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090111 SHINee – Energy Song & Amigo

I promise my next post won’t be a SHINee one ^^”. It’s just that, while I was in Hawaii, my mp3 had half a battery left (something went wrong when I was charging it =.=”) and so I just played whatever I had on and didn’t change or shuffle anything; so I ended up listening to their “Amigo” album on repeat like 15 times and it made me miss them a toooooooooooooooooooooooonne. Now, I’m making up for all the visuals lacked :D.

{credit: soultrue @ youtube}

Ooh first it was like ‘Save water’ now it’s ‘Save energy’ :D they’re such good boys (even though it probably wasn’t planned by them, but still)! LOVE THAT THEY’RE SLEEPING IN THEIR DORM. HOW I HAVE MISSED THIS PLACE ;____;. You know what would be really awesome? To sleep on the middle bed with Onew and have everyone on the bunk beds roll off onto the middle bed :DDDDDDDDD. Yeah, this is what I think about late at night when I can’t sleep LMAO.

BUT OMG LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL @ THIS SONG AND THE VIDEO. When Key started spelling out “Energy”, I was like ‘hmm, where is that boy?’ and then he comes in with a bandana on his head and an apron and in pink and starts swatting at everyone. ITS HILARIOUS not to mention 100% ghei. Basically in this video, the boys are going about and Key comes in to save the day and teach them how to save energy (and water? in reference to Minho’s little bathroom scene). I WANT THOSE CUPS OF THEIRS. And the spoons they were licking holding :DD

Aww, this was another lovely little song.

Onto the “Amigo” performance. LMAO I’m so colour blind XD From their performance on PKL’s radio show, I thought they were wearing purple but it’s actually grey ^^”.

Have you guys heard the news of a possible second mini-album? Apparently there may be something like “Love should go on Part II” akljfalkfjd :DDD


  1. lol omg i downloaded this yesterday and jsut about DIED with the earmuff scene haha, but i’m confused. key put the hot pink earmuffs on taemin, but then onew had them on, but then taemin had them on again? O_O it was strange haha oh well. key was totally being a mom haha

    and agreed, i’d love to sleep in the middle with onew hehehee =) i can imagine him thinking you were like a teddy bear or something and just hugging you really tightly *dies at the thought* haha =)

    sorry for my spaztic mind =)

  2. Key sure loves hitting them with sticks huh? Lol I’m glad they didn’t put him in a wig, it’s so much funnier without(b/c Key is a convincing girl). ^^ Watch his actions around 0:26 too. He’s 85% umma for real.

    Nice perf as always, but Onew still sounds sick. Poor thing…

  3. I was laughing alot at the minho scene…. who uses THAT MUCH WATER that it’s spilling off the sink…
    However I do believe that famous people probably spend alot fo time on their hair so…

    I never get tired of their performances… btw taemin droppped his mic at 4:52 =) LIES! j/k

    Ok their ending pose is soo cute!

    @candychu: that will never happen because I am there preventing Jonghyun rolling off the bed =)

  4. haha too cute, i watched that yesterday and im still laughing :D hmm when u say ghei what does that mean? sry if its obvious or something, im just not good with those words :D

  5. koko
    LOL DONT APOLOGISE FOR THAT. Omg if only Onew held me as his teddy *________* ID EAT HIM UP :F

    And yeah, the editing was a bit dodgy XDD.

    I know, he’s so violent XD. Yeah a wig is not necessary because Key’s such a woman already XD.

    LMAO well he was too busy looking at himself in the mirror and forgot to turn the tap off.

    HA you didn’t fool me cause I watched the performance first and then I found this clip with both things in it so I knew there was no mic drop :PP


    Haha lol ghei=gay but ghei is the more leet way of spelling it…like computer talk, yes? :) and ghei just sorta looks better than calling someone gay LOL. Well, to me it does XD.

  6. lol ohhh so….cute (I avoided the wordXD).
    Min Ho was so feeling himselfXDDD I laughed at Key being the umma and smacking others but in the end, he was the one who left the pot onXD

    Ohh what you can do to save energy is yeahh being in the same bed with onew 8D Then body warmth will make…some free energy, in a very loving and environmental way<33 Then he’ll hug you constantly to keep warm.

    Don’t you think that’s a good deal?XD

  7. Awesome video! How can they be so cute? And yet so hot. Onew looked so sexy while sleeping it made me want to jump him (but he’s too young for me so he’s all yours) And Minho’s mirror action totally cracked me up. Realistic much? But of course, if I was as good looking as him I’d probably stare at myself while washing my face too. Lol.

    Though the star of this video is totally Key. When he came on screen in his pink apron and scarf, I actually had to pause the video so I could roll around laughing at his awesomeness. All of his actions were just dead-on. He had to have been a mother with 15 children in a past life :P

    And about ghei vs gay. I’m not an expert but I always thought to ghei referred to someone who has gay mannerisms but isn’t really gay (or hasn’t openly stated that they’re gay).

  8. lr
    YEAH! The end was so funny..he’s all wide eyed and CUTE. Lmao there is just no other word…adorable is good too but that’s too long to type XD.

    OMG STOP GIVING ME IDEAS *NOSEBLEEDS*. It might get so warm and hot that there may involve some….EHEHEHE lets not go there (:o

    Lol age is just a number! I would totally jump Taemin Key and he’s younger than me :))). Onew acts like he’s 12 and that’s where a part of the appeal comes from ^^.

    Okay your ghei explanation was better than mine. That’s what I meant to say (honestly XD) but I didn’t know how to say it … I FAIL :(((((((

  9. hey candychu! have you seen SHINee’s performance on music core? They performed the full LSGO song remix version and amigo (: enjoy!

    oh man, you know what, i dreamt of shinee (just onew) one night. so we were in this car seated side by side, and then i fell asleep on his shoulder and then subsequently he fell asleep on me! xDDD and then, i woke up D: i tried to go back to sleep but that dream nvr came back T__T oh onew~

  10. ^DON’T YOU JUST HATE THAT? You get to the best part of your dream, one which leads to many potentially exciting things…and you wake up! You try get back into the exact same scene but it just doesn’t work anymore :((((.

    I want to dream of sleeping on Onew’s shoulder ;___;

    And thank you for that link <33 No I haven’t seen it so I’m off to post it!!!

  11. gaaaaaaaaaaah.

    i have the ad on my ipod and watch it almost everyday. hahaha

    saving energy is much more fun now with the boys in mind ^^

    and omg. i love love love onew too.
    hahaha just had to say that :P


  12. ^LOL but if you were to watch it on your ipod everyday then you’re using up the battery which means you have to charge it more and then in the end you’re not really saving energy? XDDD

    Onew is extremely loveable :))

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