Posted by: lovediaries | January 17, 2009

SJM Semir Commercial


Click HERE to watch in HQ.

I think my face would’ve been an interesting thing to see while I was watching this CF because I didn’t know what to expect.

It went from ‘_’ to O_o to O_O to


And that is only a slight exaggeration ;)

What happens is, Hangeng, Donghae and Siwon come out dancing and their clothes just keep changing and changing and it’s just really cool kljadjfldfsdf. They have solo time and you see the other members too.

The choreography is awesome, the clothes are colourful (is this really SJM???) and Siwon’s hair is ridiculous. BUT he looks really tall in his solo parts. AND OMG HENRY AND HIS BEANIE WITH THE DANGLY THINGIES AND THE TOP OF HIS HEAD STICKING OUT. And did y’all see Kyu do his lil stand on hand for one second on the stairs? That was him, right? Cause his outfit changed to the one he was later wearing. But um WHERES WOOK? I think I’ve watched those 30 seconds 10 times and I still can’t spot him…okay I see him at 0.27. Um…WHAT? He got like one second screentime. Is that even him?

Afterwards they just talk about the New Year and stuff. Love how Hankyung finishes talking and Donghae sticks his arm out to Zhou Mi for him to speak :)

p.s pinkandsparkly HAS COME TO JOIN ME IN HK :D. She’ll be holidaying overseas for a few weeks so she’ll be MIA for a while.



    I like that shiny-glittery-flashing thing you have here hahaha. I want to see more of SJM in colorful clothing :D.

  2. ^I KNOW! I need one of those beanie things. Like I’ve wanted one of those things for ages and I keep seeing everyone wearing them. Argh T_T.

    I know! SJM look awesome in colourful clothing but maybe cause black/white/grey make them look more mature? :(

    Teehee…except it sorta gives you a headache if you stare into it for too long. I hope no one complains XD

  3. OMG that was so awesome! for once, SJM filmed something that didn’t look that cheap! yay!!! =)

    i liked most of the clothes, they all looked so warm >.< i’m currently freezing the high temperature here is like 5 degrees fahrenheit *joy* lol

    the music was really cool, but the beat of it reminded me of SHINee’s booluh and peenkuh commercial music a bit hahaha (minus the singing haha) idk

    actually i jsut listend to the booluh and peenkuh cf again and it doesn’t really sound like it nvmd hahhaa

    and i couldnt find wookie either =(wah i’ve been too absorbed in SHINee (mostly onew haha) to pay attention to SJM sorry SJM! hahaha i do miss them though and i hope their album comes out soon too =)

    i’m also hoping they’ll be in china when i go this summer haha yay
    and btw, nice sparkly smiley hahaha

  4. From ‘_’ to O_o to O_O to *__*??! LMAO, what’s with the first one? BAHAH
    *Bangs keyboard* The one minute clip took ages to load because my internet speed throttled T_T

    I had to watch it twice to see RyeowooK!! What is the meaning of this?!?!??! And only his side view was shown! Shocking!!
    The clothes were so awesome though. They should totally wear colors instead of blacks and whites. xD

  5. is it just me or does siwon look… his face? it looks..i less chiseled o.O

    and wookie’s not in the commercial at all =[[[ thats siwon at :27 after the person finished turning, siwon literally popped up in same clothes after they show like hankyung and the others… his hair was like..*WHOOSH*ing around so it looked like ryeowook, get me? =P

    and can you tell who’s standing left to right in the commentary part of the commercial? who’s that all the way on the left next to henry? is that ryeowook? he looks…bigger O.O

    it LOOKS like its some guy, henry, donghae, hankyung, siwon, kyuhyun and zhou mi…but that “some guy” would have to be ryeowook..and he looks strange..maybe its just me >.<

  6. I load the main page, and the first thing that pops out at me is that giant, sparkly *______* And the first thing that I think is “Do I dazzle you~?” lol.

    I really enjoyed that commerical. But I would probably enjoy anything with SJM in it, lol. I’m so biased.

    @Koko “OMG that was so awesome! for once, SJM filmed something that didn’t look that cheap! yay!!! =)

    ROFL!!! It’s sad, but it’s kinda true. I don’t think I’ve ever seen SJM wear so many different outfits before, haha. XD

    But what’s going on with Donghae’s hair? Was this commercial filmed at various times? Because at first his hair is long…. and then during the commentary it’s short again. Same with Siwon. 0_o

    Random aside: I find it kind of amusing that everyone has been consumed by SHINee fandom lately, while I personally feel a little guilty because I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with them. I think I need to watch some more fail!Onew :3


    lol j/k j/k! I hope you guys are having fun! Wish I was there~

  8. OMG.
    that was so cool~~ ^^
    HAN GENG <3 Dancing idols. *swoon*
    Kyuhyun did a handstand!!! GO KYU!
    Donghae~ Bringing sexy back. xD
    HENRY!!! <3 mochi mochi.
    Siwon~ Exercising as usual. lol
    ZHOUMI and RYEOWOOK are barely seen. TT_TT

    oh well…. *cries*

  9. Wookie and Mimi appears so quickly O_O
    Mimi in 0:26s and Wookie in 0:27, veeeeeery quickly O_O

  10. koko
    I really liked the clothes too but probably too colorful for emo people like me XDD. I bought this bright purple top the other day and I got home and went “damn, that is way too bright for me.”

    Hahaha being absorbed in SHINee is good. I APPROVE :D

    LOL cause I was still tired and my eyes were squinting? Don’t question my emoticons!!

    Probably SM wants to keep colors for SHINee and SNSD? :/

    Hahah well it was from a while ago and he had longer hair so his jawline would’ve been mostly hidden? idk XD.

    Really? I honestly thought it was Wook at 0.27…:/ I thought they were just in similar clothes. Perhaps there’s a part two?

    Um..HAHA lol that is Ryeowook next to Henry XDD!

    LOLOL Yes, you’re the reason for my rainbow-y background ;) (woah, you dazzled me so much I originally spelt background as brakcound O.o)

    The commercial was filmed a while ago. You can tell by Siwon’s hair .. he had hair like that for his 12+ CF with Kyu and, yeah, that was from a while ago. Since they just released it, I guess they filmed the NY part just then which would explain the change in haircut :)

    LOLOL I wonder if I’m partially responsible for readers being consumed in SHINee. Well, I’d like to think I am AHAHAHAHA *bricked*.

    WE ARE HAVING LOADS OF FUN :D! Well we did today, anyway ^^. Or, at least, I did LOL!

    Yes to *____*. Haha yeah at the start, Donghae and Hangeng had rly similar moves and then Siwon’s off doing chin-ups on the other side ahahhaa

    So then it was Wook at 0.27? Hmm I’m sure I saw Zhou Mi for more than one second :/

  11. YAYYAYAY!!!! THEY GOT NEW CLOTHES!!! and alot to make up for the past =P

  12. ^LOLOL I know eh XD

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