Posted by: lovediaries | January 16, 2009

090116 – Kim Junho Debut – Entertainment World News

::EDIT:: abc123zyx has linked us to the SUBBED CLIP :D!

{credit: Aethiopeia2 @ youtube}

5 MINUTES OF JUNHO GOODNESS. WHO CARES IF ITS SUBBED OR NOT? This just shows how much I love this guy because I don’t even watch unsubbed SHINee videos O.o. Oh and Junsu visits while Junho is shooting his thing. He also works out and omg his arms *_________*. He’s so buff it makes me scared and happy at the same time. And then you see cute little Junsu looking scrawny in comparison ^^”. I heard “dongsaeng” like 50 million times in the video. They have such a loving relationship <3333.

Far out, Junsu has like the best relationships in the world. He has bestie Hyuk and hottest twin brother Junho. IM SO JEALOUS.

When I heard he was going to debut, I like CRIED. I cannot wait for his soymilk CF :D. I hate soymilk but still. It’s Junho. He makes everything better :D.


  1. Is Junho under SM too?

  2. @ paperteuk: I don’t think that Junho is under any entertainment company. I don’t understand Korean, but from the looks of the video, it seems like that his appearance of Star Friend (with Junsu) a few months ago got him scouted out by a few companies. He looks like he’s going to be going into modeling?

    I was kinda waiting for this. I mean, he’s so attractive and already has the Kim-family-charisma and the instant-exposure of being Junsu’s older brother.

    It’s so cuuuute how Junsu is so supportive of him. At one point, it looked like he was giving Junho modeling tips!

  3. ^ Junho has been training with an agency, not SM :) He was training to be an actor.

    Read the article at allkpop –>

    Haha. Yay for Junho’s debut <3 I love the Kimjuntwins xD

  4. “When I heard he was going to debut, I like CRIED. I cannot wait for his soymilk CF :D. I hate soymilk but still.”

    That line is amazing, bb.

  5. hmmmmmm…… I still like Junsu more <3
    is Junho the older twin?

  6. ^From what I know, Junho is slightly older but they act like the age gap is larger. Like brothers, not twins if that makes sense.^^

    Hm, Junho always struck me as really shy but I guess not. I hate soy milk too, but I’d probably drink a gallon of pomegranate juice for Lee Jun Ki so who knows after the CF airs…^^

  7. paperteuk
    I doubt it because the promotion done for Junho isn’t really the way SM works, if you know what I mean?

    He’ll be debuting as an actor actually (chrestos has provided an article) but it would be no surprise if he turns out doing a lot of CFs…especially of the exercising, body building type XDDDD.

    I loved that part where Junsu walks in to fix Junho’s hair ^^

    I have been in love with this guy since like…forever hahahah and I’m finally getting one step closer :DD

    buahaha thank you <3

    Junho is older by a few minutes :)

    Yeah they do act like brothers more than twins. I think it’s also cause Junho looks so much bigger in comparison, you picture him being the protective older brother? Well he is the older one, but still XD.

    HAHAHA that’s exactly what I was saying to PAS. She was like, if the milk sold in Australia, I’d go buy it; and I told her I would drink every last drop :D

  8. I hate soy milk, but I would totally drink the brand he’s promoting. The bond between them is so cute/sweet <3.

    subbed :)

  9. ^So it really would be a good idea to use Junho to promote something as icky as soymilk :D

    Thanks for the clip <33333

  10. omg i wana see junsu and junho collaborate =) i still remember on a show, junsu was so excited that he could call junho =) and i agree, he does have the best relationships

    btw have you heard dbsk’s a capella version of the haha song? lol

    it’s quite awesome =) yunho’s part was amazing haha (i’m totally off topic, now back to junho hahah)

    the soy milk thing was AODRABLE omg i wanna see junho act! *excited* hehehe =)

  11. I’m still a little upset with Jun Ho debuting. Not because I dislike him or anything like that, its more like…Jun Ho should know BEST on how hard the ent. business is. idk why he would want to risk himself in that business if he sees his brother suffer.

    I wish him luck though…as Kim Jun Ho, not Kim Jun Su’s twin brother. I wish he could make a name of his own, not be labeled as Jun Su’s brother (same goes to Lee Wan cause he’s always labeled with Kim Tae Hee).

  12. Ah, thought so. I guess after seeing what Junsu went through, Junho was smart enough not to go with SM…

    … besides, Junho doesn’t seem the SM-ey type. o.o

  13. koko
    Haha that was on Come to Play. One of the best variety show appearances by DBSK, imo :).

    And thank you for the link <33 I’ll post it asap!

    I know! I totally wondered that as well. (Like, yes, I’m totally excited for his debut but I really wouldn’t have minded all that much if he stayed out of the entertainment circle.)

    And I agree with everything you said. I hope as time goes on, they focus less and less in that he’s Kim Junsu’s twin brother.

    That’s another reason! I wonder if SM asked though…:/

  14. I’ve seen him on a show where he was doing all the female dances? XD it was kinda cute!

    No one shoot me… but part of me believes that the major reasons for him debuting:
    his brother and his physique/looks

    ok shoot me now =)

  15. ^*shoots you* lol idk, maybe he thought acting > baseball? XDD.

    Haha that show was introducing star friends. did you end up watching the whole ep?

  16. i love u JunHo

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