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090112 SJM on ‘A Date with Lu Yu’ Pt1

::EDIT:: AMShakeIt has linked us to the subbed version!

Note: A Date with Lu Yu = 鲁豫有约. Their appearance was split into two episodes, each with 4 parts and I’ll be separating each episode into two posts, because otherwise it will get to like 10 000 words XD. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Omg, first SJM post since…their Concert XD (and my first on their appearance on Variety Shoes in like, what, half a year? D:). I heard they’re going on a break – is it true!?!?!? I hope Henry gets to fly back home ;___;!

K, the show hasn’t been subbed (at least, I don’t think so) so I’ve done my best at translating (almost every line spoken, actually) but there’s a bit of keyboard smashing here and there and a whole lot of capslocking. It’s a long post – all behind the cut :).

It was a bit of a pain though, because the yellow thing running along the bottom (I think it’s the news, actually) was in the way of the subs (WHICH WERE IN TRADITIONAL CHINESE) and so I only saw half the characters ^^. And I may have alterated some of what they said because my net won’t allow me to rewind the video without lagging for like 5 minutes; but it all means the same thing anyway :). Oh and everything’s spoken in Chinese unless otherwise stated!

Part 1 – It starts off with the preview of the Show and I’m already tearing up seeing old SJ clips and Donghae crying. Omg. How will I make it all the parts!?

Lu Yu comes out (LMAO I always thought that was the name of a man XD) and everyone’s shouting out “So skinny!” “So pretty” LOLL I wonder if there were signs up the top saying to shout that? She asks who was there in early 2007 when she interviewed a young male who was working extremely hard in Korea – Hangeng. She admits to never having heard of him before that time but his fans were very dedicated and crazily leaving messages on their Board, almost crashing the site XDDD. Since then, many people including herself became more interested toward this (include like 50 compliments here) young male. She said she made him promise that one day when he’s in Beijing with his group, he has to come onto the show.

Caption: Feb 2007, Hangeng’s first visit on ‘A Date with Lu Yu’ , it was also his first time returning to his country after debuting in Korea.

LY: God, if you have a weak heart, you really can’t do this show (*swooning* at Hangeng lmao). First use Chinese then Korean to introduce yourself.
HG: Hello everyone, I’m SJ’s Chinese member Hangeng.

They talk a bit and shows when LY asked HG to come back with his group which he mentions will happen at the end of (that) year or early the next. How young did he look!?!?! AND WHY ARE THEY PLAYING MUSIC LIKE THAT? It makes me want to cry *covered in goosebumps*. Awww at Wook and his sheet of pinyin’s ^^. Hangeng talks about returning to the show and hopes that in 2009, they will have greater results and works :).

Then they perform “Me” on that teeeeeeeny little stage. It’s a lot better seen LIVE XDD. Wish they would perform LIVE on shows :/

Voiceover talks about SJM and the release of their CD and stuff like that.

LY: Before I introduce the members, I hope that all of the fans here show the same excitement/cheer them on all the same (omg isn’t she lovely??). (Introduces member one by one and right after saying Henry’s names) you guys (the fans) are getting tired, right? (LOLL and then after Siwon’s name, she’s like ‘almost there’ XDDD. AND OMG WHAT KYUHYUN LOOKS STUNNING. Though I’m not surprised because he’s always been gorgeous. But I think his face has actually gotten thinner? HE LOOKS SO GOOD.). So this is the second time we’re meeting? (turns to HG) not with you, but the others. Last time we were at a charity and you guys were the guest performance. At that time, these tall handsome men suddenly approached and you really did feel like fainting. After shaking hands with them, I actually didn’t remember who was who but I did think they were all very cute so we arranged to do a show together. Seeing HG, I’m especially happy…er am I talking at a too fast pace? RW? Fast?
RW: (sif he would have any idea what she was going on about XD) Right now, I’m very nervous.
LY: You’re very nervous?
RW: Er, before, I heard…this show is really great. So today I’m very happy to be here. (WOW, RYEOWOOK O_O) Thank you.
LY: You don’t need to be nervous. HG knows I don’t scare people.
HG: Compared to you (Wook, I think), I’m even more nervous.
LY: Don’t be nervous. Um, I’ll talk slower. You guys can understand right? Okay how about I call your nicknames and when you hear your name, step forward. Turn around (turns to fans) because it’s not like they can read Chinese (on the screen). Oh they can read? Siwon don’t turn around, face forward. (LOLLLL)
SW: Actually, I’m nervous too.
LY: You’re nervous too? Okay, Leader.
(Fans call out Kyuhyun – way to ruin the point of this little exercise T_T)

Kyuhyun stands nervously…WHY SO CUTE AND SEXY???

KH: I go out?
LY: You understand? *carefully approaches* Leader. Leader.
KH: Don’t understand (LOLLLLLLL OMG THAT SMILE *SWOONS* Is he wearing lipgloss??? DYING HERE!!!!)
HG: Leader? (HE SAID THAT IN ENGLISH :O. I think it was HG, cause Kyu pointed to him?)

Part 2 – LY says Kyu does in fact look like a leader.
SW: (in Korean) Kyuhyun is the magnae. In Korea, he’s the youngest. Us hyungs get nervous. He’s really scary (ROFL!!!!!!! and I think LY turned to the side and asked “What is he saying?”).
LY: Alright, leader. Leader, sit. Doggy? (or puppy – lmao I wrote puggy XDDD)

Donghae stands up. REALLY? HE’S A DOG?

DH: I’m not a fish? Fish? Fish? (DONGHAE. COME TO ME AND LET ME CUDDLE YOU~)
Fans: FISH!
DH: Ah, the same?
Fans: Not the same!
LY: Okay, thank you. Fu-wu-yuan-er~

Kyu stands up and GIGGLES XDDD.

LY: Okay, please sit. (I’m not sure of the meaning of the next thing she called out but it sounded like Choi Siwon so I guess it was a play on words?)
SW: Ni hao.
LY: Meat bun (well, a bun with meat…but LOLOLOL)

Henry hesistates but steps forward anyway.

LY: You guys are weird. Shouldn’t you be familiar with your own names? (UM, AREN’T THE FANS WEIRDER FOR COMING UP WITH THESE???)
Henry: Bun?
LY: Bun?
Henry: Ah, these *grabs cheeks* (I THINK MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED).
LY: Okay, 240.
Fans: Hangeng!!!
HG: Ah, the number of my torch was 240. (Okay I don’t know if I’m the only one but I found this nickname extremely creepy. I know it’s supposed to be real special and all but … O.o)
LY: You forgot yourself! Landowner/landlord is also you, I know. *calls out Wook’s nickname* (No idea what that was…possibly some cartoon character?)
RW: Why? (LOL He sounded so serious asking XD.)
LY: Yes, why?
Fans: CUTE~
RW: Thank you~ (And that’s exactly why!)
LY: Okay, another one. This one’s not written up. Zhou Mi Mi, I know. (Now I wonder who that could be =.=)
ZM: Me
LY: You right? (lists something __ that I don’t know but actually sounds like handcuffs LMAO I seriously don’t know XDD). __ isn’t like that.
ZM: __ should automatically go to the zoo (okay WHAT is this something??)
LY: So now you’re not nervous, right? Are you nervous, Ryeowook?
RY: Not nervous.
LY: Better, right? Kyuhyun, are you better?
KH: Yes
LY: Okay, better. That’s better. I think that, though they haven’t been working here in China for that long, they’ve still achieved very satisfactory results. I think it’s necessary to thank fans for all your support. Of course, it’s also due to their hard work. Let’s have a look at what they’ve achieved.

Voiceover: Since debuting 8th of April, 2008, SJM have received love from fans wherever they go. Not long ago at an Award presentation, they also received the honour of ‘Best Group’, becoming many ceremonies’ invited guests.

LY: I’ll try let everyone have around the same amount of speaking time. (Have I already said she’s a lovely host??) Allow me to first ask Hangeng because he was the first I met back in 2007 and it was through him that I met you all (the members). The change in these past two years has been big? Do you think?

HG: I think to me, it’s been pretty big. These past two years, we went through a lot, experienced a lot. Last year, I worked a lot with Super Junior and it was only in April that I returned to China. It’s been what I wanted to do and my dream to bring these six members here. During this time, I’ve felt “sweet, sour, bitter, spicy” (which means a bit of everything and unfortunately my English isn’t good enough to translate that saying properly. FAIL.) And because of all these experiences, I think I’ve achieved a lot.

LY: I want to ask Ryeowook, when you knew you had to come to China as a group, what was your reaction?
RW: (in Korean) For the first time, I was especially nervous. Maybe no one would know me, I didn’t know what to do and it’s thanks to Hankyung-hyung that I came here to China. Because Hankyung-hyung is here, I feel a lot more comfortable working in China (AWWWWWWW).
LY: Woah, Hangeng has already become a “dai ge” (big brother).
HG: In this subgroup, the oldest member is me.
LY: The growth of people is really very quick. That’s a good change. So what we want to say is, behind everyone’s success, there is what Hangeng experienced – “sweet, sour, bitter and spicy”. A lot of things will happen. This group has come a long way, not in one big step but one after the other. A lot of fans will know that these members were chosen from auditions, so each one of them has their own individual stories; let’s take a deeper understanding of them.

Voiceover: In 2005, the word “audition” became a hit in China. In a moment many girls and boys with dreams of becoming stars raced to where the audition would be held. (missed what he said but something like auditions weren’t always as diverse as now? I think ^^”). In Korea, auditions are often the shortcut source of finding new stars for companies. As one of the biggest “star-making” companies in Korean, SM hold an audition annually, making it an attraction to many star-wannabes.

Hangeng is the one in the blue top, coming in at 5.28.LOLING SO HARD AT HIS BOREHEAD LMAOOOO. Why were they zooming in on it? XDDDD. Omg poor Hangeng, it must be so embarrassing XDDD.

LY: I’ll ask from Donghae first. Donghae, was it your wish to go audition? Or was it family members who wanted you to go?
DH: Me? I want(ed to become) singer.
LY: Wanted to become a singer?
DH: Yes, so my home. Place. *gives up and starts talking in Korean :3*
LY: It’s okay! You can speak in Korean and the translators will translate for you
DH: Ah, understand me.
LY: (not rly sure what the term she said meant but probably like “hail understanding~” LOL no idea XD)

DH: I wanted to become a singer, my dad supported me and I wanted to do something so my dad let me go audition and it was a success.
HG: Your Korean is really good (LOLOL)
LY: So was it like Hangeng’s audition?
DH: Yes…huh? (LMAO HIS FACE IS SO CUTE. I could say “marry me?” and he’d be like “yes…wait, hang on…” but it’d already be too late :PPP)
HG: Just like before? (referring to the clips shown)
DH: Yes yes.
LY: Did you sing or dance?
DH: Sing and dance. Both.
LY: Both. And your performance? It was great?
DH: No.
LY: It was good?
DH: I didn’t think so (WUT. Donghae is actually having a conversation in Chinese. IM SO PROUD!)
LY: So humble.
Translator: You’re humble
DH: *shakes head* Ah thank you.
LY: At that time, who was your idol?
DH: SM’s “Fly to the Sky” (my reaction was the same as the fans XD)
LY: You wished to make it into the company just like they had?
DH: Yes.

LY: I know it’s the same for Ryeowook. They said you underwent the biggest changes? Is it true?
RW: (in korean) My face lost a lot of weight.
LY: At that time you really liked singing? You wanted to become a singer, right?
RW: (in krn) Yes, I wanted to become a singer. When I was little I would perform in front of other people and friends at school. And just like that, taking one step at a time, I became a singer.
LY: What was it like the day you went to audition?
RW: I did many things but mainly singing.

Then it’s Wook’s audition video! POOR WOOK! He was so embarrassed he screamed and got up out of his seat XDDD. AWWWWWWWW. LY said something about Wook being skinny even back then and Wook said 10 pounds? I think XD. His voice was still as beautiful as ever <333.

LY: I’ll have to speak honestly. Tell Ryeowook that I don’t actually think there has been that big a change. He wasn’t that fat, I don’t think.
RW: Thank you. 10 pounds (is it pounds or lbs? Wait that’s the same thing, eh? Omg I hate doing these cause I realise how dumb I actually am. But I love how Wook says 10 and holds up 8 fingers XDDD. Then in Korean…) because when I was little, I ate a lot (LMAO I LOVE HIS DEMONSTRATION).
LY: You don’t dare look at yourself? I don’t think it’s that bad.
RW: Not good.
LY: (to staff) Play it once more? They said to play it once more but I said no. Okay, so now we’ve seen Ryeowook. Siwon, what were you like back then? Do you still remember?
SW: I had wanted to be a singer too.


If for the next episode (cause I’ll be doing it this way for the next part too), you rather me just summarise, then let me know!


  1. Yay.

    Thankfully I can understand. Well the reading bits I’m slow at. But, seriously, my biggest impression from watching all four parts is that…


    Even in the previews, when he sings. He should get more singing parts. And the beat boxing. And his violin skills. I think I tried to play that song/cadenza that he did before and I totally failed. And he was so good.

  2. O___O Honey, how much time did you spend on this?!??!!??!

  3. dainty10
    Haha well I hope non-Chinese readers come across this. AHHH lol I haven’t watched the whole thing but I did read that Henry showed off his talents a lot and aldkfjfjksd can’t wait to see.

    LIKE 5 HOURS ON THE FIRST PART. I’m doing the second part now.


    Someone should come marry me *looks at Henry*.

  4. Ooh! I shall go see it now ^^

  5. ^LOL another reader who won’t need my long ass translations T_______T

  6. OK I WILL XDDDDDDDDD As a matter of fact, I’ll go buy your ring right now….


    OMG no wonder ur not online. SJM > ME?!?! RIGHT?!? I cant believe you, you blue worldling :@


    Er if I come on msn, it’ll slowen everything down. DUH.

    The whole world > YOU.

    Dw, there’s like 30 seconds left of the video so .. that’ll be 10 minutes :D. I’LL BE ON SOON, SEXY~

  8. OMGSHHH I LOVE YOU xDD. If only my mandarin was better ><. This show sounds really good *__* I’m eagerly awaiting the english subs.

    Ohh and type it up just like this for the next episode :):) unless of course, you find summarising easier. It’s just that this way makes the show sound really interesting and full of crack ^^.

  9. Oh wow, I just finished the first part and can I just say that Hangeng looks so much older, maybe it’s the hair but he doesn’t look ‘fresh’ anymore < ROFL

    And were they lipsyncing to Me? =(

  10. shazzii
    HI shazzii!!! :DDD. LOLOL so you’ll still be waiting for eng subs XDDDD. Haha well it’s watching things like this that will allow your mandarin to improve :D!

    Okay, I’ll type it out like this. It’s actually probably harder summarising because I always end up saying “then this happened and he said this. then they did this and they said this.” I’m glad I don’t kill the show then :P

    Awww! That’s really sad but funny XDDDD. Um, well he is sorta old when you think about it. Teuk is the only one who will stay looking like he’s 12 for all eternity xP.

  11. I was actually debating over whether I should watch it now or wait until english subs come out, but then the thought of my brother killing me for making our net die swayed me over. Although I’m pretty sure I won’t care about what he will do to me sooner or later and start watching anyway XD.

  12. ^Ah, bandwidth :/ That’s always a bit of a problem. My mum told me that since I went overseas, they only reached 16% of the net usage…whereas usually, it’s like … very close to 60+% XDD

    Henry: Bun?
    LY: Bun?
    Henry: Ah, these *grabs cheeks*
    OMG, I roared with laughter. OMG So adorable!!! <3

    考拉 means KOALA ROFL
    Zhoumi=KOALA?! That’s why he mentioned going back to a ZOO. LOL!!! *dies*

    Why did they zoom into Hangeng’s forehead?! Haha!!

    This show is actually pretty interesting because most of the shows they go on tend to turn out boring =\


    And yeah agree. Most of them ask the same things or…it’s just boring. So I’ve really enjoyed this :D.

  15. LOL ^^;; I’m heading off to camp next week, and I’m pretty sure our net usage isn’t going to be anywhere near what I can make it reach :D

  16. ^AHAHA well since you’re going to camp and no one will use the net, wouldn’t it be alright to youtube now? :D

  17. The thing is, we’ve almost exceeded our bandwidth and I’ve still got TWO more episodes of K-HYD to watch next week, which my brother will gladly download since he watches it too ^^.

  18. ^Oh wow even your brother watches BOF :F. Seriously, everyone’s watching it lasjfaklsdjfkljasdl it’s like epic. I love it so hard <33


    Because you’re awesome and people like me need the translations :). Thank youuu <3.

  20. ^And because I love you guys, of course <3333
    No problem :)!

  21. lol i could type up a huge long message to describe everything i loved about this show…but i need to in summary

    omg my face hurts cause i can’t stop smiling hahaha
    i miss super junior so much!

    oh gosh, my mouth is like stuck in a smile. pain..but happy pain =)

  22. ^I need sleep too :((((

    LMAO stuck in a smile. That happens to me when I think of Onew hahahahha~

  23. Ahhh..
    Thank god i found you!! This is really amazing!! Well, i live in indonesia and i don’t understand mandarin and a big fan of kyuhyun and happy to read your post!! Love you ^^
    plus a bit dissapointed because kyu is very quiet.. T.T
    i don’t see too much KH on your post.. Hehe..
    Thank you so much..

  24. hey candy =] just a little heads-up, they’ve got the english subbed version out =]

  25. ms.bluesky
    Haha no problem. Yeah Kyu really should speak more :)

    Thanks for letting me know!! Guess I won’t need to translate the other ep hehe :P

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