Posted by: lovediaries | January 20, 2009

DBSK Ha Ha Ha Song Acapella Version

Okay so we suck a lot for not having put this up earlier. I also suck for not properly keeping up with this fandom; so thank you koko for the link! <33

{credit: TwistedStarsPro @ youtube}

Beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul, as always (I still love listening to the acapella versions of “My Little Princess” and “Whatever they say” :D) which contrasts majorly with their cracktastic behaviour lol. Especially loved all the YooMin at the start. They weren’t actually doing anything but I love them together so it makes me happyface :). AND WHAT WAS WITH YUNHO’S FACE? XDDDD!


  1. their hand motions make me crack up, especially Yunho’s. Omo, voices that melt my heart in an instant. Love the acapella!! YOOMIN kiss couple, any changmin couple makes me think ______ thoughts.

  2. ^LOL I know eh. They all have their own little hand gesture thingy~

    Hehe YooMin & JaeMin are my fav DBSK couples. But yeah, as long as Changmin is involved then alkfjfjafasd. :DD

  3. yes! JaeMin and YooMin are like powerhouse couples. Any Junsu couple is made up of Junsu being made fun of and YunJae are like the parent couples, but YooMin and JaeMin you just can’t mess with them.

  4. Ahhhh, this was amazing!
    Agreed on the hand movements XD

    I love how they are sooo… color coded? XD Their clothes are sooo nice! and how Yunho did the beats “doom doom barim” and “dub dub… dub”

  5. nataly
    Lol you know, I wonder if I like Yoomin & Jaemin the most because they’re so violent? XDD

    LMAO Yunho’s face was hilarious in this (though this isn’t the only time he’s cracked me up with his expressions…)

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