Posted by: beckery | January 9, 2009

DBSK – Mirotic (Chinese Version)

Listen here here here

There’s also english and chinese translations in the video description :D

Mmmmmmmm this is kinda hard for me since I dont know neither Chinese nor Korean, so there’s not much difference for me hahhaah. Another unknown language wooottt XDDDDD Not sure if their Chinese is good or not but according to PAS, Changmin and JJ have pretty good pronounciation, whilst she cant understand Junsu at all haha.

The 2U rap part is soooooooooooooooo cute though! They rap in engrish (♥) and I dont know, its just REALLY CUTE and funny! Yunho’s “I love it when you got no shame to the things, so insane” LOL.


  1. Woah, it sounds really different, but I think I like it ^_^
    Wondering, have you heard this? It’s a fan remix of DBSK’s popular songs. It’s pretty cool.

  2. Lol. I still prefer the Korean version more XD And nope I havent heard the remix yet. I gotta run to work now, I’ll listen to it after thanks!

  3. haha it sounds really awkward to me. i still think this song should be in korean and not chinese. but great effort and i think JJ and Changmin have good chinese :D

  4. i think i prefer the korean version more too. but their chinese is really cute and it isn’t THAT bad…mostly hahaa =) and i agree i loved yunhos “i love it when you got no shame to things, so insane” haha

    i should really get back to studying physics now…but…oh well!! =) i’m a senior so its okay to slack off hahahaha =)

  5. I have no idea what they’re singing and I understand Chinese. ROFL, it’s a bit of a mess in my opinion. The engrish rap was funny because it didn’t make much sense O_o
    At least they tried lolol

  6. LMAO!!! I seriously cracked up when I heard the rap. The words were SO RANDOM!! Shame, insane, brain, aim? LOLOL.
    Micky- “I love it when I play that game, break your brain, *OOPS!* I mean your aim”
    I don’t think the rap made any sense at all hahaha.
    I love them :) <3333
    I give them points for effort :D.

    • LOL you guys, seriously~

      I love it when you got no shame
      Do that thing, so insane
      You love it when I play your game
      Work that brain, I’m in your aim

      That’s english! Does it make sense now?

  7. lol aw it was removed in terms of violation.
    But I would have to say, man they are sure busy. They even make time to make a Chinese version, crazyyy haha.

  8. Ahahahaha, another here who understands chinese and that really MADE NO SENSE.

    …Okay, maybe I managed to make out some words in the chorus. XD

  9. betty
    Lol I know right! I think it sounds a tad awkward too. Kinda like their singing in korean but with chinese words…does that make sense? :S HAHA.

    I think the Korean version gives off a really sexy vibe cuz they sound really confident, whilst the Chinese version is just so awkward that its cute hahaha. I love the rap cuz it doesnt make sense HAHAHA.

    And yes honey, you should really go back to studying physics. I loved physics in high school. One of my favourite subjects XDDD

    HAHAHAHAH WAS IT THAT BAD?!!?! ROFL. PAS said that it makes absolutely no sense and that she couldnt understand Junsu whatsoever hahaha. But I thought she was just being a meanie XD I did read the translations though and um…I DIDNT UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!! Hahah we suck XDDDDDDD

    I know i know i know!!! LOL The rap didnt make sense!! Actually, the whole thing didnt make sense! I seriously could not understand what the lyrics were on about. I thought it was only cuz it was weird when you translate it to english, but if you guys are all saying it doesnt make sense then obviously it doesnt hahahahah. But kudos for trying <3

    Thanks for telling me, changed the link XD They’re international stars thats why. Now I’m just waiting for an English version to be released =P haha

    Nice username XD Lol I think we’ve realised by now that the lyrics dont um..actually make sense hahahaha. But at least they sound cute XD

  10. The engrish rap is sooo hilarious!!!! I was rolling on the floor laughing for a while XD

    I agree with everyone else that the lyrics are so insane… but the rap is dirty

    I love it when you have no shame? do that thing, so insane…

    maybe it’s just me =)

  11. okay.. i am so in love with the english rap..ahha.. its so naughty..

  12. Abdul
    HAHA Its just you darling =PPPP Well ok, the rap lyrics are a bit suggestive, but they’re not downright dirty. Get your mind out of the gutter! Lol.

    I’m not in love with the engrish rap, but I find it really cute and all sorts of funny hahah XD

  13. i don’t know chinese so it doesn’t matter to me but since i’m so used to hearing the korean and japanese version…i just prefer those two over this one. :D
    but the rapping really gets to me. at first I didn’t like it, cause it sounded weird…but then I don’t know, it became…HOT. It just sounded so hot. LOL. “I love it when you got no shame to the things, so insane,” and i LOVE micky’s rapping…i dunno, it just sounds so cool. :P even though it really does makes no sense. :D
    anyways, yeah…this just sounded awkward to me but i still like it. :) it’s the freaking rapping that gets to me.

    and LOL…Junsu’s chinese sucks ehh?? XD LOL. the dork…XD

  14. hey~
    u guys sure that junsu’s chinese wasn’t good? I’m looking at asianfanatics forums right now about this, and there are a couple of comments complimenting junsu and his good chinese. ^_^

  15. -.- Their Chinese sounds pretty bad. Changmin’s is all right. I guess that’s natural since he’s younger? I dunno.

  16. jina
    Join the club XD I dont understand an ounce of Korean/Japanese/Chinese so they make no difference. But I prefer the Korean version cuz I guess its the original one *shrugs*.

    Umm about the Junsu’s chinese question. I wouldnt have a clue honey lol. I asked PAS, who is Chinese, and thats what she said, so thats what I wrote. Maybe he’s chinese has improved? Not too sure haha.

    Oh its pretty bad? PAS said its alright, not great but it’s improved?

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