Posted by: lovediaries | January 16, 2009

090110 SHINee performing LSGO & Amigo on Music Core

Thank you tristabelle for the heads up <333

{credit: randy19972 @ youtube}

LOL It’s really funny cause beckery was accusing me of watching p0rn, and I’m like I’m not except the beginning sort of sounds like it cause Key sings “0~n” and Minho moans “ugh” multiple times and does his signature “close eyes and stroke face then make way down to chest” :).

I LOVE KEY SINGING HIS LINES. It’s like in “Forever or Never”, he just sounds so seductive *DIES*. Taemin just needs to rap like an octave (or two) lower or maybe clear out his throat, idk, and I’ll love him more too XD. AND WHAT? ONEW ACTUALLY GAVE A SEXY LOOK O.O. At 0.58, he sorta turned his eyes and then looked back at the camera and woah I don’t think the effect was even intended ;PP.

I don’t pay much attention to the choreography, mainly cause I get distracted by all the rapping *___* but I liked the little part from 1.20-1.28, the arm movement came out really powerful :). AND THEN, ONEW DID MORE SEXY FACES. WHAT? He’s actually being sexy, right, guys? Or am I like drunk? And Jonghyun’s singing is really awesome, especially cause his parts are sorta hard to sing after having bopped around.

Then, ‘Amigo’ starts from the dance interval. KEY HAS TO STOP BEING SO SEXY. Love Minho’s dance too but he should watch it, he almost fell off the stage XD (reminds me of that SJ video where they were practising ‘U’ and Kibum jumped out for his rap and fell out over the umbrella which was the top of the stage – CAN YOU TELL I MISS THEM?).

I’m so happy SHINee have been performing ‘Love Should Go On’…COME ON CHOREOGRAPHERS, DO SOMETHING FOR ‘FOREVER OR NEVER’.


  1. OMG agreed agreed agreed! onew was so *dies* in that video hahaha i had it paused on 0.58 and was staring hahaha =) who knew onew knew how to be sexy (lol theres like 3 news in a row haha)

    and lol at taemn haha. it goes like key’s amazing rap, then jonghyuns awesome voice, then a slightly high pitched taemin haha =)

    and onew again haha =)

    i must say, i absolutely loved their outfits (especially onew, but i’m super biased but hahaha)

  2. omg im soo addicted to LSGO! especially the beginning with key, and then minho starts doing those noises and then does that signature move he does (why does he have to do it?) haha i guess even though he’s not super social and stuff, at least he’s super good at “touching” himself. haha i love that song. is it their new single?

  3. koko
    ROFL @ the three ‘new’s in a row. That…took me a while and then it all just started coming to me XDD. Sort of not related but still on topic, I was in San Fran and saw all these “One Way” signs and I tried taking a picture of it while covering the “ay” but in the end I didn’t succeed because…well, the car was moving ^^”. I’m not a big fan of the colours BUT I’ll admit the clothes were nice :))

    DDDD: You mean you’ve never heard it before?? GO LISTEN TO THEIR MINI ALBUM! This was a song off their first CD released. Here, I’ll link you to our post on it :).

  4. Lol That Minho-ism move surprises me every time. And I was waiting for someone to notice Onew’s sexy moment. Yay Candychu! Though, looking at it again, he may have just been tired. He was sick recently and I guess forgot to ^_^?
    They all look tired except for Taemin who seems to have had a sugar coated helium balloon for breakfast. Lol I kid, I kid. Great perf nonetheless.

    Super Junior odeesoyo? Bogoshippo! <<<Mad Korean skillz. XD idk

  5. laflor501
    so when onew is tired, he becomes sexy?! hahahaha that’s somewhat..fitting in a weird way lol. i do hope he feels better though so he can smile his amazing smile again =)

  6. laflor501
    Oooooh are you taking Krn classes or something? XDDD. Haha awww well if that’s the case, I rather Onew not be sexy and healthy than unsmiley but sexy .___.

    LMAO sugar coated helium balloon XD. Taemin is so sweet :PP

    I hope so too ;~;

  7. Wha!
    That was so cool. xD
    I was looking at 0.58 but I didn’t read carefully so I thought you said KEY was being sexy and I was like… ‘Key’s not in that shot. O.o’ then I read again, OMG ONEW! smexy. :))
    love the choreo for LSGO
    Always liked that song the best~
    ‘specially with dubu’s: Love forever lasts forever!
    WAHH. I miss SuJu! TT_TT

  8. ^LMAO you must’ve thought I was going crazy XDD. AND YES ONEW WAS WORTH DROOLING OVER! I loved LSGO too~ Probably the original more than the remix but definitely one of my highest playing SHINee songs :D!

    We all miss them :(( But I’m doing an SJM post right now (they full have old SJ clips and stuff, I think…well I’ve heard they do lol and I’m only up to 2 of the 8 parts and I’ve seen like 3 seconds of them!) .. so yes just wait for it :)!

  9. First, I just want to ask… what is with all the highligher yellow? *_________*

    But that doesn’t matter because they started rapping and alskdjfsfdcmx Minho’s voice sounds illegal or something afskldasldfjxc no, actually, it sounds like something else to me but I’m not about to say it here 8DD; You know, I was actually watching this in my parents’ room, and I started laughing when Minho started his sexy rapping…. and then I turned around and THERE WAS MY MOM. And I was like OMG because I thought she heard him, but then I realized I was listening with the headphones. 8DDDDDD

    DIES OH LOLOLOL TAEM 8D ♥ I love him, but I just keep laughing when he raps.

    I DO NOT SEE THE SEXY ONEW. 8| Okay, well, maybe a little, but his face is still kind of :DDD

    Oooh, I remember that video of Suju practicing U~ I miss them too. T_T

  10. ^How come you disappeared for a while :(

    LOLOL headphones always make everything 10 million times better because it’s right beside your ear and you hear the sounds clearer. I THINK I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT ;))) and no, I certainly wasn’t thinking the same…


  11. haha big problemooo here! the links u gave me didnt work, since they were deleted, but thats okay. i was soo smart to search it up and listen to the wholeee album :]

  12. @ candychu
    :( My internet is dead. So I have to resort to sneaking onto my parents’ computer while they’re away (which is not very often) to use the internet. CRYING DDD: My dad is supposedly trying to fix my net ’cause he’s the only one who knows how to… but um… I don’t really see that happening. XD

    ASLKDF LMAO that whole paragraph sounded pervy. 8D;


  13. LOL. So I was watching this with my friend yesterday and um I told her to look up at the part where Minho does the little thing where he touches himself (XDD) and I was spazzing even though I’ve seen it like 239852623 times and she said “oh.” -_- Then I told her “A hot guy just touched himself and you said ‘oh’?”

    WHEN DO YOU NOT LOVE KEY SINGING HIS LINES? AND WHEN DOES HE NOT SOUND SEDUCTIVE? DD: EVEN IN THE ENERGY SONG WHEN ALL HE’S SAYING IS E-N-E-R-G-Y IT SOUNDS SEDUCTIVE. And Taemin’s voice is actually too pre-puberty to rap well XDDDDD Oh he’s so cute. And Onew’s sexy face at 0:58 DID come out sexy :D And all the other times in the performance too. BUT HE’S SO SWEATY HE’S ACTUALLY SHINY XDDD Do you see that?

    Key will never stop being sexy ;) The day he stops being sexy is the day I stop loving him. Everyone misses the SJ boys TT-TT Where are theeeeey @_@ SJM sometimes just isn’t enough even though there’s…. Henry…. and… Donghae…. and… Hangeng….

  14. betty
    :((( That would happen to a lot of my SHINee posts because an entire account has been suspended. But I’m glad you managed to find other links!


    RL friends just don’t understand! Is this your Melinda friend? Haha I remember you forced her to join our fb group too LOLOL.


    WOOT! Another one who thought what Onew did was sexy :DDD. AND YES, I NOTICED THE SWEAT. His nose was gleaming hehe.

  15. heyyyyyyy, wondered if you have seen their latest amigo performance,
    enjoy! (:
    ohmygoodness! onew’s smile at 1:19 killed me! it was sexy yet adorable! *___* key being sexy during his rap is also something not to be missed and of course something to die for too! xD but the sudden close up on taemin’s legs was weird :/ haha but i found taemin’s wriggling at 2:30 really cute :P omg onew’s cute smile again <3 and he’s too damn adorable, being the first one to bow! xD
    oh gosh youtube is loading real slowly for me. i am like watching amigo in segments ):

  16. ^Thank you so much <333 Agree! That shot of Taemin’s lower body was…odd XD.
    And yeah, dw, it lagged for me too. Guess cause it’s HD and my comp cant handle it :(

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