Posted by: lovediaries | January 25, 2009

090123 SHINee – Band of Brothers Cut

{credit: mellogreenleaf @ youtube}

Written in the description on the side, “line” = team.

They’re having a showcase and SHINee are the guests. Heechul calls out to the “disobedient kid” and Jonghyun walks over..only to say “But I’m obedient!” XD. Other Sj members are there too…I see Sungmin (can I look at him in the same way? XD) and Hyuk. Hello boys :).

I was totally confused by the clip lol but beckery tells me they’re talking about their blood type and who’s similar to who. They talk about how Kang Hodong doesn’t know Eunhyuk and calls him “the one who looks like a monkey” ROFL! An attractive monkey, though :) (I say that…not KHD XD).

They say Onew and Teuk are similar – probably the fail in their personalities? And Minho and Donghae are similar. I don’t see it :P. The horse trio is Kangta, Jay and Siwon and Jungmo says Siwon would kill if he heard XD.

Then Teuk comes out :DDDD. He joins Jungmo and Heechul in the old line ROFL.

SHINee then proceed out to stage and sing “In My Room”. All 5 of them :D. DIES AT ONEW’S VOICE. Jonghyun sort of sounds like Hyunjoong when he was imitating Jaejoong…or should I say, he sings as if air is deflating LOL. Idk, Jonghyun tends to sing like this whenever they perform “In My Room”.

Then you see Taemin & Minho singing and ROFLMAO you get these 17 year olds singing their heart out for some sad ballad then the camera cuts to backstage and you get 25 year olds *COUGH*HEECHUL*COUGH* poking their eyeballs with drumsticks ROFLMAO. I love Suju sooo much <3333333333.

Taemin sounds really good with Jonghyun. I know they sing together in “Romantic” whenever they do a LIVE performance and they sing like one line together here too. Jonghyun is the strength of the combo and Taemin softens the resulting sound.


  1. Aww, IDK why but your review of this sounded really cute. And yes, the editing going on here is very strange – I was all into the performance and then they cut to Heechul being random. LOL! Also, I can totally see JH being the ‘disobedient kid’. LOL.

  2. SuJu needs to have their comeback NOW! I’ve been deprived of their crackness for far too long. At least Heechul & Kangin have been keeping me entertained but I need all 13 flooding the variety shows with their special brand of fail.

    And this video was awesome. I love SHINee’s interactions with SuJu. They act all respectful and obedient while the SuJu members act like little children told by their parents to entertain themselves. Sunbaenim indeed.

  3. yumimaki
    LOL really? My post is incoherent, as always :). Lmao Heechul never fails to make me laugh :D.

    I KNOW. I’m so excited for their comeback – even more than I was for DBSK’s which shows EXACTLY HOW MUCH I’M ANTICIPATING IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I’ve had SJM and all but…it’s different with all 13 of them! I mean, just look at Hangeng for example. In SJM he is so…manly *___*. And then you watch videos of when he’s with the others and he’s…different? I guess I’ll forever have the image of him from Full House in my head whenever I associate him as one of the thirteen members of SJ :).

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