Posted by: lovediaries | January 24, 2009

090123 SHINee’s Goodbye Stage on Music Bank

{credit: randy19972 @ youtube}


I’m glad SHINee are able to take their well deserved break after working hard for almost a year. I can’t wait for the release of their 2nd Mini album ^^.

Omg I almost cried when Jonghyun started singing. He sounds so tired but he’s still giving his all; well, they all are *wibble*. I wished they had danced to LLO in their LLO clothes though. I miss those shiny pants and sexy overalls & vests :P. And then, they could’ve danced to Amigo in those clothes too :DDD.

After an extremely shortened version of LLO, fireworks went off and they got into Amigo. OnMinHyun’s pants are GLOWING LOLOL. Like if they were at one of those clubs, it would’ve looked purple :D.

But argh, right when I thought I could look at the bright side of this performance, Key cracked. Oh, my heart – it cracked like his voice. I didn’t even laugh! That’s how sad it is :(. AHHH CRYING ;________; And then he cracked again at 1.33. KEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

I don’t care if you guys never perform the songs I want…JUST REST WELL, PLEASE :'((((.

Taemin remained very smiley and happy though :). And Onew did a sexy expression again :D! At 2.01, Y/Y? During the OnKey lines, Key regained his Almighty-ness. ONEW GAVE HIM STRENGTH :D. AND I THINK MINHO’S PANTS ARE JUST A TAD TOO TIGHT (pause the video at 2.50 TEEHEE).

The final dance part was extra powerful. Even after all these performances, I still enjoy watching “Amigo”. I’m so proud of SHINee *wipes tears from eyes*.


  1. awwww): they’re like super tired. ohmygosh key sounded a little embarrassed when he started cracking…goodbye stage? at first i thought it was like a forever wont see u again sort of goodbye but i hope it isnt :] haha whoa Minhoo ur pants are reallly really tight :p aww i loved their dance at the end, they seemed to finish really strong well i hope they have a good break and rest for now :D

  2. I can tell they were tired b/c I got all hyped up for LLO and…it wasn’t as clean as it used to be. I’m not hating, they deserve a break. I’ve never heard Key crack like *that* before. 2Min’s youth must be helping them b/c they gave very energetic performances. Strange, I remember always being tired around that age. Too much schoolwork maybe?

    Oh no. The pedo!noona in me is coming back. Being as they are teenaged boys and growing like weeds, I wonder what they’ll look like in four months or so… =X Shinee fighting!!!

  3. ^
    LOL, the way you talk about Taemin and Minho makes it seem like the others are ancient. XD

    Aww, candychu, don’t cry. I was so shocked at Key’s crack too. But he recovered from it really well and he didn’t show if it bothered him. I really just wanted to pat him on the head and let him know that it was okay though. This performance really showed me just how tired they are and how much they need a break. I hope they have a good (not too long) one.

    I really wish they’d performed LLO in their LLO clothes too – when the performance started and I saw them sitting there, I was like “something is off…” and then I realized it was their clothes. LOL.

  4. this will probably make you even sadder candychu, it’s shinee’s LAST live performance, thus ending all their first album promotional activities. amigo on music core:
    onew sounded horrible ): but taemin and minho were especially smiley. :D oh man i feel really sad now ):

  5. betty
    LOL I learnt what a goodbye stage was when SJH did the last of “Cooking?Cooking!” or maybe it was “Pajama Party”? XD.

    ROFL age doesn’t mean much I think. I mean, look at Teuk & Heechul – they act like they’re on crack 99% of the time and they could be twice Taemin’s age lmao XD. Yeah Key’s crack was like…O.o majorly cracktified :(

    I watched the Key focused fancam of the performance and right after he cracked he sort of looked bothered which made me sad. But afterwards he was having sex with the camera again so it was all good ^___^

  6. tristabelle
    Aww at Onew sounding horrible :( Okay I’ll go watch it once I’m done with replying to comments. Thank you dear <3

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