Posted by: lovediaries | January 15, 2009

SHINee Recording KBS 2TV quiz show

Thank you Lili for the heads up <333

These are just fancams! Not sure when the show will air :S

Interpreter Key – Before I go on and on about how Almighty Key is and how much I love him, I have to pick on Yoochun for a bit. Every time I hear a Korean speaking English, I almost always think back to Yoochun on their “The King and I” parody. I remember he was asked to speak a sentence in English and he was full smirking and saying “well, like, I…*smiles*” or something along those lines and even though it made absolutely no sense and meant nothing, it really pissed Yunho off XDDD.

And then you have Key. Who is awesome at absolutely everything and though he’s a camwhore, he doesn’t really brag all that much. So I guess this is why everyone was all O_______O @ his English skills :D. I expected nothing less from him though lol because I’ve heard him say “impressionist” and so it only makes sense that his English is good enough for him to be able to interpret for an Exchange student XDD.

It’s hard to hear the video but not hard to make out what he’s saying…if that makes sense O.o. He tells the Exchange student to pick a girl from the audience and he said “choose” but then went “choice one”!? Lol I think it was his voice and his mouth was opening and he later says “choice” instead of “choose” again. But I can forgive him for that little mistake ^^”. The man tells Key to choose AND LOL SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE SOUNDED LIKE ME when she screamed!!!!! Key quickly tells the man that he’s the one that needs to choose :D. After the man picked a girl, Key asks if he likes her and whether he thinks he’s better than her boyfriend or not. Man, Key is so cool :D/

Onew Condition – LOLOLOL ONEW <33333. He looks like a drunk conductor *SQUISH*. And Jonghyun is just trying to look past him. So cute.

Onew & Jonghyun : Pencil/Mike Spinning -I can’t quite remember right now but recently someone was spinning a pen and I thought HOW AWESOME. It may have been someone from “Boys over Flowers” but I can’t be entirely sure since that is all I think about right now XDD. Onew spins a pen around with his fingers and idk if it’s just me but I find when guys do that really sexy xPP. Jonghyun tries to learn how to spin the pen, I think but is total fail :DDD. So Onew grabs a mic and demonstrates for him. Then Jonghyun tries again and is all “hey, hyung, look!” but fails again and again AND AGAIN XDD. By the end, I think he’s just doing it on purpose. Lol, Jonghyun <33.

Taemin & Key : Helium Voice – OH I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS! AND WHAT? WAS THAT LEETEUK WHO HELD THE BALLOON FOR TAEMIN TO SUCK? THAT SOUNDED WRONG BUT LEETEUK!!!! HURRY UP AND COMEBACK, SUPER JUNIOR. Then Leeteuk was about to suck from the same balloon as Taemin hehe. AND KEY LOLOLOL. They sounded different but both were very funny. I wanted to hear the others too :((

Jonghyun dancing to ‘Pretty Girl’ – I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS JONGHYUN’S SORT OF THING!?

Taemin & Shindong dancing to ‘Nobody’ – Together, they make Super SHINee lolol. You only see Shindong’s back for about 2 seconds in the beginning hehe ^^”. But check out Taemin’s hips ;). And from 0.50-0.53, I think he does those moves even better than WG themselves…like, I can’t even stop replaying those few seconds.

Key dancing to ‘Nobody’ and ‘Pretty Girl’ – THIS CLIP SHOULD BE CALLED ‘ONKEY ARE MARRIED’!!! They’re so cute omg. I love the way Key covers his mouth to laugh and leans into Onew. ONKEY SHIPPERS MUST WATCH THIS CLIP, I DEMAND YOU TO >:D. Now if only Key could dance to these songs on stage :).


  1. HAHA YAY SHINee ♥

    Onew did do the helium thing too in their school attack! :D & Taemin’s voice was so adorable I want to take him & put him in my pocket. I’d love to see Minho do it, since he’s always so cool ;D

    I can spin a pen tooooo :D

    & Onkey ARE married. LOLOL, I love them ;D

  2. I used to be a lurker :((( But I will comment, more???



    I quote (somewhat) one of the youtube comments when ‘this is one of the times when its FAIL!Jonghyun and NOTFAIL!Onew’. SO TRUE SO TRUE.

    I can only spin a pen half a round xD

    The balloons remind me of the school attack?? episode where Onew and Key had to literally drink in the helium from balloons. HELIUM VOICES ARE SO CUTE. But I think helium makes the person get dizzy too. I saw one of my friends face turn purple after trying to suck in helium. :(


    HOW CAN THEY KNOW THE DANCE SO WELL. I swear I watch almost all the performance for both songs and I still can’t get ALL the steps. And these boys can CRYING.

    Well. This is my first comment here :DD HAI.

  3. Understandable English! Key is approaching Henry Lau awesomeness and that’s just scary. ^^ Key is rather feminish but his voice is so deep. I love namja!voices. They kill me(and might send me to jail.) I also like how he’s secure in his masculinity. FTW

    Onew not failing? \^o^/ Jonghyun secretly adores him I know.
    Wonderboys never fails to entertain me. Taemin might have Teukie syndrome: get cuter/look younger as you get older. Lol

  4. haha Key’s english is quite good for a korean speaking hottie :] haha i think it’s awesome that onew is soo funny sometimes :D is there anything onew cant do??? seriously i tried spinning a pen and i’ve failed…miserably. haha taemin is soo cute and he looks awfully young haha key’s and taemin’s helium voice were too cute. i wish the rest of them would do that too :[ haha i wonder how they learn the moves so quick to like every korean song out there :p

  5. chrestos
    I don’t remember them doing it on school attack O___O. But LOLOL if Minho did it, he’d be even more alien-like :DD

    HELLO, lurker-who-is-no-longer-a-lurker :DD. Isn’t commenting exciting? :DD!! Haha lol yay! We always have a little tea-party when silent readers come out…no, not really XD. But we do love it!

    I LOLed at your comment so much YOU WERE LIKE CRYING AT EVERYTHING. Dw, I do that too XDD. And okay, I’ve seen school of rock but why do I not recall Onkey sucking helium ….

    MAYBE! (@ the Taemin –> Teuk comment). He looks mature now and later when he’s like 25, he might finally look 15 :D!
    You know, maybe while they lived together, Key learnt some English off Henry :D. I mean Donghae’s english has improved heaps so maybe Henry’s a really good teacher?? *imagines them all sitting together learning the alphabet* ^^

    haha Key’s english is quite good for a korean speaking hottie LOLOL you say it like if you’re hot, you can’t speak english XDDD. To me, Onew is always funny because he always makes me laugh. Whether he was intentionally being funny is a different story because I always find stuff to laugh about :D. I KNOW. They all must have some other choreographer there to teach them other people’s dances O.o

  6. What? Key was sitting next to Onew in that last clip? But I watched that and I totally don’t remember even seeing Onew. Wasn’t Key sitting next to Minho? I don’t know – maybe I was just paying too much attention to Key (see? I pay attention to him sometimes!)

    And LOL, your descriptions always crack me up. You totally see things I don’t see (like Onew obviously…) The interpreter one was lovely though – I knew Key was good at speaking English but I thought it was just pronunciation, I didn’t realize he could ‘translate’ too. That was very cool!

    And OMG! TAEMIN WAS SMILING DURING NOBODY!!! I haven’t seen that kid smile like that in forever! Gosh, I’m so happy right now, you don’t even know….my baby’s happy. Yay~ I missed seeing him look happy.

    And aww, you must really miss Suju, eh? You keep talking about them. Or is that just because you saw them in person?

  7. ^Yeah they sorta moved around. Onew was sitting next to Key at one point and then somehow Minho was there. Speaking of this show though, I trust you’ve seen the pictures of Minho and Onew slapping a half naked man’s chest? I think it was from this show, anyway. I’m disturbed but curious at the same time.

    LOL first it was Key you didn’t see, now Onew? XDD. Well this is also why it takes me like 30 minutes to post up a 4 minute video of SHINee. The others always complain haha XDD.

    And yeah, I miss SJ a lot :((. Not really SJM (they’ve been around lol!) but the 13 of them all together ;____;. I’m totally anticipating their comeback :DDD.

  8. ……No, I have not seen those pictures. LOL, and now I’m not sure if I want to. I didn’t go to any SHINee sites tonight actually, I only saw those videos yesterday.

    It was just because it was a Key fancam but it’s odd because in the other fancams, I paid attention to the people other than whoever that fancam was about. I dunno – I’m weird sometimes, I think I was just too busy laughing at how Key so obviously knew all the moves to each dance and how he was singing along. LOL, it takes me awhile too – I always have to watch it more than once so I don’t miss anything! I think I should watch more Key fancams actually so that way, I’ll have to pay more attention to him. At present,I only really watch Onew and JH ones.

    Oh, well, they’ll be back soon so yay for that! *throws confetti*

  9. ^Oh haha well maybe just wait for the show then XD. Yeah I have to replay videos and make sure I know what everyone in the shot is doing cause I could miss something important LIKE ONEW BEING SEXY! Please tell me you didn’t miss that? xD It was epic, I tell you!


    I was really surprised because… well, Yoochun… XD

  11. ^Key > Yoochun in English :DDD!

  12. Um here?

    MTV School attack. Something like School of Rock, but not exactly the same thing??

    :(( Because SHINee is so adorable and SDKFLSkLKSJDFLSKjf ♥♥♥

  13. ^OOOOOOH thank you for the clip :) I watched it last night AND LOLOLOL. They had like a concert performing so many songs ;____;
    And it makes me miss their LLO days. They had the best hair back then. Every single one of them had sexy hair…even Onew ;D

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