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Boys Over Flowers OST

I absolutely LOVE Hana Yori Dango’s OST. “Planetarium” and “Flavor of Life” are still in my all time favourites list. They’re just sooooooo beautiful <333 So I’m hoping the Boys Over Flowers OST won’t disappoint ^_^

Main (opening) theme – Paradise by T-Max (Imeem link)

I’ve actually never heard of T-Max till now haha. They’re a Korean boy trio consisting of members; Shin Min Chul, Park Yoon Hwa and Kim Hyung Joon (aka Kim Joon). As you guys probably knew already, Kim Joon plays one of the F4 in Boys Over Flowers :D

Hmm…I need to listen to the song a few more times and probably watch the drama before I can say I like it. As of now, it sounds so-so to me. But then again it could be because I’m very picky when it comes to my OST songs lol.The boys do sound good though, which means I should probably hunt for their mini albums XDDD

Ending theme – Because I’m Stupid by SS501

Finally found the full version weeeee~ XDDD I actually like this song more than the main theme song and I swear its not cuz I’m biased hahaha. They sound great great GREAT and the song has that typical OST build up feel that I love. HAHA IDEK ok. Let me try explaining. Um, you know how in most OST song it starts of slow and very ballad feel and it builds up and up to where it explodes and goes BAM WHAM at the chorus? Yea, ok, that was a bad description but I’m sure you get it. Well anyways, this song has that build up feel and the instrumental is really nice too! ♬ Baby I love you, I’m waiting for you ♬ D’awwwww….Apparently its actually only sung by triple S? Really? lol.


Stand By Me by SHINee

I *think* this is the full version. Dont take my word for it though hahaha. Love the song!! Candychu has done enough spazzing on it already so I wont repeat anything. But wow, I can hear Jonghyun very distinctly and he sounds so heavenly *_*

Full OST Track List

01. Paradise (flower boys OST Main theme) – T-Max
02. I’m stupid – SS501
03. Do you know – Someday
04. Stand By Me – SHINee
05. Lucky – Ashily
06. Starlight tears – Kim Yu Kyung
07. A little – Seo Ji Young
08. One More Time – tree bicycles
09. I Know (Saxophone Instrument) – Lee Jung Sik
10. Opening Title (Paradise intro) – T-Max

Credits: WithS2 (songs trans) + yeohweping@soompi


  1. I actually like T-max’s song. They have strong vocals and this song makes me happy =]

    I fairly like SS501’s songs too. But they have the similar feel again haha.

    • ..i Love sTand bY me By sHinEe!so cooL!

  2. I like this song. I’m happy they *T-Max* finally something new from them, the last time they had anything out was like ’07. Too bad they’re not as well known but I like them, though their songs sounds more jpop than kpop since they fanboys of jpop.

    I like SS501’s song :D, wonder if someone has the full OST out.

  3. Ir
    I’ll need a few more listens for T-Max’s song. Its not that it sucks, it just doesn’t attract me as of yet. But yeshhhh they have very nice vocals!

    SS501’s song has that typical OST feel and I know its nothing new and exciting, but I just love the momentum build up that those type of songs have XD

    Ohh you know T-Max? Pft stupid question, you know EVERYONE =PP Hahaha. Whats your favourite song of them? I quite like Blossoming so far, but thats cuz I havent listened to all their other songs yet lol. And I did hear about them being very jpop based XD

    Hmmm, I dont think the full OST is out yet but do give me a heads up if you ever find it :D

  4. T-Max’s song is okay. They’re hard to find videos on, but I remember watching one where they got their choreographer to teach them a dance to a SMAP song, cause they’re hardcore Jpop fanboys =D

    Is it just Triple S singing? I like the song.

  5. rose
    Yea I wanted to stalk T-Max but I cant seem to find anything on youtube :( Their soompi thread is quite empty aswell *sighs*

    Well I’ve read that its sung by Triple S. I love SS501 but not to the point that I know all their voices LOL FAIL! XD So I cant really tell, but I’ll try to listen to it again later and count the voices hahaha

  6. Lol beckery I actually stumbled upon T-Max when looking for stuff about ITT *dunno if you know them one of the guys in that group was rumored to look like Jaejoong & Jae’s fans didn’t like that* anyways I have all 3 mini albums of T-Max if you want them just let me know. I like Open Up My Heart and there’s only 3 MV’s up in YT that they’ve done and 2 are OST I believe one’s I Love You and the other is Lion Heart – Lion Heart – I Love You

  7. Ooh no, I’ve actually never heard of ITT. Are they any good?

    And I’ve found T-Max’s latest mini album, Run to You but not the other ones yet. I havent actually had time to look for them, but if I cant find them I’ll let you know. Thank you <333 And I’ll try to find Open Up My Heart since you said its good XD Also, thanks for the links!! You must give me some recommendations cuz you know alot :D

  8. ^ it’s ok if you haven’t heard of them too many boy bands out there already. I like them *ITT* they’re not well known just like T-Max which is some what sad since they have good voices.

    here’s a couple of links and you decide performance MV


  10. what’s the song when rui/ yoo jin hoo/ kim hyun joong plays in the violin the sad one and slow.
    it’s like on the first episode when jan di first saw him. or times that when jin hoo is sad…. i really want to know the song! plz and tnx!

  11. abygirl
    Im sorry, but I’m not to sure about that. lol. I dont even remember the song. Sorry!

  12. i love it
    i love you lee min hoo
    and kim bum

  13. gu jun pyo,ji hoo,yi jung,woo bin

    F4 4 ever

  14. yi jeong and jun pyo

    love you…………

    thanks for the list of the songs….

  15. gu jun pyo happy birthday……….

  16. what is the title of the song in Boys Over Flowers? The one where it’s only in violin. It was played several times, one is on the opening scene of the last episode, the one where Geum Jan Di visits Gu Jun Pyo in the hospital and brings him picnic lunch.

  17. hello!boys over flowers is so good here in the Philippines!it is no.1 now!i like all of its song!many teenagers are being addicted in this program!thanks!

  18. I really like all the song..they really coordinate with the series…ss501 really make a great name in filipino fans…

  19. annyong haseyo hope that ahh all of ost boys over flowers songs are in my cellphone.once again naeirumun min hye sun imnida.nice to meet you all

  20. i love u gu jun pyo, yi jeong, woo bin, ji ho

  21. the best movie with the best songs…. love the F4 especially Lee Minho and Kim Bum… lots of love for Kim Hyun Jong and Kim Joon…. big fan of me!

  22. I love Stand By Me song :) So beautiful voice they’re and song is best!
    Love Geum Jan Di , Gu Jun Pyo , Woo Bin , Ji Hoo , And also Yi Jung :D
    BOF daebak!! ^-^

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