Posted by: beckery | January 23, 2009

0901021 Sukira ~ EunTeuk – Gee

EunTeuk singing SNSD’s Gee on Sukira

Watching this crack makes me miss Suju so flippin’ much They really need to have their comeback like yesterday already :((((

Its mainly Teukie singing in an ULTRA high pitch voice which is quite freaky cuz omg I THINK HE SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE ME O_____O We’re totally meant to be! Haha. Gotta give it to the boy for managing to keep that high pitch voice of his throughout the whole song lol XDD And I love his beginning:

Uh huh, listen EunHyuk
My first love story
My angel
My girl
My sunshine
Uh uh (Oh and this isn’t just any “uh uh” its a total “UHHH UHH” MOAN ROFL)

Eunhyuk is pretty much in charge of the dance and its soooo funny cuz he’s wearing this black hoodie looking all tough and macho (well sort off anyways cuz the boy is forever overloaded with cuteness in my eyes _♥) then he does all these cutsie dance and I’m just like WOAHHHHH CAN I PUT YOU IN MY POCKETS ALREADY? Seriously, he is so darn cute here. That “no no no” move *___* WHY ARE U SO CUTE HYUKJAE!?!? He’ll be the death of me one day that boy, that insanely cute boy ♥ Oh and his ad-libbing is just HAHAHAHA XDDD


  1. I don’t know why I was embarrassedly laughing while teukiee was singing” My first love story…Uh uh”. Hyuk’s cuteness is really seriously killing me at 2:27.
    Miss them so much.

  2. Lol why would were you embarrassedly laughing? I was just literally loling at how girly and high pitched Teukie sounds and how insanely cute yet crackstic Eunhyuk looked XDDD

  3. OMG♥ I love these boys T-T I miss them so freaking much!

  4. OMG you shouldve WARNED me. I was drinking COKE when Teuk started singing and I think some of it came out of my nose XDDDDD. I loved the “Listen Eunhyuk” ROFLLLL. Eunteuk <3

  5. LOL XDDD I just got up from bed, ate cereal and came to the computer and started laughing SO HARD. I was okay for up to “listen Eunhyuk” and then on “my first love story” it totally sank in and I lost it XD

    And um I REALLY lost it (not to say I wasn’t rolling around on the floor cracking up already) when I looked at Teuk’s face during the adlibs and realized some of them were too high for him to sing :D Can’t say much about Eunhyuk either except he looks TOO CUTE doing those dance moves ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. i soooo wanna c the vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why cant i find it on utube????

  7. paperteuk

    EWWW YOU HAVE COKE UP YOUR NOSE!!! You disgusting girl =P BecHyuk <3

    ROFL. I didnt even start watching and I was already cracking up. EunTeuk tends to have that effect on me haha. They’re so randomly crazy XDD

    Hello there. I’ll sound positively stalkerish but umm are you viet? XD And you should be able to see the vid, it works fine for me.

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