Posted by: lovediaries | January 20, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Subbed Ep5

I decide I’ll summarise the eps better than what I’ve been doing ^^” because I need to keep my fingers busy while I’m watching lol. Editing the post as I watch :).

EP5 (en) (chi) – :((((((((( Jandi continues to get bullied and while she’s getting thrown waterbombs (I think that’s what they are, because they’re too round and colorful to be veggies and they have a lot of water in them XD) she keeps thinking back to when Jihoo would come to her rescue *sobs*.

The song they play is the instrumental to my favourite track off the OST (they then play the actual song). I don’t know the name of the song but it is saaaaaaaaaaaad. And there’s English in it. Like I’m waiting for you and You let me know or something emo like that lol I actually don’t know what the singer is singing but the song is beautiful nonetheless.

Just when Jandi is convinced no one will ever come to save her again, Junpyo comes AND OMG BRAIN EXPLODES AND SO DO MY GOOSEBUMPS. He tells them (well, more like yells at them) all to get lost and pushes them away and aldjkfjflakfjd Junpyo <33333333. *replays like 50 million times*. Even though all that bullying is because of Junpyo, I was still touched by the way he held onto her and said, simply, mianhe. *____*. CRYING.

So Junpyo takes Jandi back to his place and WIPES HER FEET CLEAN. Even though he’s insulting her, he’s still being so gentle towards her. But ouch to all her boo-boos :(. He goes to wipe her face and lingers for just a moment longer over her lips (well, his finger – not his face) XD. Guess it was too much for him cause he chucks the towel into her face ahahahaha.

Minji is taken in by Woobin and Eejung and Junpyo is given her school yearbook from primary? Junpyo then remembers back to when they were in primary and AWWWWWWWWWW at all the little kids ;DDDDD! But gosh, even as a boy, Junpyo was a jerk O.o. Poor Minji, no wonder she’s crazy in the head…(the actress is really pretty though and she’ll be going on WGM with Junjin!!!!!!)

Junpyo goes back to Jandi’s room to look for her and he’s in silk pjs! Love how Jandi still wears the same man pjs LOL. Love when he crawls over her to get the first-aid kit ^^. Then he puts a bandaid on her nose (AWWW) and applies cream to her cuts which is really gross because I would never EVER touch someone else’s scab. She falls asleep and he tucks her AND KISSES HER ON HER HEAD. Soooooooooo cute :3!!!!

The next morning, Junpyo goes to pay Jandi’s family a visit; and the look he gave her brother and parents was so hot *_____*. He then eats food that they’ve cooked and AHAHAA love how he sits above on a chair while the three are kneeling before him XD. He has no idea what he’s eating but when he’s finally able to name a dish, Jandi’s parents are so excited and Junpyo smiles smugly to himself … but then he eats it wrong LOLOL.

Back at school, the students tease Minji for having surgery. Jandi sticks up for her but upon seeing her, she slaps Minji not once, but twice.

Junpyo then announces in front of other students that Jandi is his girlfriend. Ginger faints LOLOL. Junpyo tells people that from now on, Jandi is allowed to do as she wishes or something like that and then *cue in dramatic music* Jihoo walks in saying “To that decision, I object” !!!!!! Honestly though, Jihoo’s return pretty much came off as an anti-climax :/.

My computer is hating on me and making youtube lag like crazy so I’ll be closing some windows. They go on holidays in this ep too :D!


  1. omg i just finished watching this episode and this is horrible, but but i’m totally falling in love kim bum’s character haha. i love the pat when they’re on vacation and him and the main girl’s best friend (i fail at names hahaha) are on that biiiiiggg hill hehehe =)

    but omg the place they vacation to is GORGEOUS. i’m jealous haha

    and yeah, i agree, jihoo coming is was a bit anti-climactic. i love his character, but but idk oguri shun still is the rui in my mind and kim bum is making like his character SOOOO much hahaha.

    just a quick question though, how exactly was junpyo supposed to eat that fish anyways? but yeah, it was really cute when he got all excited about what the name of the dish was =)

    lol i’m so random with my comments haha. they are so scattered. oh well, that’s just how my brain works i guess lol

    haha and LOL at “I think that’s what they are, because they’re too round and colorful to be veggies and they have a lot of water in them XD”

  2. ^Haha it’s okay! That’s why I ended up doing my post like this because otherwise my brain goes all over the place. But I never watched the last part of that ep cause I couldnt find it on the account I follow :/

    Anyway I know! I think part of the reason I am so so sooooo in love with Junpyo & Ee Jung is because how good looking the actors are. I feel shallow but at least they can act!

  3. Ahh, the part where Junpyo saves Jandi and just cradles her in his arms. That has got to be my favorite part in the entire series so far. Amidst all the chaos it felt time almost stood still. It felt really comforting. Imagine you’re Jandi and Goo Junpyo suddenly leans down and holds you protectively. *faints* I actually feel really bad for the actress Gu Hye Sun. She got bombarded with tomato juice water balloons and then got consistently blasted with a fire extinguisher. Major props to her for putting up with all that.

    Oh yeah, supposedly little Junpyo was reading the book “Knowing the Position of the Stars: Spring, Summer. Fall, Winter.” I’m so excited!! It’s almost foreshadowing his Kissing Star necklace gift to Jandi *_*

  4. ^Yes I really liked that scene! Though the bullying was really violent and unacceptable, it was sweet how he came to her rescue and all was just forgiven *swoon*. But yeah, out of all the versions of BOF, Goo Hyesun has put up with the worst bullying. Except Barbie did get punched in the face…

    And haha I didn’t even notice what book little Junpyo was reading. I hope their necklace is prettier than the Jap one though XD (The tw one was really nice!)

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