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Boys Over Flowers Subbed Ep1-4

I decided I’ll update this post whenever a new ep is uploaded and maybe add in just a teeeeeny weeeeeny comment on like my favourite part or something. That way, I can you guys will have a place to spazz and we can all giggle and drool over pretty boys. Sounds like a good idea, Y/Y? :DDD. I’ll keep everything under the cut for those who don’t want anything spoilted :)!

For simplified Chinese, you can visit sogoodla‘s account :D. You can watch it in HQ too!


MinSquare91 (also a fellow Shinhwa subber <3) is in the process of subbing the first episode in English! She’s not promising anything at the moment, but hey watch what you can right? XDDDD


Be sure to check out the comments too as readers have left links to other sites/users who are subbing the show :).

Just for reference:
Goo Hye Sun: Geum Jan Di(Makino Tsukushi)
Lee Min Ho: Goo Jun Pyo (Domyouji Tsukasa)
Kim Hyun Joong: Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui)
Kim Bum: So Ee Jung (Nishikado Soujiro)
Kim Joon: Song Woo Bin (Mimasaka Akira)

EP1 (en) (chi) – ahhhh asflskdflskjfdlkfjsdlfksjdf Hyunjoong and Kimbum *__________* (I will be spazzing over the other two too once I learn their names because everyone here is good looking :DDDD). THE LITTLE BROTHER IS SO CUTE :3. I WANT TO EAT HIM!!!!!!!!! I am not a pedo, I swear.

EP2 (en) (chi) – KEYBOARD SMASH @ THE LAST PART. OMG. RUI TO THE RESCUE *________*. And Kimbum in a suit LAKDLAKJDLKASJD. His voice is really sexy too cause it’s deeper than you’d expect since he has such a cute baby face with DIMPLES omg. Totally dying here *fans self*. Also, I’ve already fallen in love with Lee Minho (and his character Junpyo). He’s so tall and handsome and has such nice features and he’s really dorky and charming and mean :D. I felt that he did “fall in love” with Jandi a little too quickly :S. Like, I know he thought that she had feelings for him but I think he changed a bit too quicky XD.

EP3 (en) (chi) – Yay it’s 3am and I just finished watching :D. I couldn’t wait for HQ chi sub though (I prefer chi to en cause they’re usually more accurate ^^) so watching in LQ meant some things weren’t so clear for me. Like I think Jihoo was crying but then I don’t know if they were actual tears or just the quality of the vid ^^”. Anyway, highlights for me…UM HOW ABOUT THE WHOLE EPISODE!!!!!! I loved when Jandi was giving Junpyo CPR and he tried forcing her to give him more XD. Then when he’s sitting in like a BOAT in the pool waiting for her lmao that was so funny XD. And the bar scene omg aslkjfldkjfalsjdfklasjdf. Then Jandi waking up in bed with Junpyo reading the paper beside her was so cute. Basically, all their scenes together were extremely enjoyable to watch.

I don’t think I can spazz enough over Lee Minho. He’s so arrogant but loveable at the same time. And have I talked about how tall he is?? I want to jump into the screen and touch his face or something and that’s keeping it G-rated XDDD. Goo Hyesun has got to be one of the luckiest women alive to be able to do this with such an awesome cast (in terms of looks anyway). Haha, nah they’re all good at acting. Just…at times, Hyunjoong gets sorta awkward. Especially the scenes where he’s being angry…I can’t take them seriously :(((. He’s good at being all cold and distant but the yelling scenes weren’t all that convincing for me ^^”. Loved the random eye twitching though xP. Kimbum is still absolutely adorable and I love that they’re almost always in suits :DDDD. How is it that he looks like he’s 12 yet so irresistably yummy at the same time?? I feel as if I don’t see much of Kim Joon. Hopefully he’ll get more screentime later cause he’s really cute too ^^.

One complaint though, I still think it’s moving a bit too quickly for relationships to develop properly. Like F4 are hardly together (maybe cause having all four in the same screen killed the film or something … overheating? possibly? LOL idk) and Han Chae Young’s character (I don’t know her krn name T_T) seemed to have been too nice to Jandi without much reason; or, it was sort of like she accepted her without much happening between them? :/

Oh and I swear one of the young F4 was mini Yunho (remember Star King? Balloons?) XDDD. Well he looked like it, anyway, the second from the screen when they were in a row on the couch…don’t you guys reckon?

EP4 (en) (chi) – This is the episode where all my favourite things happen :DDD. I squealed to myself a lot but my heart also broke when Junpyo misunderstood Jandi. I remember in the TW one, San Cai had said to Dao Ming Si “I don’t care what everyone else think, as long as you believe me.” and that was a favourite line from the show. Here, Jandi says to Junpyo “It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not” and I was like DDDDDD: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! cause that sorta ruins it. Everything else was great, though :D!

I think the actress that plays Jandi’s ribbon friend is really really good. She’s sort of schizo. Like one second she’s lying on the bed looking like she’s about to die and the next, she’s hopping out of it, ready to party. I like this one more than the Taiwanese one because of her bipolar personality :D.


  1. I’ve already watched both in Chinese ^___^
    Yay for Chinese subbers~ One day after the broadcast~
    My sister did the downloading and we both connected a laptop to our wide screen TV then watched it.
    We spazzed so much, screaming, jumping with joy and clapping our hands so much that they hurt, haha
    I love it~! It’s a good thing it plays 2 times per week!
    The boys are seriously goodlooking and the girls are too! Everyone is eyecandy in there… LOL
    And yes when the lil brother appeared, me and my sister kept making comments about how cute he was xDD BWHAHAH, you’re not alone there

  2. ^I have a plane to catch and I’m still watching it lmao. But the end of the 1st ep got me hooked so now I’m almost half way through the 2nd ep. I’m glad they only air two eps a wk cause then I won’t have too much to catch up on when I get back :D.

    The little brother is adorable cause he can actually act and omg his cheeks…and his teeth…and his little eyes ^____^.

    But how bad is everyone’s english? XDD Like that chick’s “oh my Gad” and Kim joon’s “yo yo yo wassup”. BUT I LOVED Kimbum’s “delicious looking hands” LOLLLL

  3. hey! i know you don’t know that mysoju has ep1 englished subbed! it’s under Boys Before Flowers i believe?
    there’s a few lines here and there unsubbed, but the main gist is there!

  4. candychu just so you know there is a site that has the English subs for “Boys Over Flowers” :D it’s subbed up to ep 2.

    anyways I agree the little brother is adorable, you just want to go up to him and squeeze him lol.

    oh yeah by the way since I haven’t been on here for some time cause of work *holidays suck when your working in a hospital by the way, so busy* hope you had a great New Year!

    time to catch up on everything you guys wrote about since I last left.

  5. lol forgot to put the link up it’s enjoy everyone!

  6. Ah its the best!
    I really liked it.
    They seem a bit..stiff, the boys i mean.
    The girl…(i don’t know the names yet) is a really good actor! All the facial expressions..are really cute.

    I got really sad all those mean things, i really wanted to cry. T_T so pretty..argh, i have too many crushes. XD
    I can’t wait for the next ep.

    Here is this.

    LOL. Thats all i can say…LOL.

  7. Ah..i just finished watching the second episode..T_T
    I LOVE this Drama.
    Its really good, i’m like..all waiting for the next episode.
    Even though the main like such a prick, i really like him, they are all really cute..

    Yeah..Sorry, just had to put in my opinion. ^^

  8. lili
    Thank you for letting me know! I think beckery has actually found another user who is subbing the eps. I love fans :DDD

    Thanks for the info ^^! I really like the little brother cause he can actually act and he is just so adorable :3

    And ooooh you’re another reader I know of who works in a hospital :)! nylenuol is the other and she often disappears for a long time too :(

    I had to leave before finishing the second ep but I’ll be sure to finish it tonight :D (or today since it’s alrady past 12am XD). It’s interesting that although we already know the plot off by heart (practically) we still get addicted to this drama. I guess no matter how many versions they come up with, they will still have viewers ^^

  9. aarrghhhh!!!!
    want to watch it but to busy right now
    and my friend said at mysoju already out until 2eps with eng sub..

  10. ^Do you know if the account has been suspended or not because I can’t find it on youtube :(((

  11. Ummm, your link works :). For YT I mean.

  12. I’m actually pretty excited about this. The last drama I watched was…Coffee Prince. Lol Jandi was pretty annoying at first but now I think the character is being played like a live action anime so it’s okay I guess. I’ve never seen any of the guys except Hyun Joong, but mmm, delicious.

  13. abc123zyx
    I SWEAR IT SAID IT WAS SUSPENDED. But woot, I’m glad it’s still there :D

    The last drama I watched was “Fated to love you” and I started it like half a yr ago and I still haven’t finished it DDD: But I know for sure I’ll finish this ^____^. LOL SS501 biaseddddddddddd ;PPP

  14. asl;dkjfal;s;lj LOL XDDDDD WARNING: you might want to wait until you get a strong internet connection because cyworld takes FOREVER to load. But omg if anyone ever succeeds in loading this, ROFL. I WAS LIKE XDDDDDD x239829742 while I was watching it. The person that made this is a genius ♥♥♥♥♥

    I’ll let it load and come back like an hour later…

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