Posted by: beckery | January 19, 2009

TaeGoon debut performances

090117 Intro + Call Me – Music Core

090118 Call Me – Inkigayo

I actually like his song “Call Me”. Although its nothing very outstanding, it has a nice beat, he has a pretty good voice and the “Call me call me” part is REALLY addictive XDD And yes, he’s not extremely handsome, but he’s quite attractive, no? So yea, I was looking forward to his live performances.

Lol, I’m not being hating and I understand its hard to perform live with the hardcore choreo. But really, I would’ve liked to hear how good his lives are. It might not be great in the first few performances, but I’d appreciate it never-the-less. Then again, I could be completely wrong and he did perform live, though it sure doesnt sound like it :/ ::EDIT:: ROFL according to laflor501 the MuBank one was live, so I umm dont know anymore…

Anyhow, people have been saying he reminds them of Rain and Se7en and I definitely agree, especially to Se7en! Not only those sexy dance moves (we have a dance machine in the making right here XD), but his lips especially reminds me of Se7en!  I think that came off quite stalkerish lol.

But man, the choreo screams HOT! I think TaeGoon has some great stage presence and his dancing is sweeetttt. Some nice moves especially those hip thrusts at “call me call me” is just OMG *____* JKLDJFLSJFDL. Poor boy was probably really nervous on Music Core though, did you see the amount of sweat?!! lol.

Listening to his mini album at the moment. Might do a review for it when I have time :D Or candychu might haha. But definitely a new artist I’ll try to follow!


  1. From what I remember, those weren’t hip thrusts. They were actually “keep feet together and sway from side to side in a ghei manner”…but it’s whats stuck to me :DDD. call me call me~.

    LOLOL I said 2 days ago I’d do his review. I will get down to it, I promise…*twiddles thumbs* :DDD

  2. Only saw Music Core, but he was live from what I heard. Even from the MV I thought he looked like Se7en. It is the lips! On that note, Se7en where are you?!?
    I think the chorus may have been designed specifically to be catchy, both in terms of lyrics and dance moves. Look at the Wonder Girls-Tell Me was a work of genius b/c everybody could sing and dance it. Everybody. Good move for a new artist.

  3. The first one seems (more like sounds) semi-live for me. He has his own pretty loud back-vocal and he himself is almost inaudible. So when I heard him at last it was such… mmm… like just sillables, like sound here – sound there. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s my impression. His dancing is good (but who’s is not?). He did not impress me much.

  4. Poor thing, he was so nervous, just like SHINee was when they first debuted. I love his hair, or was it just his sweat wetting the hair so it fell all over his face? well anyways i thought it was cool,i dont think any other star has that type of hair. He sure looked nervous his foot movements were shaky at times, and i can see him breathing a little hard. hmm me too i think i would love to hear him live, or maybe it was the mic’s problemo. i feel he’s gonna be a big hit, this song is sooo addictive :]

    i actually enjoyed the 2nd link more just cuz it looked like he was less nervous and he smiled a whole lot more..his smile kills btw :] he looks cute but i cant really see his face much thanks to all that awesome hair of his :]

  5. edit edit ~ i forgot to talk about him, i got so carried away with his smile :] ok well he looks like a skinnier- less buffier version of rain :] gahh thats all i had to say but i just wanted to let everyone know :D

  6. ohmygosh im a big spazz i forgot another thing. ok hope its the last thing, well TaeGoon is Jae’s childhood friend, idk if u’ve known that but yeahh THANK ME ALL YOU WANT<33 haha jk but yeah big fun fact for u :]

  7. I thought the same thing! He does look like Se7en! The performance was pretty good. The song’s catchy.
    I think he’ll do well!

  8. I really liked his performance – Music Core, I didn’t watch the other one yet. I don’t know how well he can sing – I don’t think MC was really live because you can tell he started off singing but his mic died or something so you only seem to hear him at the ‘call me, call me’ parts afterwards. His dancing is great though – I almost didn’t even care that he wasn’t singing. He may not be the hottest guy but his dancing makes him way more appealing.

    I dunno – I like him and since I’m not well acquainted with Se7en, I can’t say much about the comparison. He needs to change that hairstyle though – it looks good in pictures but not on stage. Oh, and did you know the 17th, the day of the Music Core perf., was his birthday? Yah, yah, he just turned 23. Anyway, he seems like a cool guy and I really like Call Me – it’s infectious – so I intend to keep an eye on him too.

  9. Candies
    Yea ok whatever they are, they’re pretty hot. Well to me anyways ok. And I’m still waiting for that review =P You should skip sleep for tonight and get that done HAHA XDDD

    IT IS THE LIPS RIGHT?! I thought I was the only one who thought so. He has nice, fat, pouty lips like se7en haha. I miss se7en. He should come back to Korea already :(((( Instead of never debuting in America, just come back to Korea and we’ll open our arms wide open for him right right? </3

    I know. Thats why I said the song wasnt outstanding in any sense. No meaningful lyrics, no insanely beautiful tune, and just nothing extraodinary. The typical addictive chorus. But hey it attracts us like flies haha.

    Aww he didnt impress you? Like I didnt go “WOW OMG YOU ARE AMAZING I LOVE YOU ALREADY” but I gotta give him some credit to his dance skills haha. I’m a sucker for awesome dancers XD As for lives, I think that its semi like you stated. I could hear him at some parts, but in others it was just very CD quality.Hopefully he’ll go on more shows so we can see his true personality. Thats whats more important yes?

    LOL. I actually wasnt looking that carefully to notice his shaky foot movements. But wow if you saw it then poor boy must be really nervous. Its normal I guess. He still did a kick ass job at the dance despite his nervousness.

    YEAA I noticed that he smiled a whole lot more during Inki and that boy has a damn nice smile *___*

    HAHAH YOU’RE SO CUTE *squishes you*. You can spazz all you want honey. But yea I already know that he’s Jae’s childhood friend hence Jae starring in his MV =PP

    I think he’ll do well too. As long has he has a great personality and keeps those awesome dance moves coming then he’ll be fine XD

    Yeap, he has great stage presence. And a whole lot of charisma. Its like Rain really. Rain as a singer for me is so-so but he’s performances are always amazing. So much energy, so much charisma, so much stage presence. It demands your attention. XD

    Im not too fussy about his hair style. Its not soo bad. But I’d like to get a better look at that face if possible. The hair makes me wanna get a hairclip and clip it back so I can see his face properly lol. And nope, i didnt know the 17th was his bday. Great way to celebrate it :D

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