Posted by: lovediaries | January 20, 2009

090117 SHINee – AMIGO

Thanks again tristabelle for the link!! <333

CLICK to watch in HD!

I saw this gif of Taemin dancing in “Amigo” where the cameraman was being a total pervert and shooting from a low angle of Taemin’s crotch legs. And yeah, this was where it came from.

They’re in brown, black and white – new outfits :D. Mmm…chocolate *licks lips*. Which reminds me, there’s this shop here in HK called “Chocoolate” and it’s for Men’s fashion which is really funny because it’s a really girly name. It was nice seeing Key & Jonghyun in some dark pants. I know it’s not their first time lol but you still have Onew and Minho in white XD.

Key is still having sex with the camera 8D.

And random story for you all. I’ve been going out with pinkandsparkly and her friend for the past couple of days and yesterday we went to MUJI in Tsim Sha Tsui (the one in Harbour City). If you happen to go there, check out our little graffiti on the paper in front of all their stationery. You’ll see “Let’s All Eat Candy” there :DD.


  1. I love how your posts can be so random.

    Key and Jonghyun in dark pants and Onew and Minho in white and oh yeah Key is having sex with the camera.

    lol what!

  2. ^LOL yes, see you love my randomness :DDD

  3. yes, yes, I do love it, I admit it.

  4. ^YAY :D/ teehee~

  5. Ahhh really nice… except all of a sudden I was watching and then…

    I fell off the chair…

    actually not being a pervert or anything… but all their pants were… pretty revealing? =_=/

    I want them to release a new song… yes I am greedy!!!

  6. ^LOL well I knew it was coming so I was just waiting for it :DD.

    New song? I just want to watch “Forever or Never” live…but now they’re having a break which is good for them! But, I didn’t get what I wanted XD

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