Posted by: lovediaries | January 22, 2009

090119 SHINee recording SGB & Dance Battle

I think it’s just Onew, Taemin & Minho.

Onew pretending to be model for a cellphone CF – they sub his little CF part and LOLOL he is sooooooo cute! At first, I thought WTH is that boy on but then you find out that he had a pretty good idea XD. HE IS SO ADORABLE. Love how he gets embarrassed and fixes his hair; and he actually makes the “XD” face!

Taemin & Minho – Thought I’d throw this clip here too because they were there lol but I couldn’t get past the first few seconds. As cute as Taemin is drinking water and making that blowfish face, I couldn’t help but find it a tad bit too stalkerish ^^”

SHINee dancing to “We are the Future” – I remember DBSK dancing to this and I really really liked the song & choreography so I’m really excited to know SHINee are also dancing to H.O.T’s song. I saw pictures of them recording it and thought they all looked really hot (except for maybe Taemin lol) :D. Onew, too! Even though he has Junpyo-gone-wrong hair; and he’s singing my favourite part of the song!

Their performance is looking sexy (TIES!!!!!!!! *dies*) and it’s probably too early to judge, but I think I liked DBSK’s better :/.


  1. Dubu – so cute~ Yeah, yeah, it’s just those three there. I actually watched the whole Minho fancam from SGB even though I keep telling myself I have to stop watching these things because they make me feel like a stalker.

    I think you should wait for the full performance. I haven’t seen DBSK’s but SHINee might surprise you with this one. Who knows? Their outfits are adorable tho – I love the ties and blazers!

    Oh, and you heard that their next MuBank and Music Core performances are good-bye stages? Yep, yep, they’re officially ending their promotions and taking ‘a short break’, according to SME. Thought you’d want to know.

  2. heyhey! there is another video of taemin pretending to be a model in an icecream CF. My gosh is he adorable! xDDD i feel like huggling this boy to death!!! (no, not literally!)
    here’s the link:
    i cant wait to see this episode of SGB! :D

  3. heyhey! there is a new video where taemin pretends to be the model in an icecream CF! omg he’s damn adorable! I feel like huggling this boy to death!!! but it’s difficult considering how he is so much taller than me ): but hey, a girl can dream can’t she! xD
    enjoy! i can’t wait to wait to watch this episode of SGB! :D
    shinee does deserve a break after working so hard for their first album! they will be working on their new album so “anticipate their new side” (:

  4. ^i’m definitely looking fwd to the full performance but dbsk really did do a great job – you should go watch it on yt! dbsk were in white suits, i remember lol so their outfits are probably based on similar styles to that of H.O.T!

    and yes i heard about that :( i hope they take a well deserved break and rest well.

  5. heyhey! there is a video of taemin pretending to be the model for an ice cream CF. he is super adorable! i wanna huggle this boy to death!!! (not literally :P) link:
    oh by the way, shinee’s goodbye stage on music bank is up :
    key cracked, again. ): well they will be working on their new album, so let’s anticipate their new side (:

  6. ^Sorry your comments weren’t coming through :( But thank you for linking us again and again ^^.

    Haha yeah I saw that clip. Taemin was so cute~ He looked like he had a brain freeze lol then he seemed so embarrassed hahaha. Cute.

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