Posted by: beckery | January 9, 2009

DBSK Pati Pati Scans

GAH. OMG. OH EM GEEEEE. YOOCHUN’S PANTS! ROFLMAO LOLOLOL WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE WEARING??!?!?! *headsdesk*. I swear I love the boy, but his clothes make me cringe…cringe more….and cringe even more =_=.. I’ll probably get bombed for being so mean to the poor boy, but SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THOSE PANTS!!!!! O_O If thats not a fashion faux pas right there I dont know what is *sighs* And looking at this picture makes me have about a million inappropriate R18+ things to say, which I shall spare you from lol.

On the other hand, the other boys look relatively plain. Their stylists must love checkered patterns ALOT. It kinda makes them look old though :/ Oh well at least they look warm XDDD

Credits as tagged and DNBN


  1. Yes, what is with Yoochun’s pants?
    He’s really trying to set new trends LoL xD
    YAY for Yoosu XDDD <3
    I love Yunho’s hair, it’s so anime-ish~! Thank god the stylists didn’t do something weird to their hair ^^
    Everyone looks amazing in the first photo

  2. lol! so funny, but they still look hot!

  3. They look so mismatched. XD

    Not really feeling the furry collar on JJ’s jacket. I mean, COME ON. Fur and plaid only look good together if done in the right way. And JJ’s outfit looks like it belongs on a woman. In fact, he looks like a woman.

    … But that, of course, is nothing new. XDDD

    I kinda really love Changmin’s outfit thoughhh. That bb keeps looking better and better. ^^ The oversized scarf and the cool sneakers and the not-too-tight pants and the adorable jacket = win x infinity. And leadersshi looks fantastic too … !!! BLUE PLAID = LOVELOVELOVE. <33333

    I have ahhh … nothing to say about Junsu’s outfit. Not really feeling it, but whatevsss. It doesn’t look THAT bad.

    And Micky’s is just ROFLMAO HAHAHAHA. I wish I could say he was just being fashion-forward … but his outfit’s just plain ugly. =.=

  4. sigh, well at least i know Yoochun has meaty legs and not chicken legs, those pants…umm.

  5. hehe..
    Yoochun’s pants were the first things i noticed XD

  6. It looks like junminjaechun are rich boys and Yunho is a poor boy looking from afar XD

    Ok… my theory on yoochun’s pants… they ran out of materials for them and so they just stopped them 75% of the way through…

  7. “Oh well at least they look warm”
    ….Chyeah, everything excluding Yoochun’s calves that is xDD

    GAHHH! I am SO loving Changminnie’s scarf!! You could fit another person in there! *raises hand* ME ME ME ME!!?! I wanna be wrapped in a scarfeh with changmin… a non suffocating way. Cos technically he’s so massively tall, that if we were to share a scarf……’d prolly end up being MY headscarf and his normal-neck-scarf ;__;

    I like what Yunho’s wearing as well, blazer and hood just seem so casual and stylish…..or he just looks good to me either way cos I can’t get over HOW FRIGGIN SPIFFY HIS HAIR IS!!!

    What is with all the fur indulging lately though :( It may still be fake fur, but it still don’t look right to me. They could at least make it LOOK like it came from some kind of endangered animal. Right now it looks like they found some roadkill, ironed it out and then wrapped it onto the collar of the jackets

    Hm if Jae took off his jacket I think he’d look a gazillion times better. But he’s still gorgeous no matter what ^^

    As for Yoochun…….um……………..I like his hat :D

  8. abdul: true, goodlooking rich boys. but at least yunho has really nice hair? haha! probably the nicest it’s been for a while

    and to be honest i think all the boys except changmin look good! (he has too much lipstick on, no?)

  9. purplefanatic
    Lol if he is trying to start a trend then I really hope it fails, no offence to the boy. Just imagining all the celebrities wearing that makes me cringe x 100000000 :SSS But yes, I rather like Yunho’s hair. Changmin’s isnt too bad either XD

    I cant deny they look good, just their clothes are a bit :/ hahaha

    Helloooo darling!! Haven’t gotten a comment from you in ages, on holidays right?

    Yea, well you see, JJ kinda stole GDragon’s furry friend hahaha. I hope he gives it back to GD soon or maybe he can “accidentally” lose it so I wont have to see either of them wearing those stuff again :D

    I agree with you! I’m digging Changmin’s outfit the most. Really love the scarf too but thats probably cuz i have a minor scarf fetish haha XD As for the others….I still dont feel the plaids on the others though. Makes them long oldddddd

    LOL I guess thats the only “good” thing from those pants XD

    Actually JJ’s fur was the first thing I noticed, but then it was definitely Yoochun’s pants haha.

    ROFLMAO I LOVE YOUR THEORY! XDDDDD So funny hahaha. I rather think that then the fact that Yoochun thought those pants looked cool and wanted to wear them =_=

    Lol. Also, everyone looks relatively normal, except Yoochun’s legs XD Seriously those pants are just *shudder* :/

    Oooohhh You better not let Candychu hear you say that about Changmin! She’ll hunt you down =P But I really like his scarf too. Its nice and warm and looks really cosy and comfortable XD

    What Yunho’s wearing is alright…I’m not a big fan of plaids and checkered patterns so yea cant say I love what he’s wearing. Though his hair is ULTRA COOL *___*

    I dont like fur whether it looks real or fake. I think it looks too tacky haha. But JJ seems to be fond of them. Him and GD =_= Seriously, they probably lend eachother their furry friends!

    LOL I think they either overdid ALL their makeups or they ultra photoshopped it. Their skin colour and faces look…weird haha

  10. You know as much as I think Junsu looks super hot when he’s being serious in these photoshoots, I much prefer seeing him all smiley and dorktastic. Seeing him all stone-faced just unsettles me for some reason.

    That said, this is a nice photoshoot if a little boring and LOL, I didn’t even notice Yoochun’s exposed calf until I read your comments. Guess I just wasn’t paying much attention…Jaejoong looks good tho and for once, I actually like Yunho’s hair. Whoever said it looks anime-ish is right, he looks like someone straight from Yu-Gi-Oh! <3 Changmin’s scarf too~

  11. ^ I think its the same thing for all the boys, not only just Junsu or DBSK. I like my boys being all model like with their “serious” expressions and all. But seriously, THEM BEING DORKY FAILS IS SO MUCH BETTER!! XDDDDD

    I wasnt really looking that closely but Yoochun’s pants kinda went bam wham in my face. It seriously makes me shudder. I hope he never EVER wears that in public. I was thinking of Dragon Balls when I saw Yunho’s hair haha.

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