Posted by: beckery | January 23, 2009

Big Bang PMP iStation CF

Video: flameingblob @ youtube

Wow the boys sure are on a roll. They’ve done HEAPS of CFs lately. Fila, Icecream phone, now PMP (personal media player). I really like this one. It has a nice and cute concept to it.

So the girl, who’s rather cute with her huge glasses, is on the bus with her PMP. She plays with it and the boys pop out of nowhere. And pretty much whenever she wants to watch something the boys act it out in front of her. But like no one (including herself) “sees” them so everyone is acting like a bunch of cute boys arent being A grade clowns on a bus hahahaha.

Firstly, she wants to watch TOP beatbox (*_*) whilst Seungri dances (♥). Then she gets Taeyang to sing to “Only Look At Me” and omg how hot is it when he puts his hat on her and kneels in front of her. Thats some strong restraint right there. Instead of acting like the script and ignoring him, I’d probably pounce him by then. SAME GOES TO GD CUZ HE IS SO DARN CUTE HERE. CAN I PINCH YOUR CHEEKS PLEASE?!?!! XDD She “commands” him to act cute and cute his is. Wonderfully, awesomely, insanely, mind blowingly cute GAHHH. And that headband hahaha. Then its Daesung’s turn and she kinda “stops” him midway so he gets all :(( about it but then she plays him again :DD Good job! Then she proceeds to go through a marathon where she keeps switching the boys. Check out Taeyang’s “sexy” dance too. He looks like he’s pole dancing LOLOLOL ^__^

The ending is REALLY CUTE!!! DAESUNGIIIIEEE <333 She’s at home now and instead of doing homework she’s watching her PMP again. Thats just like me but instead of PMP, its INTERNET!! T_T Then her mum comes in and the boys all run into hiding. But Daesung gets stuck in the window HAHAHA. And so her mum sees him and is all O__O WHO ARE YOU? He introduces himself and promptly runs out the door. I wonder what he’ll be like when he meets his in laws one day. That awkward, awkward boy haha.

I’m completely aware that this whole thing absolutely did not make sense what-so-ever. Its late, I’ve had a not so great day and I’m not really thinking straight at the moment. But umm do watch it. Its one of the cutest CFs I’ve seen in a while. Now if only stuff like this happens in real life and I’d be hugging a PMP everywhere with me. *__* “Hyukjae kiss me dance” HAHAHAHAHA XDDDD Be sure to tell me what you’ll be demanding and who you’re demanding it to =PP


  1. “Onew and Key, be older.” “Wookie, live in my pocket.” “Big Bang, hide in my bedroom.” Taeyang, have my babies.”
    Yeah I know what I said…XD

    This is now my favorite BB cf. I was feeling a little down but this really made me laugh out loud.^^ I love how YB’s alter ego is like a tsunami of raging seduction w/ the pole dancing and whatnot, but YB himself would nosebleed to death if the tables were turned. They’re all too cute for their own good!

    They all run for it when her mom comes in… And she asks Dae seung why he is there XD… Yeah they really are cute… if it was me in her place I don’t think I could’ve held it that long =P

    “Yunho ad Jeonghyun… hug me =)”

  3. lmao omg this is so cute and funny (especially daesung’s part which had me laugh so hard outloud lmao) and when they went hiding lmao in the end omg i will put this on my favorites now; but i wonder, what song that was when it was daesung’s part?? (i think i like that song know lol haha)

  4. lmao I LOOOVE this cf. Not only is the girl cute, the guys are hilariousXD

    I cracked up when the girl asked Ji Young to be all pretty and cute and he acted that part out perfectlyXD

    I would die if Tae Yang was in front of me singing that song. I’ll be “GOSH YES JUST LOOK AT MEEE. FOREVA.”

    Dae Sung is such a adorkable boi. He got all sadXDD I love how he can look all hardcore but when it comes to silly things and trot, hes so smily and silly.

    And shycapri8: Dae Sung’s trot song is “Look at me, Gwisoon.”

  5. LOL, I love this CF! I think it’s the best BB one so far. Seriously – it’s such a great concept. Ah, I don’t know how that girl could have ignored YB putting his hat on her head and singing so yes, she must really have some great self-restraint. I don’t even like YB and I’d have been pouncing on him then. XD I was actually kind of surprised at how seductive he was in this ad but you know people can surprise you. But you didn’t mention TOP’s ‘sekshi movie’ stare and Seungri’s little booty shake! Those were the best parts, imo. Daesung took the cake tho with his sad face when she stopped his song, then his happiness when she restarted it – speaking of, I quite liked this emoticon-strewn post. :D

    Oh, and if I had a magic PMP like hers, what would I wish for? Hmm, that’s a good question…I’m not sure what I’d be demanding but I know I’d be talking to all of SHINee (“Onew, be sexy”), TOP and Daesung (“make me laugh!”), some DBSK members – “Junsu, sing for me?” and ooh, Kangin! I <3 Kangin. He’s adorable – and funny! What more can you ask for?

  6. laflor501
    LOOOOL YOU’RE SO GREEDY HONEY!!! You’re only suppose to demand for one thing and you go off and make a wish list =PP hahahaha. But hey I like that list so I’ll give it to you XD Except add in Minho and Jonghyun for the older one and um Hyukjae and Donghae for the pocket one and um Shinhwa for the bedroom one XDDD As for the babies one, I’ll do a skip cuz I dont fancy seeing a boy pregnant :/

    Aww you’re feeling down too? ME TOO. I had a crap night to put it mildly. And although I sounded happy during the post, I wasnt feeling that great. Watched it again just then (cuz I feel better now) and lol I didnt do the CF any justice. It was way cuter than my description.

    I loved the ending too. Hahaha Daesung was sooooooo cute and funny. LOL. You make me and laflor501 seem really greedy hahaha. Only hugs? =P

    One of their best CFs for sure. Its really adorable and funny <33 I think Ir already answered your answer so no need for me to repeat myself. Daesung really does rock the trot genre though, doesnt he?

    LOOOOLL DAESUNG HARDCORE?!!?! WHAT??! WHERE??!!? All he ever is is AWKWARD AWKWARD AWKWARD! And insanely cute of course. And silly and well awkward. I love the boy though. XDDD

    Definitely one of the best from them :D I didnt mention alot of stuff cuz if i did the post would probably be a 1000+ word essay HAHA. Seriously, every single second was soooo cute and funny and just JWEROIWRU. A 1000+ word essay wouldnt even do the CF justice. So its better if everyone watches it themself and drown in the overload of cuteness and smexiness XDDD

    Btw bb, YOU’RE JUST AS GREEDY AS LAFLOR501 AND MYSELF XDDDD We’re too awesome hahaha.

  7. ROFL. The ending was the best! My ears popped because I was holding my mouth shut trying not to laugh out loud since my parents will yell at me for surfing the web instead of studying.

    I’ve been falling out of the BB fandom lately and this video was a great reminder of why I love them. GD was so cute!!! And Daesung was the crack gold he always is XD And TOP’s sexy wink! *swoons*

    My wishlist? Hmmm. This is so hard. I guess I’ll have to go with … “Yunho and Dongwan come serenade me” (and then stick around for other stuff later) I know, I cheated but I just can’t choose between those two boys!

  8. ^
    ^Lol He doesn’t actually have to be pregnant. “Have my babies” was just a phrase my friends and I used to use in highschool. Like if a guy was really cute, athletic, funny or even just really nice we would say “*Insert name* needs to have my babies cuz he’s awesome.” Idk randomness…

  9. Carmen

    Aww you’ve been falling out? *twiddles thumb* I’ve actually kinda been falling out of all fandoms lately :( Hopefully Suju’s come back will make my fandom obsession a bit healthier. Its a bit lacking these days *sighs*…

    Ermm..I’ll let you have Yunho serenade you but DONGWAN IS ALL MINE WOMAN SO HANDS OFF HIM NOW!!! XDDDD I cant choose between him and Eunhyuk haha.

    Lol. I know what you meant, I was just teasing you bb. Cuz of the way you phrased it. haha

  10. what is the song they sing at the very end right before the mom interrupts?
    thank you ^^

  11. OMG the ending is just so cute! XD♥

  12. ilovebigbang
    Not sure if you still need it, but its “Big Bang – Wonderful” from their 2nd Album, “Remember”. Great song, awesome album XD

    I know lol. The boys are so adorable <3

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