Posted by: lovediaries | January 22, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Subbed Ep6

EP6 (en) (chi) – The episode starts off with Junpyo taking his shirt off :D. HE IS SO CUTE, MY GOD. He looks at Jandi all sleazy as he strips, and then he chuckles and calls her silly. Argh, my heart :3. She then lies to him and says there is a snake under his foot. Awwww @ the way he ran off, just like a little kid ^^.

Later, Gaeul is putting on sunscreen and Eejung offers to help. The actress who plays Gaeul (NAME?) is soooo cute and pretty. I want to pinch her cheeks lol (even though mine are rounder XD). Gaeul notices something wrong with Jandi – she’s drowning (in really shallow water, might I add). Junpyo is just about to run in but hesitates when a memory comes back to him. Jihoo then runs out and LOLOL I was reminded of the times Hyunjoong would compete with Hwangbo XDD. Jandi is rescued and wakes up to see Junpyo walking away :(.

I really liked how they did this next bit. Junpyo lies in a hot tub (like, beneath the water) and you see a flashback of a boy in water calling for help. You hear the others talking over explaining that he was once kidnapped. Poor Junpyo!

Anyway, my typing is really loud and it’s 1am here so I’m just going to watch the rest of the ep without summarising. BUT OMG JIHOO KISSES JANDI AND AHHHHH DRAMA!!!!!!!!


  1. Yesterday I watched Ep6 without sub. It is so..asdf like you said Jandi was drowning in really really shallow water. LMH’s acting skill is superb and HJ is improving gradually(his acting was really bad at dancing floor in Ep3). Thanks for sharing sub one.
    Ahh I still can’t let go coupling Joongbo heeee

  2. The preview for the next ep looks so sad. Junpyo walking away from Jandi dejectedly after she fails to say “i like you” to Junpyo. Poor guy… :(

  3. littledarth
    :O I could never watch this with no sub XD.

    I want them to just hurry and get together…for real!!!

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