Posted by: lovediaries | January 6, 2009

SHINee on Shim Shim Tapa & Kiss the Radio

Thank you yumimaki for the heads up :)))!!

090104 Shim Shim Tapa

Jonghyun : I believe I can fly – *________* JONGHYUN MAKES ME BELIEVE TOO. Omg he sounded breathtakingly beautiful in this EXTREMELY SHORT CLIP. It’s less than half a minute so WATCH IT. No engrish too which is an added bonus!

081225 Kiss the Radio

Jonghyun : Footsteps – I LOVE THIS SONG. Jae’s performance of this from their “Rising Sun Concert” is one of my most played tracks and my favourite solo out of all of DBSK :))))).  WHY DID JONGHYUN ONLY SING 15 SECONDS??? If he had continued, I would’ve cried ;____;. Oh, my poor little heart~

Jonghyun : Y Si Fuera Ella – Yay singing his own song ^^; but it’s still not the full version aljfaskljfasfsd. Maybe he needs to practice more to have enough breath to sing the entire song? I really want him to perform this on a Music Show again :3

SHINee : Amigocold eyes baby~ Trust Key to be dancing in his spot. It’s definitely a lot funner watching them sing and dance as opposed to singing in a confined area ^^. And Onew was all the way on the other side because he’s so awesome he had to be separated from his members XDDD. LOL idk. But I loved that he was lipsynching to Jonghyun’s adlibs and Key’s lines :D.

SHINee : Cooking? Cooking! – I love when they do things like this ;D. AND OMG THEYRE SO CUTE. Like they don’t even try to be cute but they come out as cute cause Cooking?Cooking! was adorable and this is SHINee we’re talking about alskfaskljfaklsjdf. And I am even more convinced that Onew’s voice really is suited for every type of song. He should start singing nursery rhymes for little kids too. LOL @ Key saying Shindong’s lines XDDD. Jonghyun totally cracked up at 1.07 *SQUISH*. I want to pocket them!!!

Also, watch them singing Christmas Carols on Chin Chin! I love their “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Onew is so hilarious XDD.

And awwww I really really miss Super Junior. Seeing Leeteuk sitting there all pretty makes me anticipate their 3rd album so much lajfalsjdfklsjfaklsjfskldf. I just hope there aren’t anymore boy on boy kissing. Not sure if I can handle it XD.


  1. LMFAO, that Onew. Yeah, they’ve successfully performed the crackiest version of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” EVER.



    … XD

    Ahhhh, still in love with Onew’s voice. It’s so versatile! And deep! And manly! And rawwwrrrr!

    And Jonghyun = <333333333333. Maaan, he brings R&B to a whole another level. <33333



  2. Oh, you’re welcome – but I only really linked you to one.

    Anyway, LOL, you really write the most cracktastic things! I think if Onew sang nursery rhymes, I would buy that cd too. Honestly I would buy anything once Onew sang in it – I would even buy it if he rapped! Ooh, now I wonder what Onew rapping would be like….XD

    OMG, the Santa Claus carol was epic! I was so confused at first, just like ‘what the heck is going on’?! but I still loved it. And I loved Taemin’s super high voice! And Key being crabby and dissing Santa.

    In Amigo, I was so sad, I was just staring at the video like “Where’s my Dubu? He’s missing…” :( But then I saw him and I was happy. ^^

    WHY DID JONGHYUN ONLY SING 15 SECONDS??? If he had continued, I would’ve cried ;____;. Oh, my poor little heart~

    Aww. See he knew that – that’s why he didn’t continue. Hmm, he did sound breathtaking though but I never heard that song before so when it started, I was like “OMG, I’VE GONE DEAF!” Aish, he’s so loud…but I can forgive him that because he sounds AMAZING!

  3. playmeagain

    You’ve been missing for so long lol have you not seen Taemin singing in Amigo?? And Minho also had solo lines in their Eco-water song!!!! Don’t disappear again…unless break is over? :(

    You linked me to TWO of those clips and they’re the epic ones so of course I have to thank you :D

    ROFLMAO. ONEW RAPPING WOULD BE HILARIOUS. I can see his face already. A grinning smirk with one eyebrow half raised … oh it would be the cutest thing ever.

    I was thinking the exact same thing! Like during the first chorus the camera didn’t show Onew even when it was his lines so I was waiting…waiting…waiting and then the camera finally turned :DDDDDD.

    LMAO Jonghyun sure is thoughtful then hehe. But AHAHAHA I WENT DEAF TOO!!! Cause I had the volume up at 100 (webcamming with my mum lol) and he went straight into the chorus and I was like OMG CRAP I JUST WOKE THE WHOLE HOUSE UP XDDD. But yeah, it’s a hard song to sing so he’s excused. You’ll need to watch Jae’s performance though :))).


    lol, but seriously, some of the people in the audience must have had heart attacks. or lee soo man.


  5. ^LOLLL. Funny you mention lee soo man cause I was actually thinking about whether he approved of it or not.

    “*ahem* Sir” (I know he wouldn’t actually address him as Sir…or would he? XD)
    “Yes, Heechul?”
    “Is it alright if I kiss another man on stage?”
    “*dies of heart attack*”
    “I take that as a yes :DD *skips away*”

  6. wow for the cooking cooking song, i thought they were gonna actually COOK :] well anyways it would be awesome to see them doing anything since they’re so CUTE even if they’re not trying. i LOVE their santa claus is coming to town. Onew is so funny

  7. ^LOL Cooking in the studio? XDDD

    Taemin was right when he said Onew’s funny once or twice a year XD. I think his twice has happened already though XDD

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