Posted by: beckery | January 20, 2009

DBSK’s GQ Magazine Scans

Pictures credit to tvxqslave @ soompi; as tagged; yuaerubi

This is much, much more like it. Magazine photo shoots SHOULD BE HOT LIKE THIS! Nice hair is a must (Digging JaeJoong’s hair in the solo shots, kinda reminds me of Edward Pattison’s hair in Twilight <3). And of course the suits are a great bonus, oh thank you very much stylists XDD

Not too sure if its cuz of the quality of the scans, the camera lighting, the background colour or that their makeup artists just got a tad too carried away with those bronzers but wow their faces are ermm shiny? ^_^””

I hope thats apple juice you’re holding Mr Jung Yunho. Jaejoong looks like he’s trying to pull Changmin in for a kiss while Changmin is trying to pull back haha. Meanwhile look at that awkward smile on Junsu. Sorta looks like he’s being pinched in the butt by Yoochun ROFL :D

candychu: Oh My God THESE ARE SO HOT. In the embedded pic, I think Yoochun actually looks the best and I haven’t thought that since, like, forever. I reckon Junsu looks awkward because he’s the one doing the butt-pinching and he’s thinking “Buahaha, Chun – got your butt :D” and Yoochun is smiling happily, going “Yes indeed you do ^___^”.

LOLOL This is what I do with my life when I’m not going out XD.

More pics behind the cut~ Love the one of Junsu on his knees. Then there’s one of Yunho doing a seal pose (look at it! He looks like a seal). And then the one of Changmin sipping from a glass *_______*. And Jae with a rose.

This, is just a really good shoot!

::EDIT:: Found something wrong with the shoot apart from their shiny faces…NONE OF THEM ARE WEARING SOCKS.

Beckery: I think Candychu needs to upgrade her glasses =P. Correct me if I’m wrong but *I* distinctly see JJ’s white socks in the chair picture. At least one of them knows what socks are XD

Behind the cut :)


  1. Jae’s solo shot looks.. odd.
    He kindof reminds me of Edward Scissor-hands!! -screams-

    Love Yunho’s side view shot though, HAWT!!!

    And yes, they do look very shiny and bronzy!!

  2. ROFLMAO. Edward Scissorhands? Seriously? That guy is FREAKY. Jae doesnt look that bad..does he? haha I thought he reminded me of Edward Cullen. Well the hair anyways. Side profiles are always hot <33

  3. ^^ Edward Scissorhands…too cute. Yay I love it when they have smiles in their photoshots!! LMAO at Yunho’s seal pose. I agree too that Yoochun looks the best, which is rare for me, but don’t brick me, in the group pic it looks like he needs to let one rip, and that’s why Xiah has the awkward smile, cause he has to breathe it in. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE the group picture but it kind of looks like they’ve all had a bit too much of that apple juice. JaeJae had the most of course since he need the help of the others to support him standing. Ohh my heart, I just went back to look at the pictures and realized Yunho’s ring on his wedding finger, give me some of that apple juice asap…one day, he will make a great dad and husband

  4. they look like they’ve applied coconut oil *DROOLS* is this some way to seduce us? LOL
    these photoshoots are definitely the only photoshoots they all look so damn hot ! they should have acted in BOF as F5 xDD its too hard to eliminate one of them. <333
    i really like their group picture…they look so happy and cheerful…its making me all smiley rofl xDDD

  5. Changmin is a true model. Just look at those photos. He’s gorgeous *__*
    I’m not saying the other’s aren’t but Changmin’s popping out to me the most.
    Jaejoong looks different… probably because of the hair. Yoochun looks like a rich boy xD
    Yunho’s first photo is hot but the seal pose is a bit funny to me, haha
    And gosh Junsu! Oozing with charisma!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. ROFL @ seal!Yunho. That’s priceless. XD

    Besides Jaejoong, Junsu also looks like he is wearing socks. If you look carefully, it looks like tan-colored socks, at least to me it does. :P But poor Changmin, someone needs to get that kid a pair of socks to keep his feet warm. ^^

  7. The pics look really nice… excpet they look like they were really drinking the stuff in their hands…
    Jaejoong ones look a bit meh~ tho

    AND JUNSU AND YUNHO PICS are so suggestive!!!!
    I need t oget my mind out of the gutter!

    @Katherine… too much coconut oil!

  8. nataly
    Definitely. I havent seen smashing fine Yoochun for yonks. I’m glad he’s finally got normal hair and clothes XD The boy aint bad looking, his fashion sense is haha.ROFLMAO at your theory on Junsu’s awkward smile. I guess we’ll never know the truth behind it.

    Coconut oil ey? Sounds kinky grrr =P hahahhaha. But indeed it is a nice photoshoot. They could be F4 with ummm Junsu as Jandi XDD haha I’ll get shot for saying such a thing!

    Changmin definitely has the height to be a model. A darn hot one at it. The others are looking heaps spiffy too <33 But I know right, Yunho’s seal pose is just ermmm =_=" WTH? hahaha I love the boy XDD

    I shall send them each 10 pairs of socks for their next bdays. Especially Yoochun and Changmin. Have they never heard of socks? HAHA.

    Yes darling, you really need to get your mind out of the gutter at whatever you’re thinking. I dont see anything suggestive…sorta..ok now that you’ve mentioned it hahahaha. Oh IDK.

  9. Wahhhhh~~~

    I might be overreacting but…YunHo has a ring on his marriage finger!! OMFG~~ that makes me happy, surprised and suspocious at the same time!! lol

    All these pics are so dam HOT!! and socks…havent they ever heard of it?? haha I would feel so weird if I didn’t wear socks… ^^”

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