Posted by: lovediaries | January 22, 2009

Preview DBSK’s “Nobody Knows”

{credit: meyriel14 @ youtube}

This will be part of the OST for the Japanese “Bad Love”. Now, I’m sorta confused. Is it like the Korean drama in Japanese or the Japanese version of the Korean drama? XD.

Anyway, I like the song :)! Not what I expected (I thought it’d be a ballad…only cause I want everything to be ballads LOL) and sorta reminds me of their song “No?”. Maybe because they sing “nobody knows”? XD. Haha. It’s sexy :).

Oh and GUESS WHAT? I finally bought my Mirotic today :D. I bought version C because I wanted the chinese translation lyrics to their new songs BUT I went and bought the Korean version BY MISTAKE (I should’ve known because it was like HK$15 cheaper than the other ones I’d seen); so there’s no translation booklet :'(. Yeah, I’m really sad cause of it. Because with all my DBSK Krn albums, I always get the taiwan version. And now, I’ve wrecked my record. I am so so sad.


  1. Bad Love is probably airing in Japan, but they have their own separate OST. Like when they sang the 1000 yr love song for the drama The Legend or whatever, they had a korean version and a japanese version.

  2. yea its the korean drama just playing in Japan.
    Like they did that with a lot of korean dramas that go over there.

    I like Taiwan versions for the Japanese CDs cause its so much cheaper.

  3. Devi
    Ohh yeah! Ah, that makes sense!

    Krn versions of everything is usually the cheapest…so really, I should’ve known ;(

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