Posted by: lovediaries | January 15, 2009

Boys over Flowers Cartoon Version

SPAM! (Just do I don’t have two SHINee posts in a row XD)

Kristen has linked us to THIS. It actually looks like a Simpson version but it mightn’t be so I won’t say it is. Anyway, wait for the whole video to load first. I don’t know if it’s just my net or what but everything happened really slowly XD. Oh and all the characters looked drunk especially Kim Joon’s Woo Bin XDD. Ji Hoo looked a bit too happy playing his violin and the end was confusing. Do they turn out gay? *confuzzled* but still worth a watch :D!


  1. Well…I’ve probably spent 2 minutes watching dumber things. Probably. Kudos to the fan who made it though. Funny plot twist.

  2. ^LOLOL. Fans (especially korean ones) never stop coming up with whack ideas XD.

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