Posted by: lovediaries | January 7, 2009

SNSD – Gee MV feat. Minho

{credit: AhMiGO @  youtube}

MINHO!!!!!!!!!! *_____* or ;______;?


K,watching & commenting at the same time. It sorta makes life easier :). I already listened to about a minute of the song before and I didn’t like it cause it was too girly. But I figured with Minho in it, it’ll make the whole thing more appealing XDD.

Oh, the girls are mannequins. That’s original T_T. Weren’t they already dolls before? AND OMG THE ‘YOONA’ MINHO PICKED UP HAD BETTER BEEN FAKE. Woah, Tiffany’s face is really scaring me. Like no offense but her eyes and at 0.25 pause it and tell me you’re not afraid. YOU WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO! WOAH fluro shorts. MY EYES XDD. Sooyoung’s and Tiffany’s (she’s in the grey, right?) overalls are cute though. But I’d never wear them XD. Damn I’m getting a headache. Too much colour flashing before my eyes LOLL and too many pairs of legs O_____O. Imagine all the members of SJ jumping around in fluro? OH GOD. And what is Gee supposed to mean? And omg Hyo yeon is finally in the center??? :DDD Lmao I didn’t even see Yuri til she started singing XDD. Their choreography doesn’t stand out as much as Wondergirls’. And though the song is really catchy, it’s sort of in an annoying sort of way ^^”.

So in answer to the question I first posed, *________*. Minho was in it for like 5 seconds and there was hardly any physical contact. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

If you’re a die-hard SNSD fan, I hope I didn’t say anything offensive~ I’ve mentioned before that I like a couple of the members; but don’t expect me to like what they produce as a group :).


  1. lol, in response to your question, the girls stated in an interview that Gee is..well, like the english word Gee. like “golly gee” or…I don’t know, but it’s kinda like ohmygod.

  2. ^Oh haha well goes to show I have absolutely no idea what they’re singing about XDDD. Thanks for letting me know ^^!

  3. *raises hand* DIEHARD SNSD FAN.

    But omg me and my sister were having so much fun over this D: But actually, they’re halfway to pants :D They’re just at… really short shorts. Then next time they’ll be at capris and real pants in a year or two!

  4. ^Oh?

    Well they are wearing pants & shorts. Better than just skirts, eh?

    But sheesh how is it that you manage to go all over the place? O.o

  5. ^ haha, short shorts are at least a step up from skirts i guess. but i didn’t really mind the skirts, mostly cuz im a guy, but i can see how a lot of girls think its “sl*tty”

    ^^haha yea, at first i was like, wtf is Gee? then i read the translations for the lyrics, and it was about a girl liking a guy, and shes all spazzing over how cute he is and stuff. so i guess that’s where the “gee” comes in.

  6. ^ I guess I’m an exception XD I loved SNSD with the skirts, but I love them in anything except for ugly clothes :D
    ^^ I type fast :) that, and I’m MAGIC. Well actually, now that they ARE actually wearing pants… not as bright colors?

  7. ^ROFL. Well, not that it’s slutty but … it’s not necessary? Like I get that they’re skinny, they can stop rubbing it in T_________T

    Ahh okay. I would’ve preferred “OMG” to “Gee” though. Cause I usually associate that to negative things XD

  8. ^^Yeah you’re def an exception. They’re better in skinnies. But then they match with SHINee….HMMMMMM. I liked their jeans just not the shorts :)

  9. ^ D: is that a good or bad exception? OMG yeah huh.. I just noticed they have that whole… rainbow vomit thing going on, just not as bad as SHINee had it. But the skinnies DO look amazing :D

  10. ^The skinnies look amazing because they have skinny legs T____T.

    Idk. You’re good but the exception isn’t? :DDD. Does that work for you?

  11. ^ TT-TT See if I had skinny legs my legs would look just as amazing in skinnies (?? O___o)

    Um… close enough :D Someday maybe when they get fatter the exception will be good as well as me.

  12. ^You’re starting to not make sense again … ITS THE VIDEO, ISN’T IT? It’s made you crazy D:

  13. Haha, skinny jeans have become a trend thanks to SHINee. It used to be a big trend here in my school, and everyone was dying to get a pair. Me, on the other hand, didn’t like them. I tried on a pair at the stores and it took me like 1000hours to get them on and off. But now the fad has kinda died down, and people just wear whatever. lol

  14. ^ROFLMAO. Don’t you hate that? When you try on clothes and get them stuck and it takes forever to take them off again?

    Btw, just out of curiosity…is this the first time you’ve been on this blog? :)

  15. haha no, i just rarely comment on blogs unless its something super super huge. like snsd. ahahaha


    And skinnies are SO ANNOYING unless they’re skinnies for fat people XD Oh my mom always makes a joke out of going to the store and not being able to take off the (insertclothingarticlehere) and having to cut it off :D

  17. wow, cutting off the clothes? ahaha

    i wanna see the performance for Gee now. i wonder how it will be. looking forward to see the full dance.

  18. ^ Yeah, but I can’t believe they’re not going to be on KBS Music Bank this week TT-TT I’m actually looking forward to how they’ll do the stage and the actual outfits :D Also, the song seems a little bit high pitched, even for the girls.. so I’m not sure how well they’re actually going to sing either ><;; But the dance is GREAT. ♥

  19. yea. they almost all sound the same. but i, too, am anticipating the live vocals. hopefully they don’t lipsynch, but if they do, i wouldn’t really care. i thought that Into The New World was better lipsynched because they danced way better.

  20. o yea, i heard that SM released a statement saying there is no ban 0_0

  21. I loove this song XD Its addicting in a cute sense.
    TAENGOO<333 She’s just soo cute.
    Soo Young’s so cute/skinny/pretty/with nice legs.

    lol but yeah they just have to rub the fact that they’re skinnyXD
    I fairly liked their short shorts though cause its colorful and matches their overall outfit.

    But Min Ho can carry YoonA? lol she must really be light or he’s a bit strong.

  22. lol, if u look closely, you see that they editted that part. he wraps his arms around Yoona, n then they edit it into a real mannequin. xD

  23. ^ lol seriously?
    Is sm that scared of fangirls attacking SNSD or what haha.

  24. hahaha probably 0_0 i mean, no offense, but a lot of fangirls are really really damn crazy. and plus, i don’t think minho can carry the real Yoona like that and have her stay in position like a mannequin

  25. ^^ That’s true, but I’d still like them to actually sing the song so that they don’t get the “fake” thing again. Really? Hm…. I’ll have to do some research on the ban from KBS….. but i really hope that they can perform that day >< And yeah, I thought that the actual thing that Minho was carrying looked too fake to be the real Yoona.

  26. yeah, even I think some fangirls get out of control. When a girl band does something, its not right but when a boyband does it, its alright.

    lol but as you say Kristen, it actually does not look realistic XD I guess as someone said, YoonA’s hair is waved but the mannequin had straight hair.

    They probably will sing it live. But I think this song is more of a ‘dance’ than a ‘vocal’ thing.

    I wish they do get to perform in kbs though. It would suck if they have to be limited in terms of places of promotion.

  27. YOOHOO. Lol I feel so totally left out cause my inbox didn’t let me know I had new comments. I agree with Joseph (btw, I was only asking to see if we really did have another boy reader or not. I guess for you to speak out again, we’d need another SNSD post, eh? XD)…Minho and Yoona aren’t trained (as far as I’m concerned) to pull off a position like that XD. If it was the real Yoona, she’d have to be real stiff and that would make it harder for Minho to carry her. Plus, if you look at the hand of whoever Minho was carrying, it’s clearly plastic. I’m sure. XD

  28. Happy girl right here, nuff said! Lol XDDD

    Can’t wait for sconelf to see this hahahhaa

  29. I hang my mouth wide open when I saw Minho LoL, it was awesome
    I love the song!! I can’t stop listening to it *__* (I’m repeating it so much xD) It’s so addictive. I hope to see them perform in live soon. Gee gee gee gee~~ Oh oh oh oh oh~~
    Everyone made such good mannequins~
    It’s looks like most people think Minho was carrying a mannequin? Lol

  30. bec
    And why exactly are you so happy…? O.o
    The last I talked to sconelf, she was still at work :P

    Minho was awesome but the end was weird, eh?
    Lol I’m afraid to listen again because I really don’t want to get the song stuck in my head…I’m so horrible :(

  31. I’m not an SNSD fan so I’m, like, :\ at this. Too girl, I guess? Reminds me too much of the Hello!Project girls. (Although I like Sooyoung and her pink jumper thing whatever you call it. o.o)

    Minho was awesome as always but… wtf was that ending? –;

  32. I’m with paperteuk, I’m not an SNSD fan but I gave it a try. I just wasn’t feeling the MV. I even went to check out to see if anyone subbed the lyrics in English to see if I’d like it once I knew what they were actually singing about but still nothing.

    I’ll admit the girls are cute and it’s pretty bubblegum pop which is what they are *I think* the pink overalls that Tiffany was wearing were cute, but I’d rather have it in a different colour pls.

    Minho was what kept me watching, hoping he’d pop up more than the beginning and at the end … but yeah it was like a few seconds of him and that’s it :(

  33. Ha, they were everything I’ve been in high school (minus skinnies and I a-d-o-r-e skirts, preferably short). I was not romantic girl, though, pretty cynical (more that was healthy). I still love bright clothes, though, and my younger(!) sister always complains that she will get blind because of me. SHE should wear such things, damn, and not that grey nightmares, she’s YOUNG! XDDDDD
    And I really wish I could stop go dancing every time I hear this song because, gee, I want to see whole video at last! X[

  34. Um, lol, well, the song isn’t bad. ^^

    Yeahhh, Tiffany’s hair’s atrocious. Absolutely atrocious. It’s not very appealing – it’s got something to do with the colour and the bushiness and how it looks really dried out and unhealthy. ><

    HYO YEON, MY GIRL. Finally … !!! I don’t get it – she never gets the credit and attention she deserves. I mean, her voice is, by far, MUCH better than Yoona’s, and yet, Yoona gets so many more lines than she does.

    … Why is that again … ? =.=

    Ahaha, I don’t think I’ll put this song on repeat, ever, but it’s not that bad. At least it seems like they’ve put a lot of effort into the choreography. I’ll actually give a decent, less fluffy comment when I see them perform this live, because no way is this an indication that they’ve all improved. And I REALLY SINCERELY hope most of them have improved. And that Tiffany’s learned to think before she speaks. ^^

  35. speaking of snsd, i died laughing when i heard tae yeon would be paired up with hyun dong on we got married. As for this video/song, i was let down when i read the lyrics.

  36. wow no offense, but the sound gets a little cheesy after a while. after watching it, i think the only part i watched over and over again was Minho. their english at the beginning really surprised me or was it just edited? i didnt like the scene when they wore shorts or w/e with a blinding background. haha sounds too mean but not intended to be mean ^^

  37. I was sooo happy that they put pants on!!!! So imagine my disappointment at them wearing bright shorts halfway through the song!

    Don’t get me wrong I really like the song. I want to take SNSD more seriously but they have to move out of their cute girly phase…

  38. They suck.
    Their pants are retarded, and their shoes are extremely weird, and they were wearing roller blades in their GEE photoshoot!!! And it looked ridiculous!!!
    Also, what kind of lyric is “Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby”??? And what was the point in the blackboard??? Are the viewers so stupid that they can’t spell “GEE” and “baby” ???
    Their dancing sucks; it’s worse than Sexy Baby KJJ’s dancing!! I was finally glad when they sat down; maybe they should always sit down, and never dance again, ever.
    The entire mv had no plot at all, and the beginning was so cliched!!! Do they want to look like plastic dolls?? Because that is seriously unattractive.

  39. The song turned out to be more different than I thought….I expected some cute factor, but not overly Morning Musume cute. These ladies no longer appear to be little girls anymore so why keep up with this overplayed bubbliness? I mean, can’t you still be cute but also age appropriate without trying to act like 10 yr old girl? Oh well..maybe I’ll never understand Korean girl group popularity.

  40. paperteuk
    The whole plot was weird. Like the start sort of looked promising but then afterwards it got boring and the end was…stupid XD

    yeah, I’m always up for a try when it comes to new things…it just doesn’t always work out XD.

    The girls are looking pretty and darn skinny but that’s it XD. Haha and yeah! Like I was saying to another reader, it was clever to put Minho in the beginning and the very end.

    LOL well I might’ve been like that in yr 5 or 6 … but then I hit puberty and I couldn’t wear minis anymore LOOLL. I’m too emo to wear bright clothes. Like I’ll see clothes with colour and think “no, it doesn’t suit me” so I’m stuck as a grey/white/black/dark coloured wearing person forever :(

    I don’t like Jessica’s hair…its the length and the way it flicks out :S
    I know, Hyoyeon is so awesome and she doesn’t get enough of the spotlight :( Lol I don’t think I’ll listen to the song again, ever XD. Unless i absolutely have to. Maybe I’ll watch one performance and see how they go …

    I was horrified when I read about that news. I feel so bad for Taeyeon XDD

    Haha which is why I wanted to watch the MV because Minho would allow me to not close the window XDD. Clever to put him at the start and the end of the MV LOL

    Yeah I understand what you mean. Wearing pants instead of skirts doesn’t change much if the music is still the same :/

    LOL (I stalked your email – I know who you are) not very many boys dislike SNSD as much as you do … though that was probably an ignorant comment since I don’t know all that many boys who follow fandom, but um, thank you for your input :)

    I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID PERIOD! I don’t know what Morning Musume are like but just ditto to your whole comment :D

  41. candychu:
    I bet Jen told you who I am, rather than you simply stalking my e-mail. Speaking of stalking, how was your trip? I heard you wore jeans almost every day. I was in Hawaii 4 weeks ago; it was definitely too hot for jeans.

    Hmm, then again I’m sure you don’t know many boys who like barbie dolls either. And you’re welcome.

  42. ^LOL yeah you’re right because I’m not really that much of a stalker…but your “sexy baby kjj” was rather suss since pas calls jaejoong that. I’ll assume you’re also responsible for “jangjoe”? XDD.

    And has she told everyone about that? GOSH way to make me look like an idiot =.=. Actually the weather was bearable, even in jeans :) It rained three times I was there and I was only there for four days :D

  43. candychu:
    Oh, you’re good hahaha. I didn’t think it would be that obivous.

    Oh well that’s good; I heard the rain attracts those giant centipedes :P
    You’re excused then, since they have indeed had flooded schools/roads etc this year.

  44. ^Only obvious for the clever people like myself :DDD.

    OH YEAH! I totally forgot to look out for the giant centipede *shudder*. I saw a picture and almost threw up. I can’t stand creepy crawlies ;_____;. But I did see a gecko…except we were at the Dole Plantation with all the flowers lol so it wasn’t that strange seeing a reptile. It was still gross though!

  45. I’m not Asian, but I have to say that SNSD is the best kpop girl group I have seen to date. Their overall quality just keeps getting better everytime. And no, “Wonder Girls” are not better, they try too hard, they can’t sing and they’re hideous.

    And for those people who say SNSD’s rubbing it in with the skinny pants, what you need to do is either lose weight so you can look good in the pants too, or just get over your envy. Haha.

    I think that if SNSD learned English really well and went to the USA, they would be well received. Fans on this side of the globe would appreciate them a lot more. A group of pretty, talented Korean singers would be an absolute novelty.

  46. ^Lol we’re all entitled to our own opinions but please no hating on other groups ^^;;. I’ll admit Wondergirls can’t all sing but there are members who can definitely carry a tune. And sometimes personalities can win fans too!

    CSJH will always be my favourite kpop girl group so its a shame that they’ve been made to focus on Japan but at least they’re still singing and dancing.

  47. You guys over there don’t appreciate SNSD…lol. So many haters. When western peeps love them. Here’s some proof.

  48. ^Lol sorry, what do you mean by “over there”. We’re all from different places here ^^;;.

    And it’s not that we don’t appreciate SNSD, we just like them more as individual people rather than a group with a cute image when we know they’re capable of more than that.

  49. ‘Over there’ means over in Asia. Duh. rotfl

  50. ^Hmm well we don’t live in Asia xP

  51. Gee is like the word “um…” It doesn’t really mean anything it’s just something that you say. “Gee… I dunno…” You could say “Gee… why are you wearing so much fluro? It’s hurting my eyes!”

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