Posted by: beckery | January 23, 2009

“Nobody” Covers

K Will’s ballad version of “Nobody”

Watch this and prepared to be awed cuz I surely was *_* This has to be one of the best covers of “Nobody” I’ve EVER heard!!! I mentioned before in one of my posts that K Will is unfortunately very underrated despite having one of the best voices in the industry. He sings with so much passion, so much soul, why he isn’t being recognised is beyond me, seriously T_T Hopefully after watching and hearing this pawnage live of him performing ballad “Nobody”, people will start to give him a glimpse or two more. SERIOUSLY YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! Be sure to check out his song, “Love 119” ft Mc Mong. One of my favourites from 2008

Royal Pirates’ Rock version of “Nobody”

I thought I’d chuck this in aswell because aside from K Will’s version, this is one of my favourites too! I watched it awhile ago and was totally blown away for miles *___*. Never heard of Royal Pirates? Well you’ll be be stalking them after watching this for sure haha. I showed Pinkandsparkly and Candychu and we were all AKJFOWIREOIHHFIW OMG THAT IS SO HOT! OH OH OH and remember to check out their “Mirotic” cover. These boys should debut already! And their history is quite sad :(( Anyways, enjoy people and as they put it “Rock Hard, & Love Easy” ^__^


    Of course, K.Will ROCKED. I saw him on SBS~ I love that we get Korean channels here in the Phils. ^^
    I think I’m in love with Moonchul. :))

  2. I REMEMBER STALKING ROYAL PIRATES. We went on their myspace and everything eh? That was so funny XDDD. Woah can’t believe it’s been that long…or it hasn’t been that long?

  3. OMG, that rock version of Nobody was AWESOME – thanks for linking me to it! And of course, K. Wil’s ballad version owned – he is so talented, OMG. I love Love 119 as well.

  4. Kara
    I KNOW RIGHT! I might even like them a smidget more than the original haha XD K Will has an amazing voice and Royal Pirates totally rocked my socks off. They’re awesome. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR OTHER COVERS YET? *___*

    LOL OF COURSE YOU DO. They’re too awesome to forget :DD Its been yonks. I had to backtrack thru months of msn convos to find the link again cuz I couldnt find it on youtube =_= It was like October/November-ish! Oh you know what it made me realise though? WE FREAKIN TALK WAY TOO MUCH TO EACHOTHER! IS THAT HEALTHY?!!? O_O hahaha

    Its ok XD I’m glad you liked it. I thought it was just too awesome to not post about! Love 119 is great. I need to watch more performances of it XD

  5. you guys should totally watch that! It’s hilarious. And we thought nobody covers were only in Korea?? It’s invaded the Philippines as well~! xD

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