Posted by: lovediaries | January 12, 2009

SHINee performing “Stand by Me” on PKL’s Radio

Er, so is the song called “Stand by Me” or “Stand by…” ??? Thanks yumimaki for the heads up <333

{credit: randy19972 @ youtube}

They don’t know the song off by heart yet XD but I’m glad they’re performing it so soon already!! Still a little depressed they only have one song for the OST but I’ll get over it if Onew does another song soon :DD. I really really love the sound of this song and Onew’s ~^~ part at 1.11 (if anyone understood what I meant lol) is so cute. Jonghyun does it too at 2.59 but it’s more like ~’~ …someone tell me they understand XD

They all look like they’ve grown lol, except for Jonghyun!!! Ahahahaha. And does anyone else think this is like “In My Room Pt2”? … Taemin and Minho might as well have stayed sitting XDDD.

Listening to it is already making me think back to the “make over scene” :D! Can’t wait to hear it more in the series :DDD. K, must finish watching Ep2 now!!


  1. I’m so behind on Shinee, thanks for keeping me up-to-date. I’ve missed my regular dose of Onew Condition. ^_~

    Awww, this song is really, really cute and I like the overall mood. You’re going to have to explain what you mean by Onew’s ~^~ and Jonhyun’s ~’~ part, though, haha. XD Do you mean their voice inflection?

    It was like Taemin and Minho were just there for kicks, lol.

  2. ^I don’t know how to explain :((( I’m not a music person!!! But um voice inflection sounds right…? Actually what does that even mean? T_________T

  3. …agh…i just typed a big long message and then i looked up and realized i hadn’t clicked inside the box so nothing actually got typed…fail haha

    ANYWAYS i love this song so much (especially since onew opens it) and yeah 1:11 is my favorite part haaha. the rest of SHINee sound amazing of course, but yeah taemin and minho don’t really sing much =(

    and i agree, i wish they’d give onew a solo. i’d like pass out from happiness haha

    about them growing, i just read an article on asianfanatics, and minho and taeminw ere talking about how they grew a lot, and then there was new going “i think i grew 0.000000001 cm” adorable much? hahaha =) i like giggled and went into fangirl mode and my friend looked at me weird haha =)

    ok, done ranting and thank goodness i was actually typing in the box this time haha =) i can’t wait to download this album =)

  4. or buy it haha

  5. i love this song, it sounds so cute and fits with the drama so much. so far, i think i’ve heard it like 3 times, but im already loving it :] haha onew’s part where he’s like a little high pitched? i think it was really cute and jonghyun’s was too but ehhh onew
    ‘s was cooler. haha taemin and minho didn’t sing as much, i think its cuhs taemin’s known for his dance and minho’s rap.

  6. koko
    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YOUR COMMENT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD. I read up to “i can’t wait to download this album” and I was like :O and then I saw “or buy it” LOLLLLLL. It’s okay, I getcha ;PPPP

    ALSO, LOL @ YOUR FAIL. Well now you’ve learnt to check before typing, yes? :DD

    Haha yes where he goes up a little hehe sooo cute :3. LOL I know what you mean! It’s like in “The SHINee World”, both Onew and Jonghyun sing “SHINee saegae” (or saege? whichever lol) but I liked it better coming from Onew LOLOL

  7. candychu: you think i woulda learned my lesson after missing the box like50 times, but no…i miss all the time haha

  8. It’s okay, you’re doing well so far <33

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