Posted by: beckery | January 9, 2009

Epik High singing Mirotic

Credits to RiceFragrance @ youtube

Firstly, Happy Late Bday Mithra ♥♥♥


I was waiting for this :D Their cover of “So Hot” and “Rock U” were HILARIOUS and this one was no different. Except now they’re singing a guys song and still making it so much crack lol.

I guess since its Mithra’s bday he was spared from all the embarrassment and didnt have to participate but omg he looked like he was dying from laughing at them hahahaha. I actually think Tukutz did a great job at the singing *__* And it was all fine at first, then the chorus comes in and TABLO KILLED ME HAHAHAHA. His imitation of the fangirl chants were HILARIOUS ROFLMAO!!!! His voice gets higher and squeakier as he keeps chanting hahahahaha. Oh Tablo ♥


  1. LOL tablo with the tamberine and the chorus hahahahahahahah death to me

    the random flashing colorful lights were pretty awesome too haha

    oh i didn’t know epik high did a cover of so hot *goes to youtube it*

    wah i’m never gonna get to studying now hahaha

  2. koko
    Hello there! New commentor weeeee XDD And do come and comment often but STUDY ASWELL!!! I dont want you blaming us if you fail =P haha

    I KNOW! I was thinking “man Tukutz is doing a pawnage job. Pretty good singing right there” Then the chorus comes along and Tablo stars chanting and ROFLMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA *dies* Soooooo much crack <333

  3. O_o Tablo and DJ Tukutz! they look like they’re having so much fun :D can you imagine them when they’ve had a few drinks and in a karoke bar must be hilarious!

  4. haha don;t worry beckery i did fine on my test =) lol
    and i usually end up finding another way to get distracted hahaha =)

  5. babiegel
    LOL. I know right, they’d be awesome to go drinking and karaoking with. A bunch of dorks who knows how to have fun XDD

    I’m glad to hear you did ok. We dont want to be getting the blame now do we =P And you sound like me, a big fat procastinator hahah XD

  6. beckery: yeah, i’m a huge procrastinator, but it’s okay usually haha i’m happy so it’s all good =) and if anyones to blame, that’d be me for getting so distracted by asian boys hahaha =)

  7. these videos won’t work for me…
    is it just for me or for everyone?

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