Posted by: lovediaries | January 24, 2009

090113 BOF Cast on Sang Sang Plus

Thanks to muishiessi for subbing!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


Goo Hyesun is cute but she’s pretty awkward lol. I guess she’s not used to being on variety shows? Lol she seemed embarrassed and covered her mouth/face a lot; totally different from her character in BOF.

Hyunjoong was his usual odd self XD. He talks about the fanfic he wrote in Japan about Jungmin being a fan who was in love with himself and dug a 10m deep hole, to put Hyunjoong in for keeps ROFL. It’s up on soompi somewhere but it made no sense to me so I didn’t read it lol.

The actor who plays Jandi’s dad in BOF also comes on and oooh he’s so talented! He once acted as a gay guy and a mafia leader and he looked really scary O.o

Lastly, Kimbum *_____*. He is so attractive I would cheat on whoever with him LOL. They showed a predebut clip (it counts as predebut, since he hadn’t officially debuted and it was from that competition/variety show thingy) where he was asked what about him would make him stand out from other competitors and he flicked his hair and said “My youth?” lakjdfkjskfafakldfdj. He also talks about how back in school, he didn’t smile and scared off the girl he liked. So later he practiced a lot and he shows a fake smile and a natural smile. Both were absolutely gorgeous and made me die.

There’s this one part where Kimbum and Hyunjoong leg wrestle (I’ve never wrestled that way before…I would love to try) and Kimbum lost but did a backroll. It was really cool to watch :DDD. It must’ve been uncomfortable for them to leg wrestle considering what they were wearing – which was very hot, might I add.


  1. When Kimbum asked the host next to him (sorry, don’t know his name) to help him act out the ‘delicious-looking hands’ scene, I nearly fainted. He actually kissed the guys’ hand. LOL -.-
    Their legs were seriously long when they sat and leg wrestled. They’re blessed with height!
    And btw, could you give me the link to the fanfic Hyunjoong wrote if you have it? LOL
    I wanted to hear Hyesun talk more but she kind of smiled awkwardly. Yeah, maybe she’s not used to variety shows.
    And the dad was seriously cool, i love his scenes with the lil brother in BOF. He has such a funny laugh xDD

  2. -before I watch this, I’ll comment, but I’ll probly comment again later. lol-

    I’ve liked him since 2007, in High Kick. <3
    He was the "judge’ in the 2007 MKMF Girl Dance Battle thingy… SO CUTE. <333

  3. purplefanatic
    One of the MCs was really cute but since I don’t know his name I didn’t mention him hahahaa. And LOL @ them thinking there were male lovers in BOF XDDD.

    I love the dad & the little brother. (They’re better than the jap family XDDD)

    You know funny you talk about the Dance battle because I was just re-watching it and I didn’t remember laughing as much as I did back in 2007. Kimbum was breathing so much I WANT TO EAT HIS FACE *NOMNOMNOM*

    LOL @ you commenting just to tell us to back off :P A

  4. The leg wrestling was so cuute ! I’m in love with Hyunjoong so I was cheering :P

    And Kim Bum is such a cutie ^^ i also loved his fake and real smiles xD

  5. and where can I read that fanfic? :)

  6. kmy12
    Haha I’m in love with the both of them so…no matter who won, I’d be all smiles :D

    LOL I…actually don’t have the link anymore but beckery gave it to me off soompi. I think it’s on the WGM thread?

  7. hehe ^^

    ok thanks :) i still gotta learn how to use soompi cuz i dont go on lol

  8. ^Hahaha lol yeah I don’t go on soompi all that much other. But it’s not too hard to navigate ^^

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