Posted by: beckery | January 23, 2009

090122 SS501-Because I’m Stupid @ Mcountdown

Video: KOREAPOP10 @ youtube

I luuurrrvvveeee this song from the BOF OST and I’m so so glad they’re finally performing it live. ♥♥ Doesnt the live just make you love it so much more? Definitely one of my favourites from them :D If the other two joined them then it’ll be even more awesome, yes yes?

So they start off with clips from BOF and LOL AT THE BIASEDNESS!! There’s about a million Hyunjoong scenes whilst the others get a snippet here and there haha. The fans’ chants are very warming ^^, I wonder what they’re saying. I could catch the boys’ names but couldnt really make out the rest (not like I would understand if I did make out the words anyways haha).

The stage has this HUGE see through type of screen with clips from the drama playing and the boys are standing behind it. Then half way through the screen falls down O___O THAT IS SO COOL HAHAAHA. I know, I’m easily amused XDD Mmmm I’m just going to turn a blind eye on Young Saeng’s pants and Baby’s striped and checkered shirt and tie and just stare at Kyu Jong’s cute little bow tie instead lol.

YS sounds positively amazing, as always (duh! ♥). Since I’ve only started following this fandom for the past 6 months or so, I’m not really knowledgeable about them yet. So correct me if I’m wrong but man has KJ improved ALOT! I’m really impressed with his live here. Pretty much perfect *__* Baby sounds pretty good too except for that minor part where he sounded like he was a bit out of breath. Its ok, I still love you anwyays XDDD


  1. You’re right, the live just made me love it! They sounded so good.<3 And yes, Kyu did start improving heaps once they went to Japan. He was my favorite before that, but now there’s just more reasons to love him. XD Bow ties<333

  2. hello hello!
    haven’t commented here in a while!
    i used to only comment on candychu’s SHINee posts. oops XP

    i didn’t know this song was by them, i fail :/ although it’s definitely one of my favourites from the BOF OST, along with Stand By Me! the live does make it more awesome, you’re totally right!

    you’re right about KJ improving loads too. he’s also got the best outfit. cute bowtie indeed! xD love YS’s voice here. not like i didn’t love it before, though!

    nice to meet you, beckery! xD

  3. and i forgot the most important part of my comment :/ i had to retype the first one because wordpress had an error :/

    i might be wrong but i believe the fan chants before the song are chanting “KKOTBODA (insert name here)” to go with the Kkotboda Namja theme. so KJ, YS and Baby are pretty boys~~ xD they’re all looking mighty fine, yeah. anyway then the fans yell SA! RANG! HAE! YO! right before the song starts. :)

  4. laflor501
    Lol. I actually thought of you when I was doing this post. I dont know, you just suddenly popped up in my mind. Probably cuz I know you’re a ss501 fan. Anyways, I loved the performance. They sounded awesome. And I keep changing favourites but at the moment its Kyu too :DDDD

    Helllooooo! Nice to meet you too ♥
    Lol. I’m glad you’re finally commenting on my posts too. Cant let Candychu have all the fun can we? XD

    My favourites from the BOF OST is this, Stand by me and Someday’s song (forgot the title haha). But quite a nice OST overall :D

    Ohhh so thats what they were screaming. I couldnt catch what they were screaming except for the names FAIL hahaha. But agreed, the boys are definitely pretty boys <333

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