Posted by: beckery | January 19, 2009

Big Bang HYD/ BBF Parody Subbed

Part 1 || Part 2

I am totally LOVING all the parodies thats flooding in these days XD This was from Big Bang’s Global Warning Concert Tour, which I’m actually thinking of buying cuz it looks really good *__*

Oh and for those who dont know, HYD = Hana Yori Dango/BBF = Boys Over Flowers. The boys adapt the Japanese names of the characters in HYD so:

TOP = Domyoji Tsukasa/Goo Joon Pyo
GDragon = Hanazawa Rui/Yoon Ji Hoo
Daesung = Makino Tsukushi/Geum Jan Di [YES, DAESUNG AS THE GIRL ROFL]
Seungri = Mimasaka Akira/Song Woo Bin
Taeyang = Nishikado Sojiro/So Yi Jung

Daesung looks sooooo gender confused in his piggy tails and skirt hahaha. Out of all the boys, I guess he fits the role most but STIL XDDD The intro where the F4 boys walk in was HAWT! Taeyang looks great in his suit and hat, GD is just way too cute to be Rui with his bow tie, Seung Ri looks so mature for his age in the spiffy suit and spiked hair and TOP is just dead sexy as Domyoji *___* He has slightlywavy hair but its not hardcore permed like Minho’s in BBF HAHA.

So the F4 boys are lounging around eating/drinking and TOP is being all >:@ about the food, whilst GD is sitting there looking like a nerd lol. Daesung walks past and is too busy ogling at GD (who wouldnt?!?!) and accidentally bumps into TOP and pours water all over him. Daesung proceeds to sneeze in TOPs face (EWWW). TOP being the A grade jerk he is (and I must say he acts the role really well XD) gets all aggro and pushes poor Daesung to the ground. So they both get into an argument and TOPs expression at 2.13 just about kills me HAHAHA RETARD MUCH!?!

TOP declares war on Daesung and keeps picking on him. Whilst, GD being the mysterious and cold Rui subtlely helps Daesung out. I think GD is just way, way, WAY too cute to play Rui :D I keep wanting to pinch his cheeks instead of swooning over his mysteriousness. Then theres the typical Rui/Makino stairway scenes where GD gets a blast of Daesung’s sneeze haha. Talk about uncontrollable sneezing XD GD gives Daesung his handkerchief and we then see Daesung acting all obsessive over it by sniffing the handkerchief and practically drowning in the scent lol. Dont you just love my descriptions? ♥

He then bumps into TOP and they go all out at eachother again, with Daesung ending it with a punch. Which they do in   v  e   r   y    s    l   o   w   m   o     t    i    o    n. BTW WATCH THEIR EXPRESSIONS!! ROFL. Oh and then add in a cliche accidental kiss on the lips with heaps of O____O expressions and Seungri licking his lips (♥__♥) and we finish part 1.

Daesung gets all upset over his “precious first kiss” and gets consoled by GD. ROFL at the part where GD leans in and Daesung is all pouted mouth and closed eyes ready for the kiss only to get GD pinch his nose and say “Why is your nose running?” ^_________^ TOP watches all this and gets insanely jealous. Him and GD get into a fight with a few punches here and there. Isnt it funny how TOP and GD are always the ones getting into fights with eachother? The Haru Haru MV and now this hahaha.

So then F4 minus GD are talking and Seungri and Taeyang are confronting TOP about the whole issue and he denies that he doesnt like her. Hiss “no no no no NO NOOO” at 3.25 is sooo funny. Looks like he’s getting possessed haha idek! GD comes in to say he’s leaving for France and the boys kiss (well not literally) and make up. That group hug was so darn sweet ♥♥♥♥♥ Makes me wanna be right smack in the middle of it :DDDD

The ending is just TOP forcing Daesung to go on a date with him. And um a lil mouth rape and a whole bunch of molesting! LOOK WHERE HIS HANDS ARE RUBBING!! LOLOL


  1. ROFL i just watched the first part and ROFL. if only my parents werent asleep, i would be laughing so loud.
    LOL DAESUNG MAKES SUCH A PRETTY GIRL ! im jealous of her pony tails :( he ( LOL i typed she before) and gdragon are so hilarious. and top looks sooooooo freakennnn HANDSOME ! gosh, you never see those kind of guys walking in front of me.
    and that scene where they kissed HAHAAHHAAHAHA. i LOVED the way seung ri licked his lips OMFG

  2. I loveed this. lol
    He has a nice wig. LOL
    It’s sad that GD is the Rui cause he’s shorter than Tsukushi. :))
    SEUNGRIII!!! He fits Akira, yes, but older women?! nuuu… DONGSAENGS are BETTAR. LOL. jk

    That was so entertaining
    I liked it!! It was so funny when they added random english words and when Top goes ‘shit’. Hahah
    The group hug was adorable <3
    I loved Daesung’s expressions~
    Do the kisses look real or what? I’m sure they touched lips in the first one but the second one, whoa… it looked real

  4. GAHHH that was too funny. haha top is like unleashing a funny side! omg i love gdragon even more now hes just soooo cute i wanna just pinch his cheeks and hug him all day! lol i loved it when top was like “shit” after he kissed. hmm the kisses looked a little “real” i mean obviously i hope they dont really kiss but it sureee looked like it :]

  5. ROFL to the first part and then like the ultimate KYAAAH on the second part. I haven’t started watching BBF (because I watched ALL OF Meteor Garden a long time ago, and that’s enough I felt…) But the Kyaaaaahing was definitely to the Korean vsn of the song that was in MG. I was like… oh the memories. >.<

    But omg, TOP makes the best Domyouji (or as I call it… DaoMingSi/Pineapple Hair). Gah. The arrogance the acting. :D

    And everytime they kissed I was like @____________@. It’s just too funny.

  6. Katherine
    LOL. My parents were asleep and I was still laughing really loud XD Seriously, why is everyone so considerate. Makes me sound like an inconsiderate daughter haha.

    DAESUNG MAKES A GENDER CONFUSED GIRL! ROFLMAO. Seriously, he looked soooo awkward in his pony tails. But man man man TOP WAS SO SEXY.AND I KNOW RIGHT. Seungri is soooo bad for me. Why is he younger than me?!?! :((

    Omg was it a wig? Seriously? LOL I thought it was real O_O. I too was thinking, GD is a bit um height insufficient to be the Rui in my mind XD. Have you seen Oguri Shun as Rui in HYD? Seriously, he pawnsss~ PAS and I are both crazy over how good of a Rui he was.

    Yea I forgot to add the bits about the english words, but they were hilarious right. Especially when TOP looks around then goes “shit” and Daesung runs out and goes “OH MY GAWWWDD” HAHAHAHA. I thik TOP put his hands over Daesungs lips in the second kiss. Doubt it if they were pulling a Heechul (T_T)

    I’ve always loved GD haha. My favourite BB boy right there <3 I mean yea sometimes he’s fashions are a bit questionable but seriously, the boy is such a cutie pie XDD Like I said to purplefanatic, I doubt it if the kisses were real lol.

    Awww YOU SHOULD WATCH BBF!!! According to Pinkandsparkly its the “in” thing atm. Haha. She was giving me a hard time for not watching it cuz I wanted to wait till the whole thing was out instead of having to wait every week. But yea after her “you are so not cool” talk, I started and have been addicted ever since. ITS SERIOUSLY GOOD! Like yea Meteor Garden was good (though I dont remember it at all :/) and Hana Yori Dango was AWESOME (I loved it sooo much) but BOF has its own good points too. Like sexy Minho and cutie Kim Bum. WATCH IT!!! XDDDDD

    And omg omg I was waiting for someone to notice the last song! I LOVE THAT SONG SO HARD! Qing Fei De Yi! Love love love that song. I have the Korean version too XD

  7. The ending is just TOP forcing Daesung to go on a date with him. And um a lil mouth rape and a whole bunch of molesting! LOOK WHERE HIS HANDS ARE RUBBING!! LOLOL

    OMG, LOL at you throwing this in at the end all nonchalantly. LOLOLOL. Haha, your description had me dying! I actually started watching this last night without subs but I was too weirded out by girl!Daesung to keep watching. I’m sorry but really, couldn’t GD have been the girl? He would have at least been a smidge more believable. Oh, but TOP as Domyoji was hilarious! His exaggerated acting was brilliant – LOL. Ah, after reading your description though, I’ll have to watch it entirely. I’m a little scared…

  8. ROFL. Trust me I was anything but nonchalant about it. I went from “aww its ending” to O_O OMG TOP IS SUCH A PERVERT!!! HAHHAHAHA Glad you liked my description though :D The whole thing was so funny I felt I didnt do it enough justice. I forgot to mention alot of stuff like the random english. I was literally LOLing at it hahahah. Yea, now that everyone’s mentioned it, I think GD would have made a better girl. XDD

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