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Best of Imop 2008

We’ve been planning to do this since before New Years, but then we (I) forgot/got lazy XD. Anyway, here it is, a summary of our posts from last year.

Top Posts of 2008 – Author’s Choice

Some of our favourite posts from last year in chronological order:

  • IT’S MY SQUISHY’S BIRTHDAY ♥♥♥♥♥ – Ahh, Jaejoong’s birthday post~! I SPENT SO LONG ON THIS (which is why it has to be in this list XD) I remember writing this HUGE post with Nanshi, and then my computer died and I had to write it all over again DDDDD: .THE THINGS I DO FOR THAT BOY>:DD
  • ♥Ultimate Valentine: DBSK♥ Ultimate Valentine – DBSK – This post took SO LONG. OMG. This was back in the days when Candychu was still a commentor instead of an author (oh how I miss those days, jks XD). I asked her and Nanshi to help me write this post, and we each wrote ESSAYS. This is definitely my favourite post from last year, though. The comments were lovely to read ^^
  • How to recognise voicesCandychu spent years on this post. Well, maybe not years, but definitely hours XD. Very, very helpful post for fails like myself XD. I strongly encourage you to read it if you haven’t already; it’s so helpful!!
  • Eric’s Enlistment [1 day to go] – EPIC EPIC EPIC post by our resident Orange Princess (Beckery). This has to be the ULTIMATE Shinhwa pimp post. It has EVERYTHING: pictures, videos, music. She did a summary of all their albums (not too easy considering how they’ve been around for ten years) and also included quotes from Shinhwa members about what Shinhwa means to them.
  • 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival Part 1 – Lol, the post itself isn’t anything too special, but CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS, ROFL XDD. 397 comments on this post in total O__________O I remember we were spamming the page while watching the awards show; IT WAS SO FUN :DDDD!
  • And the results are out :D! We had so much fun reading all your entries XDD.Hmm we should’ve done one for the Suju “Boys in City” photobook…oh well, maybe next time :D.

Top Ten Posts of 2008 – According to number of clicks

  1. Pictures from SHINee’s official gallery – This surprised me. I had no idea it got 8000+ views until I read the summary on the stats page ^^;;; Looking back on this post now brings back memories of when SHINee first debuted. They’ve come so far :D!
  2. New DBSK Mirotic Photos [EDITED] – Lol, does this surprise anyone?? I think our highest stats were during DBSK’s comeback; fandom EXPLODED. I was in Melbourne during their comeback, and I remember logging onto WordPress after my trip and realising that Imop had EXPLODED while I was gone XD.
  3. DBSK Fubu Wallpapers – Um….right. Not sure why this one got so many views…they look so gangsta in those pics XDDD
  4. Dream Concert – DBSK – Yea, not sure about this one either XD
  5. 2009 DBSK Desk Calendar Photos – DBSK pictures, need I say more?
  6. Suju Boys in the City Season 2 Pics – Hopefully there will be some SJ comeback posts on the 2009 list
  7. Zhang Li Yin – “I will” mp3 download – Nice song, but I looooooved the MV for this~!
  8. Heechul crack dancing to a song by an SM – Lol, this was such a random post XDD No idea why it got so many hits, haha.
  9. Some more “SHINee” stuff – *bling bling*
  10. Some 2PM Love – Awwww, I love 2PM (and 2AM; JO KWON FTW) We don’t give them enough love here :( Maybe that’ll change this year? :D


2008 was an interesting year *_____*. I was all alone for a few months, then Potensvita joined me, shortly after that, Candychu came along and then a few months later Beckery showed up at our door (well, figuratively speaking XD). Unfortunately this year we’ll be saying good-bye to Potensvita because starting from now we will no longer be posting about female artists. Thank you, Potensvita, for all the posts that you’ve written for Imop, and we wish you (and the girls you love!) all the best in 2009 ^______________^v


  1. haha i’ve recently only discoverd this site and i think it’s amazing how many ppl actually know and love SHINee and DBSK. I think it just shows that with alot of effort and determination, you can come from a very long way. It’s been like months since SHINee’s debut but it seems like we’ve been seeing them for years already :] i read the SHINee stuff post and i got a little teary, i have no idea why (don’t call me crazy) i just love them, seriously I LOVE THEM they’re incredible, down to earth and just the type of boys you’d see in America, only they’re better, hotter, and big stars. aww and its only been last year, but it seeems like something dug up out of an ancient site ^^ haha now i sound old or maybe its just me. well im just excited and super super bored sittin in my room. great to have you here putting up posts. greatly appreciate you.

    • Hi :DDDD

      I’m glad you like the SHINee posts; Candychu will be happy to hear that XDD. I agree with what you said about how it seems like they’ve been around for years. I remember watching their early interviews; they were so awkward XD But now they’re pros *______*

      Awww, I got all nostalgic when I was writing this post ;__; You’re right, effort and determination can take you a long way ^___^.

  2. Ahh looking back at all these is so cool. MKMF is obviously my favorite though because it was an utter spazz and helped me stay awake. :PP

    I cannot believe 2008 is over! LMFAO Fubu got so many clicks!!

    Aw, bye to Potensvita to! Thank you for all your hard work!!

  3. Waaa~~~
    I loved all these posts~ Even if I only started cracking on LAEC in the later half of the year. ^^ *that sounds funny, yes, I know. lol*
    Awww.. no more girl posts? At least WG!! And maybe a bit of SNSD here and there~~ Daivichi was never posted on, I noticed. lol And they’re the best newcomers 2008 girls’ division… lol And BoA’s just starting back up again and beginning in the US!~
    Maybe Candychu can post on them? LOL.
    -don’t kill me candy-chan. xD-
    DBSK~~ SHINee~~~ SuJu~~~
    Frankly I’m not surprised they ranked high. lol.
    And I haven’t watched Chullie’s crack dance!!! :o
    I shall nao!~
    -goes off to watch crack-

  4. ^I know, I really need to check out Davichi’s music (especially cause that one member has a scandal with Lee Minho LOLOLOL) – care to recommend any songs for me? We’re always up for posting things awesome so you can always leave us links. And yeah, I can always continue posting if that’s what you want :).


  5. LOL. I’m gonna listen to them first. :))
    I heard them on SBS but I still have to take a closer look at them. ^^
    SCANDAL!! I’m sooo looking into that. xD
    YAY. posts. lol

    p.s. orly? What if I stole Key? :))
    LOL. kidddinnnngggg~~~ ^^

  6. ^LOLLL so were you waiting for us to do the recommendations? XDDD. Hahaha I’ll wait for you to keep us posted :PPP

    p.s WOULD YOU DARE? D:<


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