

    omg i would totally run there if i could and possibly be there, but im not sure where the stadium is…

    haha SHINee is gonna be there or r u just makin that up? if they are im definitely gonna go :D

  9. ^LMAO I want SHINee to be there so its not true…but it might come true?

    I know, and apparently their 4th Jap album is coming out in March too. But at least they’ll be on holidays soon :)

  10. I’ve been watching so many Japanese New Year and late 2008 shows with DBSK performing & speaking in Japanese…that’s it’s almost awkward for me to see them speaking their native tongue. hahahahah.

  11. ^Lol I’m sort of opposite…I hardly watch their appearances on Japanese shows. I don’t know why I don’t try as hard keeping up with “THSK” as “DBSK” XDD.

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