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090112 SJM on ‘A Date with Lu Yu’ Pt2

I might’ve messed up initials here and there because after a while, Y looked like W and everything was all the same T__T.

Continuing from 090112 SJM on ‘A Date with Lu Yu’ Pt1

Part 3 – Siwon responds to Lu Yu’s question on how he was like back when he auditioned for SM.

LY: Handsome. Very handsome.
SW: Er, actually pretty similar to what I am like now. My hair was very, not long…very short.
LY: Hair was short.

*meanwhile, Donghae whispers into Hangeng’s ear*

LY: What are you two talking about, Hangeng?
HG: He said…he whispers to me, ‘he (Siwon) has now gotten older’ – how do I say that? (LOL DONGHAE XDDD)
SW: *smiles* Yes! (acknowledging the fact. Aww!)
LY: Donghae, that’s called mature.
DH: Ah, right now, Siwon “ching chok” (LOLOL listen to the difference in pronunciation XDDDD).
SW: It’s already too late.
LY: He’s said that a bit too late.

Then it was sort of…awkward LOL. And Siwon just goes ‘aish’. Ahahahahaa. Odd moment XD.

LY: Kyuhyun, they said that you got some really good result for some Maths Olympiad. (to fans) What did he get? Premier’s award?
KH: It’s true (SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS. Okay, has he recently like gotten more surgery on his eyelids because I think his eyes are looking more and more beautiful *_____*)
LY: I never said it wasn’t. I’m just impressed.
HG: Kyuhyun is very clever (yes, we know :D) especially in the field of computer games. He’s very good.
Translator: Hangeng said not only are you clever but you’re also very good at computer games.

LY: So when you wanted to become a singer and had to give that up (I guess she meant the academics and not the games XD) did you find it a pity?
KH: (woah, he’s actually being serious for once lol. He answers in Korean.) I wanted to graduate from university before becoming a singer. But sometimes the opportunities come quicker than expected; anyway, I was thankful for it. I was only good at maths, I wasn’t good at other subjects. (SIF!)
LY: Okay, don’t be humble. To be good at one subject is already not easy.
KH: Ah, thank you.

LY: Zhou Mi almost worked in the same field as me – an MC.
ZM: Because at university, I majored in MCing (okay I doubt the subject was “MC” but, bear with me?); but honestly, I never intended on becoming an MC, I wanted to try to perform. After, I was practicing on becoming a performer and the day before the exam, my teacher came to me and said I should probably try studying MCing. And on the day just before the exams, I changed my course.

Then, a clip of Zhou Mi MCing! LOLLLL @ the promo clip XDD. One of the questions in the clip was “Answer yes or no to whether you have feelings for each other or not.” The girl answered yes and so did Zhou Mi. The next was whether they’d be willing to sacrifice themselves to allow the other to get promoted. And they both said “I’m willing” AWWWW. ARE THEY MARRIED? AND LOLOLOL THAT WAS THE VERY NEXT QUESTION. “Are you guys planning on getting married?” ROFL!!!!!!!

LY: That was Zhou Mi. Have you guys seen it? (Fans scream yes but she meant the members LOL)
ZM: I don’t think they actually know. Maybe because when I joined the company, I practised singing and sort of lessened the work I did for MCing. And what I did with everyone else was singing and dancing.

LY: Okay, so that is what Zhou Mi is like. Henry. Henry, at school, they say you were labelled as Leehom the second.
H: I don’t think…I don’t think you can say it like that (omg his voice is like so soft and sweet ;~;). I’m not as great as he is, not as super.
LY: The third? (LOLLL this woman has a sense of humour XD)
H: But one of my idols is Wang Leehom.
KY: But in terms of results, you and Kyuhyun’s weren’t that similar, right?
H: What is the meaning of ‘results’? (ROFLMAO. I GUESS THAT ANSWERS HER Q. But omg how cute was his smile…totally oblivious as to why fans were laughing.)
LY: Academic results.
H: Academics…oh! Tests? Whether I did well or not? You’re asking that?
LY: I’m saying you’re different to Kyuhyun. If he did well, you did not so well? Right?
H: Yeah because all of my tmie was spent on playing the violin, dancing, singing, so….but, er, well I don’t really do that bad in my tests. Pretty good, actually. (LMAO he is seriously the cutest. Like you know when you’re watching a series or movie and the actors sorta change their minds about what they’re saying half way and it’s funny? Well this is all natural and it’s genuine and it’s what makes me love Henry so much <3333). Because other students are all preparing for studies and I…because at our school, we have a lot of performances, so I prepared for performing while they prepared for exams. So everyday, my mum was “ARGHHHH” nagging me (LOLOLOL LAUGHING SO HARD AT HIS IMITATION XDDDDDD).

And then they play Henry’s audition clip *________*. You can see that he has become so much better and improved so much as a performer :).

LY: Can you hold the violin and play while you cry?
You can show some off. Play something. But you don’t need to cry.

Donghae gets up to fix Henry’s earpiece (HENHAE <33333) and says HWAITING~ Did you see Henry’s smug face? XDDD.

LY: Last time we talked about how Hangeng auditioned and progressed from there.

They play a clip and a roommate of Hangeng’s from Uni talks about him. He says that Hangeng is one who never admits defeat, always competing for #1. So he had a lot of faith in Hangeng when he went to audition. He goes on to say that Hangeng is one who would give all he has to achieve his goals. They also talk about girls who used to chase after Hangeng and that every time he returns to China, he calls them to go out to dinner and stuff.

Hankyung talks about how during audition times, he needed to use his money wisely because if he spent it on some things, he wouldn’t be able to eat the next day, or it’d just be instant noodles :((.

Part 4HG: There was a time when I spent money on a whole box of instant noodles and ate it for one month (That is so unhealthy :((. And I think he said something about his knee? Injuring it? And had to lie on a bed for a year?)

LY: Who else went through that sort of pain?
DH: When I was little, my family was quite poor. I have an older brother and together we experienced the same, hard journey. Every time I was facing difficulties, I would think that there are actually a lot more other people experiencing more pain than me (*wibble*). So ‘I’m lucky, I’m still okay’, I thought liked that. (And he’s tearing up, my poor baby :()

LY: So I just wanted to tell people that though they look very glamorous today, behind everyone is a story of hardships. Siwon, I know that you came from a very well-off background; now did your parents allow you to come out and be a singer? Does your family support you?
SW: Sort of. (Not sure why the audience booed…then, in korean…) To this day, it has been my parents who have been continuously supporting me. Though they don’t say it straight to my face, they have faith that I will do well.

Lu Yu then talks about how trainees go through … a lot. Lol. And they play a clip. I SEE SUPER JUNIOR :DDDD!

Voiceover: Trainees accepted into SM have to go through training of 2-4 years; some, even longer. If everything runs smoothly, they can debut; if not, then it’s unsure what date they can see “the light” (???)

LY: Was it hard being a trainee, Donghae?
DH: Firstly, I had wanted to become a singer. Though I thought that way, because things were difficult at home, I may have needed a way to make money.
LY: How many hours did you practice singing and dancing a day? Because Hangeng tells me, there were times when he practiced over 20 hours in one day.
HG: Yeah, it was during our debut song “Twins”.
DH: I love practising. If I wanted to eat, I’d have to go out and spend money. But training with them, they provided the meals and that saved a lot of money. (Omg, my heart just broke. This is so sad ;___;)
HG: Just like when I was in Korea. (So was Donghae talking about them practising in China? Sort of confused.)

And omg, Donghae, please don’t cry :'((((. At least there was KyuHae ^^. Lu Yu doesn’t want to make Donghae feel bad anymore so she moves onto Ryeowook.

LY: Ryeowook, during that period, was it Ryeowook? Who would cook?
Fans: Yes. (Lol, stalkers. Except everyone knew that ^^”)
LY: And then in the middle of the night, you would cook for (Fans call out Donghae), yes Donghae. So then, Ryeowook should be crying, not you, Donghae. Okay Ryeowook, so why did Donghae have you cook for him?
RW: Actually all our members are pretty good at cooking, (Omg that only makes me more ashamed to be a girl who can’t cook T___T.) but I like to take care of people …
SW: We can’t
RW: (in krn)Before Henry came in, I was the youngest and since I was the youngest, I felt I had a responsibility to take care of the hyungs. So I did things one by one and it was the same after coming to China.
KH: (this boy does not speak enough. in krn) That’s how I take care of them too. I’m also the magnae. At the start, they let me cook; but after eating, they told me never to cook again. (LOL, KYU! Then how are we going to live our married life if neither of us can cook? xDD.)
SW: But when he’s eating, he does very well.

LY: Hangeng, spill some secrets.
HG: I…
SW: Everyday, he, “don’t move”

Okay, Siwon totally confused me. Not sure what was going on. I think he was trying to say that Hangeng is like a grandpa and just doesn’t move and sits there?

DH: Ge ge is 26 yrs old (omg he knows his numbers ;___;).
SW: Next year, 27 yrs old.
DH: Mature, mature.

Siwon says more…random things. WTH SIWON, YOU’RE FAILING!?

LY: Henry and Zhou Mi, while you were trainees, did you think it was hard? Zhou Mi first.
ZM: It was hard. But I thought, since the both of us had a shorter training period…me and Henry got into SM at around the same time (AND MOVED IN WITH SHINee?????)…before debut, we had about 1 yr of training. Compared to other members, 5 yrs, 7 yrs, we may have been more relaxed; but when training, we focused on certain aspects. For example, in that year, we had to learn as much as what the others had in those 5-7 yrs – dancing, singing, korean. So in that year I was in Korean, I didn’t really go to any place to play around. Everyday was like a routine – company, dorm, academy.
LY: Did you ever think of giving up? During that time, did you ever thin of it?
ZM: No.
LY: Siwon?
SW: What did I do wrong?
LY: Nothing! I just wanted to know …
SW: I’m joking (LOL STOP FAILING, SIWON. This isn’t like you.)
LY: Because if it was me, I would think that it’s so tiring, a lot of pressure and for such a long period of time. Also, I wouldn’t know what’s waiting for me. Maybe during weak times, I’ll think “let’s give up”, thoughts like that. You guys never thought that way?
SW: Maybe once or twice. I did and they did. The future isn’t set, so we think that, if we work hard, eventually we’ll succeed. And it’s because of this, we continue working hard.

LY: What day was the happiest? When you knew you were debuting as Super Junior (M)? Before you 7 met? That day was the happiest, right?
ZM: Possibly the first day of recording. Because from when the members were confirmed to recording, there was quite a long period of time. So it was the moment we started recording, that it felt like M really is going to China. We’re really recording our own album. We were all waiting for the day to start recording.
LY: Ryeowook?
RW: While Zhou Mi was recording, he was really happy; but I was really scared.
LY: Because it was in Chinese?
RW: Yes, it was the first time I came across Chinese (LIES! What about ‘U’ Chinese version??) and Zhou Mi said ‘that’s wrong, that’s wrong, that’s wrong!’ (LOLL Wook is really funny here.) When listening to the album, it’s because of Zhou Mi, that I’m able to give 100% recording in Chinese.


Should I do them now too? I think it’ll start making me crazy…


  1. Put it in a cut cuz it looked messy. XD haha…well no, not really. Just felt like picking on you. Anyways toodlo I’m off to dinner now since both you guys arent on :(

  2. ^LMAO I was like “woah, my post was so long that wp automatically put it behind a cut”. And shush, I was just getting to that :P

    K come back soon. I’m about to sign on :)

  3. Ooh, Siwon actually FAILING? O___O This just makes me want to watch it more and more T_T;;

  4. ^Um, to say it in the nicest way possible…he sorta sucked. LOL. Like the problem with Siwon’s chinese is he says things but don’t connect them together. Everyone else has sorta learnt to do that. But him. XDD.

  5. Ohhh Donghae’s story was touching. His tears! T_T
    (LOL, KYU! Then how are we going to live our married life if neither of us can cook? xDD.)< I thought you wanted to marry Henry O_O You bad girl, you can’t have them all!! LoL

    The next episode looks so interesting!! Siwon imitating Henry on his violin crying. Aww. And Henry sings and beatboxes!

  6. oh! the next part is already out!

  7. ^LMAO yeah. But I’ll save it for another time. I…can’t continue writing LY, RW, SW, HG for another 10 hrs XD

    AND AHAHAHA. DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M LIKE. In my world, polygamy is allowed :D

  8. donghae…
    u make me cry too…

    hangeng… _mature mature_ hehehe…

  9. *squee* ILU, your commentary is so amazing, I can’t stop smiling and I haven’t even seen the show yet. :D :D

    Oh gosh, I can’t get enough of SJM. They’re just too much XD And I’m secretly pleased to see the tag for “SJ-M” is growing bigger in the tag cloud :3

    {Shhh…. I’m actually not supposed to be here right now. :P Bbl to spazz some more.}

  10. thank you very much for translation =)
    can’t get enough of those guys, they were born to be funny for my perverted pleasure X)

  11. iKka
    Hae is such a sensitive boy :'(

    Uh oh, are you another one who has exams? Because I feel guilty whenever people shouldn’t be here…and they’re here XD.

    LOL now that you mention it, the SJM tag is in fact very small O.o And they’ve debuted for longer than SHINee. I am so biased :((

    No problem!

    they were born to be funny for my perverted pleasure


  12. thanks so much for translating! i know some mandarin but it’s great to have the script there in case i get lots at some of the more advanced words hehe

  13. “At the start, they let me cook; but after eating, they told me never to cook again.”
    hHAHAHAHAHA this made me laugh xD
    and don’t be sad, i only cook things that makes ppl fat ><
    Hannie the Chinese prince is already 26? O_______O
    thaaaaaaaanks <3

  14. luna
    No problem! Haha I’m glad it’s helpful enough :))

    Lol at least you can cook food for people to eat! Hankyung is turning 25 this year so Hae was probably referring to Krn age :)

  15. soooo is there a next part I can look forward too? I would love to see my Henry singing and beatboxing and stuff =P haha

  16. ^The next part is already up, I just haven’t had time to watch it yet :(

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