Posted by: beckery | January 10, 2009

Who’s the hottie?

Because we haven’t done one of our fun and games post for ages~~. And cuz Pinkandsparkly completely failed (=P) at guessing who it was, so I thought we should see how the readers go with this.

So guys, who’s the hottie in the photo? He looks so bad boy gangster that I cant help but feel very very attracted *___* I dont want to do a poll cuz then its going to be obvious, so write your answer in the comments and DONT CHEAT!!! XDDDDD


Lol I’m such an idiot. I forgot to include the answer, so I just added the answer under the cut. Though judging by the comments, most people got it right anyways ^_^

Its Jonghyun from SHINee!

Yes, he’s younger than me and yes I shouldnt be oogling but man he looks fine!


  1. hmm it looks like Jong Hyun.
    Like the facial structure and the ‘bad boy’ feel.
    I’m maybe wrong haha.

  2. ^ I agree.

    I thought G-Dragon at first, but on closer inspection, it really looks like Jong Hyun. ^^


  4. jong hyun!! i’m so proud of myself for figuring it out. took me awhile though..

  5. LOL Recognize!

    This one did not give me any trouble (I hope!). It is
    Jong Hyun! I wonder how many hat positions he tried before this one. I bet he had it all over his head!!

  6. JONG HYUN !

    the moment i saw the pic, i figure it is jong hyun.
    i can recognize his eyes and lips especially.. xD

  7. JONGHYUN!! of course, i recognized him right away because of his mouth…weirdly so glad that i’m younger than him because i dont like being a pedo WHY MINHO WHY?!?! </3 XD

  8. At first glance, I’m guessing Jong Hyun. I could tell from his beautiful jawline, lips and eyes. *^^* He looks /amazing/ in that picture! I’ve never seen that one before. ‘.’ But then again, I could be wrong. Hehe.

  9. pretty sure it’s jonghyun too…
    thank god he’s older than me by a bit too haha

  10. I’m really sure it’s JongHyun..
    first time see it, I figure he is Jonghyun~~

  11. speaking of our favorite hotties, OMG their music bank performance was just a trainwreck!

    poor taemin FALLS RIGHT in the beginning =[ and then key’s voice cracks in the beginning of his part, and Onew’s voice sounds all..hoarse..
    the only thing that didnt make me worry was taemin’s vocals and solo dance, he did really well! but as for the others, they really need to like take some time off =[[[

  12. JONGHYUN is my guess :D And I did NOT cheat, I thought “Jonghyun” as soon as I saw the picture.

  13. JONGHYUN! :D

  14. the moment i scrolled down to the top of the pic and saw his face, i kneww it was jonghyun!! his eyes gave away…or maybe his face, haha

    gah, and he looks so hot/bad-boyish =DD

    its bling bling from SHINee!!!
    his jawline! and lips tells me!!

  16. LMAO, I fail. My first guess was Yamapi from news….and then when I read all the ‘jonghyun’ in the comments, I was like “OH YEAH!!”

    Yes…i failed to notice the korean writing there ^^”

  17. lol. Yeah I thought, GD!
    Then Jonghyun~~ lol

  18. Ir
    You’re spot on honey. It is Jonghyun looking oh so very fly <3

    LOL. At least you got it on second guess. PAS totally failed. She’ll kill me now for telling everyone haha XDD

    It is indeed Bling Bling Jonghyun XD

    Haha better late than never :D

    Bingo! Another one that got it right. See, I knew our readers were smart ppl haha.

    I recognised his mouth too XD Well that and the fact that I found the picture in the SHINee thread hahaha.

    Nope, not weird at all cuz I recognised him by the mouth too haha :D And um…I’m kinda older than him :(( But him and Minho seems WAY more mature than me so its alright yes yes??

    Thanks for the link. Will watch it when I have time. Poor boys though, I think they should take a break now. How long have they been promoting their album anyways? REST TIME BOYS!!

    Min Ji
    It was the mouth and sorta the jawline. He has a very nice face structure. All pure masculinity and everything *_*

    pretty sure you are correct! XD hahaha. SHHHH why is everyone saying that his older than them! IM OLDER THAN HIM NOOOOOOO~

    mei an
    And you are correct! XD

    Jonghyun is correct. Smart girl! Lol.

    YEAP! :D

    The mouths and jawline gave it away for me XD And I know right, I love how he looks so bad boyish. SO DARN HOT!

    XDD LOL. Yeap its Bling Bling Jonghyun.

    ROFL!! ILU! And I’m sure PAS will too seeing as you’re one of the few that failed like her =PPP

    I didnt really think GD at all but now that some of you have mentioned it, it really does kinda look like GD. Well the whole bad boy thing anyways. XD

  19. yay! i knew it was jonghyun immediately!! i’m so proud of myself! well, cuz he’s my fave member from shinee so i look at his pics alot. LOL. BLING!

  20. I knew it was Jonghyun even before the picture loaded. I mean, come on, sif I wouldn’t know the face of my own husband ;P

    (lmao I’m still on the computer here HAHAHAHA IM A FREE RIDER)

  21. and please categorise this under “miscellaneous” XDDD

  22. ummm…..
    guy from shinee…….. don’t know name (I FAIL TOO~~ LOL) but i think he’s the first one to appear on the “noona you’re so pretty” MV. =.=!!

  23. bling~bling jonghyun!!!^^

  24. Well, I don’t really have to guess because I saw this picture already but I remember being really surprised when I saw it at first because of Bling’s ‘gangster’ styling. He looks hot though.

  25. aimee
    Ohhh Jonghyun is ur favourite? Well then I would be disappointed in you if you got it wrong =P

    ROFL WTH? Ur such a bluffer. How would you know it was him before the picture loaded. T_T And I thought Key was your hubby, since when was it Jonghyun?

    And bb, ur so OCD over the categories =P

    ROFL. I wouldnt have a clue who the first guy that appeared in the Replay MV is. XDD

    correct XD. Btw I heart suju too <3

    YEAAA I was like O_O when I saw the picture. He’s soooo hot being all gangster. Thats why I showed PAS and she was like “who’s that? :S” *headsdesk* haha.

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