Posted by: lovediaries | January 15, 2009

Taegoon – Call Me MV feat. Jaejoong

{credit: JKaddictedMV @ youtube}

I saw the preview for this but Jae was in it for like 2 seconds (with a gun!!) so I didn’t post it. Now the full MV is out :DDD!


Ooh, I like! I like a lot :D. The chorus is already stuck in my head and even though you hear it about 20 times, the song is still pretty good. Agree with koko and Kristen’s comments; it’s simple but there are strong vibes throughout. And I definitely feel Se7en and Rain. In the beginning when Taegoon is dancing, he looks like Rain; then later in the silver suit, he looks like Se7en XD…but he’s still unique in his own way. I didn’t really get a proper look but the structure of his face is interesting.

My take on the plot: Park Shin Hye (that’s her name, right?) is with Taegoon but sorta gets bored halfway and goes off with Jae. Jae falls head over heels; but then Taegoon says “call me call me” and Shin Hye crawls back to him, realising that he is the man for her. Jae too requests for her to “call me call me” but figures soon enough that he’s been fooled and goes to kill everyone. Too bad he has a funny gun which doesn’t shoot bullets (the bullets only fall out).


  1. OMG *dies*

  2. lol ok alive again hahaha

    i love how this song starts out somewhat simply, but builds up intensity a little bit at a time. actually, idk how to describe it, but there’s this cool vibe that runs throughout the song

    and jaejoong! that gunshot at the beginning was like O_O haha. everytime he came on i was like !!!! haha and then he came out and shot the gun AGAIN hahaha, but i don;t get who he shot =( lol the bullet just dropped

  3. imo, Taegoon has a Rain-ish feel, which is kind of a turnoff for me because I think Rain is icky XD BUT! His face looks better from what I could see.

    And um… the set looks familiar…. it’s the same as Wrong Number? Yeah? I think so….. And Jae looks incredibly awesome and great and sldfjlskj in this one ♥♥

    And am I missing something here? Because I have no idea what’s going on in the MV because my brain is kind of dead atm from studying for a science AND history final tomorrow.

    The song honestly isn’t that bad, I mean the verses don’t really stand out to me, but the chorus is potentially catchy ^^ I guess I’ll just have to wait for a performance or something before I judge.

  4. ^^ AH, YES, WHAT koko IS SAYING. There is this kind of…. feel or something (O_o??) that kind of goes through the song…. instead of just starting off really upbeat, it builds up as she says, which is new :).

    And now that I watch the beginning again, does that thing where he comes out from under his backup dancers look a little bit strange/ weird/ cool at the same time to you? (0:53) idk, I thought it looked kind of funny cause he was ducking under them XD

  5. Is it bad that I have no idea who Taegoon is? :P But Jaejoong’s been all over the place recently. DBSK stuff, drama stuff, this MV. And now Mr. Crazy says he wants to be even more busy in 2009, lol.

    By the way, have you seen this?
    Key speaking English :3
    To be honest, I was really surprised, I could actually understand what he was saying. XD

  6. koko
    You made it to the comment box :D!
    Honestly though, Jae’s appearance was really random XD. The plot was hard to understand but uh, I’ve edited the post. See if you like my explanation :PPP


    I thought the chorus choreo was really girly. The hipswaying with legs together … seriously?

    Haha well all I know is Taegoon is a new artist and he was childhood friends with Jae. But then I’m not even 100% sure on that ^^”.

    And thank youuuuuuuuuuu for the clip <33

  7. Ahh! Jae.

    Of course I would leave Taegoon for Jae. Did you see how sad he looked while waiting in the car? And Porsche for the win. .<

  8. candychu
    haha yes i did make it to the comment box, aren’t you proud? =) i do like your explanation, but maybe the gun malfunctioned cause it died upon jaejong’s touch cause he was too hot?, perhaps? hahaha

    and lol FB as in facebook? hahahaha

  9. hmm is he a new star? or was he “old” if u know what i mean. wow he looks so much like rain, at first i thought u posted the wrong name ^^ haha jae’s in there! omg i think thats the whole point i even watched it, haha addicting song too :]

  10. dainty10
    But but but she ended up leaving Jae again for Taegoon :(. Yeah Jae looked so sad…it was heartbreaking XD

    I’m extremely proud of you *hugs*. LOLOL YES that makes sense. His hotness melted whatever makes the gun work so it…died :D.

    Er yes, FB as in facebook. Lol seriously, her picture is the cutest!

    Um I’m pretty sure he’s a new artist. I’ve just listened to his mini album…wait for the review! Hopefully I’ll get it up today and not get distracted XD

  11. Really? I thought she was with Jae, got bored, went clubbing and met Taegoon and then ignored Jae when he called her even though he gave her a phone just so he could contact her. Then Jaejoong suspected she was cheating, went to investigate and killed them both. Oh and LOL, the gun did shoot the bullet, what fell out was just the shell from the bullet. I think that’s supposed to happen when you shoot a gun?

    Anyway, I like the video and the song and his dancing’s pretty hot. I just dl-ed his mini album actually, will be giving it a listen soon. Yay for more dance music!

  12. ^Um, I have no idea XD. That’s just how I interpreted it…*shrugs*. AND LOL THE BULLET SHELL. OF COURSE. Okay, now I feel like a retard.

    His mini album is pretty good! I listened to it this morning when I couldn’t sleep and only ended up dancing on my bed XD. I’m gonna go write up the review soon…except I’m still sort of recovering from doing my sjm posts *sighs*

  13. LOL, don’t – I don’t expect you to be familiar with the way guns work. I’m surprised I even know.

    Cool, I’m gonna check it out when I get back from work (have to go to bed now) but I’m glad to hear it gets the candychu seal of approval. ^^

  14. ^So then…do you play with guns?

    Wait so are you going to work or sleep? Do you mean you sleep first and then you have work tmr and then you’ll listen to it afterwards? Lol I swear, my brain is totally dying. Ahahaah candychu seal of approval…I just pictured one of those red stampy sticker-y thingies :D.

  15. LOLOL, I haven’t even touched one.

    It’s actually almost time for me to get up to go to work (it’s 6 AM) but I think I might go for a short nap before I start getting ready. Then I’ll go to work and I’ll check it out when I get back home.

    Ha, it’d be so funny if you actually had one.

  16. ^Oh woah you get up really early O.o what do you do?


  17. Not really, I used to get up earlier than that to go to school. I’m just a secretary at an office right now – you’d be surprised but it’s actually pretty stressful. I can’t wait until I go back to school (I’m taking a year off right now).

    Haha, we’ll see – maybe if I’ve got some money to spare. XD

  18. ^Ooooh so you’re doing what Jonghyun is doing? :DD! Argh, I hate how I have to compare absolutely everything to fandom ;______;

    Well since you’re working, you ought to be earning loads of money…enough to buy me a stamp :D

  19. It’s all right, darling – I do that too. Uhm, well in a way, except that I already graduated from high school. Is it confirmed that he’s taking a year off now? Because I had heard that at first but then I heard that he had left high school for good. I don’t know what to believe.

    Ha, people always think I have money now because I’m working. I do, you know, but I’m cheap and I hate spending my own money! But you’re cool, candychu so maybe I’ll really get you a stamp.

  20. ^I get what you mean. Cause it’s hard-earned money so you don’t really feel like spending it. But when you do find something you really like then you can buy it and it’s like a sense of achievement :). Lol I need to find a job again when I get back home. I think I actually stopped buying boyband merchandise (minus the occasional CD) when I quit my job back in June last yr :/

    I’ll be looking fwd to getting it :D

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