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090125 MBC Star Dance Battle

Happy Chinese New Year everyone <333 (Chinese dates confuse me so I’m not even too sure when’s the actual Chinese New Year *confuzzled*)

2pm – The video isn’t HQ but the other videos which are actually HQ have no audio (probably because of legal issues). Only 6  are there (Nichkhun is missing). They start off all doing the same choreography and then rip off their jackets and start doing more cool stuff.

They dance a lot better than I make them sound – it’s just, they versed SHINee and we all know how SHINee biased I am and knowing they (SHINee) lost, sorta made me sadface and I’m not really focusing on anything. I SUCK. SORRY. 2pm are awesome though. I mean, I can totally see why they won :). (Loved how when Jay ripped off his shirt, Yoona covered her face. Cute!)

SHINee – They danced all the original choreography lol. I’m glad Taemin has ugly hair because I don’t have to drool over him and sound pedo. MINHO LOOKED REALLY GOOD AND BADASS. COME TO NOONA, LITTLE BOY! And Key was just asking to have his shirt ripped by me. Underage boys in uniforms with ties and semi-open shirts are the death of me *______*.

My favourite part is when they’re down on one knee, slide to one side, turn and switches knees, then gets up and self-molests. I loved it when DBSK danced that part too :))). And I swear in the fancam I heard Onew’s voice…but now I don’t think they actually sang O.o. Hehe, Onew-ache is making me crazy.

(SMTown love is adorable. Hyuk in his bowtie dancing along was so so cute *___*.)

Big Bang: Seungri & Taeyang – The two dancers of BB vs each other. Hmm, no HQ of this vid? Lol Seungri comes out in a white suit and after dancing for a bit, he goes to unbutton his suit and the camera pans to some female (who I can’t make out) and she’s squealing like crazy so I thought he might’ve opened up his shirt too XD But when you cut back to him, he’s still fully dressed. Such a disappointment ;P. Lol but then a girl dancer comes up and takes it off for him. And whut. Why is Seungri so sexy? *dies*. It’s times like these when I wished I was a back up dancer so that I could press up close to Seungri, have my leg stroked by him and be lifted up and spun around then run myself down his bodayyyy AHAHAHA. I have to go to confession for all this lol.

Taeyang comes out (they’re versing each other – and they tied, which sounds sort of rigged to me XDDD). There’s this one part where he lifts up his shirt and LOL @ Yoona’s face. She probably had the best reactions which is why the camera keeps going to her. (Lmao if I was there, I’d definitely be up on screen the whole time if screentime was determined by facial expressions XDDD.) Um, yum @ the ground-humping moves.

Super Juniorbeckery and I both had the same thoughts at hearing SJ participating in the dance battle. We wanted something like their performance from that Bboy Championship dance battle thingy where Eunhyuk was being totally awesome (like always) and there was the best Eunhae moment of all time.

Anyway, here it’s Hyuk, Teuk, Sungmin & Shindong dancing. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before but I think Teuk is an awesome dancer. Imo, he’s like the 5th best dancer in SJ. Sungmin comes closely after. So yeah, point of this is – I love watching Teuk dance because he has crazy hips for a lanky boy.

They start off with some weird disco dancing lol and then they freeze. (Loved how the camera went to Hyoyeon cause I secretly ship her and Hyuk LOL – not so secret anymore, though – only cause they’re both talented dancers <3) Pacman appears lmao. Suju, why are you guys so cool? The four gather and they would rotate and have the one in the front do a few moves. Hyuk is last to come to the front and he does crazy popping (ROFL I typed pooping XD. I’m sleep-deprived).

They do more cool moves and Shindong lifts up Sungmin who turns upside down alkdfkladjkldf. THEN HYUK SOLO TIME *_____*. *Insert more crazy spazzing over remaining choreography*. Loved the ending too – the tail flipping then step foot out.

Definitely agree that this is the best and most creative routine (even if I haven’t watched all the dances lol).

SS501 – They won against Suju according to the comments. LOL as soon as I read them, my heart just sank. HAHA. I apologise, again; I’m being totally unfair XD. Btw, it’s just Triple S. They dance with handkerchiefs and do some sexy thrusting. IS THAT WHAT EARNED MORE POINTS? D:

SNSD – It’s Hyoyeon, Yuri and Yoona. I’m sorry but since when was Yoona the 3rd best dancer? Is she actually? Lol I wouldn’t have minded if it was just Hyoyeon and Yuri…

I don’t like how Hyoyeon is in that lil midriff with her jacket buttoned up but her hair is great and she looks hot ;). The two skip off and unfortunately (being extremely honest), Hyoyeon’s solo moves didn’t impress O.o. Maybe cause she had like 2 seconds, but still.

The other 6 come on and wow Taeyeon looks really good too! Eventually all 9 are on but then it got too crowded for me to focus and there was wayyy too much hair flicking. (Which is why I always watch SJ dance videos like 50 times. But I’m sorry, no way do I love SNSD in the same way I love SJ XD!)

Kara – No idea why they were put up against Taegoon because you cannot have more opposite artists XD. And LOL @ their outfits & wig. I was reminded of “Pinky” (was that her name?) from 200 pound beauty AHAHAHAHA.

The performance was cute but to me, it was sort of messy too? :/

Taegoon – HE HAS A FREAKY MASK. Masks are sexy but not the one he has on XD. Lucky he throws it off :D. He’s dressed all asian martial arts style and is dancing to like Hankyung-dancing music LOL. He then does some pretty awesome flying spins and THEN HE SMILES. OMG. HIS SMILE. *_______*.

His asian costume gets ripped off and woot he’s in a tie & vest. He dances really well and throws in some crotch-grabbing :).

I like him. A lot. And he is super cute. I will stalk him hard this year.


  1. i have 2pm’s in hq but its not youtube :)

    personally while suju’s wasn’t the best in terms of technique and skill(other than hyuk of course) i think their cheoreography is certainly the most entertaining to watch. 2pm’s was awesome as expected, them being a dance group and all but i think shinee was certainly a good match for them. i would have liked shinee to have some of their own chereography in it though. SNSD’s was good, especially sooyoung’s leg lift at 1:41, yea that was cool but didn’t think it had that uniqueness to stand out. I personally didn’t like Kara’s.. sorry, as cute as it was, there wasn’t much dancing in it to call it an actual dance battle. and seungri’s too young to be sexy! omg. i felt so sinful watching his performance.

    ok. sorry for the crazy ass long comment :D

  2. “I will stalk him hard this year.”

    You make me a happy fangirl. :D

  3. TAEGOON~ his smile makes me a happy fangirl and he knows lmao.

    They were all pretty good, I fairly enjoyed it.
    Ahh Yong Bae<3 He kills me every single time I see him though lol.

  4. i loved super junior’s dance alot. too bad they didnt win =/ hmm i think that was probably the best dance out of all the clips. then next would either be SHINee or Taegoon’s haha sry im like so biased :] it’s been a week since taegoon’s debut and he’s completely broken out of the shy shell haha and his smile kills me…okay sry a jumping spider just landed on the desk and i killed it :D haha ok…moving on…well he’s hot and omg im so addicted to him now :] i hope he does interviews soon so we can get to know him better :p and his dance totallly mesmorizes everyone haha i love how everyone just goes WHOOOOO when he does like anything

  5. reading this make me find out that you’re a really SM fan….and i have to agree with you that 2pm dance a lot better than you make them sound maybe because of your sadness that shinee lost against them?…i mean hej 2pm rocks the stage and their choreography are def not the same!! there are a lot of new and cool movement in their danceperf.!! and i must say 2pm is def. one of the highlights in this dance battle!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What – SHINee and Suju lost?!!! This is a travesty! It’s only because they were up against people doing sexy moves and skin showing. Sexiness always wins over crowds. *shakes heads in disappointment*

    I really loved Suju’s performance – it was awesome and SHINee were really good. And OMG, TAEMIN, I officially dub you ‘dancing prodigy’. *_* Taegoon was cool – opening was a little weird but then he smiled and I forgot. My goodness, his smile is ridiculously heart-melting, I swear!

    I thought SNSD’s performance was pretty good and I was wondering about Yuri being there as well – guess they wanted some variety? The others were okay – I wasn’t really impressed.

    Happy CNY to you too! I think it’s the 26th this year.

  7. I miss SJ’s performances. They always have really creative routines that never fails to wow me. It’s just sad that people seem to like skin better than quality dancing. ):

    SHINee’s perf was great too. :D


  9. 2PM and SHINee were both super awesome but i can’t help feeling sad that SHINee lost too..must go comfort them now ;)

    okay so youngbae SERIOUSLY killed me with his ab waves..i love him and seungri both to death but i have to admit that youngbae kind of killed it (i mean AB WAVES, if anything deserves 100 points it would have to be that)

    super junior was simply awesome as usual, i love the routines they come up with so sad they didnt win :(

    LOL at SS501’s handkerchiefs..i’m not gonna lie if i didn’t read the comments about it i seriously would of that that it was underwear (i actually rewatched it a billion times to make sure it was handkerchiefs =X) oh those boys are making me lose my mind.. but really if you watch at 1:00 it actually looks like kyujong is stretching elastic or something on that ‘handkerchief’..yeah okay im wrong ik XD

    SNSD was pretty good but i’m not going to lie – seungri bopping along to the music was the highlight for me XDDD tooo cute (and tae goon to of course <3)

    LOL at shindong during Kara’s routine (and the rest of the males in the audience)..and lol at 1:35 same dance move from pretty girl

    and yeah i have no idea why they would put tae goon and kara against each other lol they have absolutely nothing in common in their styles..BUT OMIGOSH HIS SMILE REALLY DOES KILL

  10. The first day of Chinese New Year is on the 26th, while 25th is the Eve :DD

    I just finished watching the whole of Star Dance Battle and the whole thing is so so awesome because I love to dance a lot and nothing beats seeing my idols dancing to something other than their promoted songs.

    I like both 2PM and SHINee but since SHINee is my hugest bias ever, its hard to be happy when SHINee lost :(( I think 2PM danced really well, but its along the lines of all the dances 2PM did, but there’s no flail factor for me :(( However for SHINee, I loved what they did so so so much I swear I’ve watched their dance part at least 20 times. My favourite parts were the bridge (but the camera angle is really really bad so I’m sadfacing a lot :(( ) and the chorus, which just feels really epic. And BIAS BIAS but Key just looks SO FREAKING HOT KSDFJLSFK.

    Kind of really sad, but I’ve been getting tired of what Seungri and Taeyang have been dancing. I personally don’t like that style a lot??? IDK. Basically I like a dance more if I feel ‘Wow you can dance really well!’ instead of ‘Wow you’re so sexy’ whatever.

    I really really like Taegoon’s dance!! THE HELICOPTER KICK KLDLSDKJFL. I’ve tried doing one before. And its kind of really really really hard to kick so high without support. Especially when the legs are higher than the body which means he must have a really strong back. I THINK I AM READING TOO MUCH INTO THIS. And yes I will be stalking him a lot too :DD

    There’s still some games after the dances which are really funny. Especially with Jay from 2PM and Eunhyuk against each other on this bar thing IDK how to explain.




    You should really watch the whole episode :DD First part here

  11. it’s really unfair how you descript each battle especially for 2PM i mean common their dance is a million times better than you make them sound!!!!!!!! i think they’re pretty good and that’s no surprise cause they’re trained to be dancing group!!!!! they deserve to win!!!!!!

  12. :(( Basically I typed a really long comment and pressed submit and it didn’t appear :(((((((

    But to sum it up, I’m really really sad SHINee, SuJu and Taegoon lost.

    I loved SHINee’s performance, its something really fresh, and my favourite part is the bridge and the chorus. The chorus feels really epic! But the camera angle during the bridge was really bad :(( I THINK KEY IS REALLY HOT. CANT HELP IT HUGE BIAS.

    I think 2PM, Seungri and Taeyang can dance really well. But its been to a state that I’ve already gotten tired of what they’ve been dancing. You know they can do this, and they’ve been doing this for a number of times. And I like dances more if I get the ‘WOW They can DANCE SLDFKJDF’ instead of ‘Wow this is so sexy’. :((

    I was really impressed by Taegoon’s dance. Especially that helicopter kick which is really really hard to do. I can only kick that high with support from a bar. BUT WITHOUT SUPPORT IT IS REALLY REALLY HARD. The back muscles must be really strong and everything and slkfjsldkjf.

    I am still refreshing the page in hopes that my comment would appear but apparently not. Anyway, watch the whole episode! Everything is so win, and there’s other cool stuff like really funny games (Jaebum vs Eunhyuk!) and covers (Kim Shinyoung doing Rainism!!!). Yeah.

    This is the link to the first part.

    Happy Chinese New Year :DD

  13. Haven’t watched the whole performance yet. Though SJ didn’t win they did an awesome job and it makes my day happier.
    Candychu, Thanks for sharing with us. Ah by the way I have seen SHINee in real real when they came to thailand. Though I had to make my head 45 degree position for an hour, it was worthwhile coz of Onew’s smile :D

  14. zee
    Oooh awesome! Thanks for the link – I can watch it clearly now lol cause I couldn’t even see who was who XD.

    Yeah I think in terms of technique, it wasn’t the best (agree with the skill lol) but the choreography was very creative and all sorts of awesome ajdfadjflsd.

    I didn’t mind that the two new groups of 2008 were put up against each other because I thought SHINee were a good match too! But I guess that’s the difference between a dance group and a … non-dance group that still has awesome dancers. LOLLL.

    (SHhh I tell you a secret? I actually couldn’t watch the whole of Kara’s. I think the girls are cute and sweet but their thing was…boring?)

    Eh…? *grabs your arm* we shall stalk him together :D

    Taegoon’s a hot dancer but when he smiles, it’s like sunshines and rainbows *____*

    SJ’s was definitely my favourite performance (even before SHINee’s in uniforms). HAHAH dw we can be biased together! I mean, come on, after reading my post you can’t get mored biased than me XD

    AND WTH @ THE SPIDER. I hate creepy crawlies lol and I cry whenever there’s one in my room…so you’re a brave one :)

    Yeah lol I bet Taegoon is one of those dorky guys. His smile is just so adorable :3

    2pm fans/somebody
    Not really sure why you left two comments under two different names…with two different opinions. Lol so I’m sort of confused. You said you agreed that 2pm danced better than I gave them credit for (which is the truth, I know) but then your second comment sorta contradicted that understanding?

    Anyway I understand where you’re coming from. And we’re all entitled to our own opinions. I admit I’m SHINee biased but it doesn’t mean I don’t get why 2pm won. And I quote from my post “2pm are awesome though. I mean, I can totally see why they won :).”

    Hope I didn’t offend you in any way :/

    I agree! I was just saying to beckery, SR & TY tied cause one sexy danced and another revealed abs, 2pm stripped and SHINee didn’t, SS501 grabbed their crotches and SJ just danced!!! The judges are all pervy people XDD

    Actually Yuri is an awesome dancer too (though in my opinion, Hyoyeon’s best – from SNSD, anyway. Yuri was featured in SJ’s movie as a dancer, too) so I can understand why she’s there. But Yoona… lol.

    And ooh I had another cool dream. CSJH were at the dance battle!!!!!!!!! Lol and they later joined SNSD and there were like 50 girls on stage lmao.

    It’s okay, when they comeback this year, there will be plenty more opportunities to watch them and their awesomeness! I’m glad SJ didn’t give into peer pressure and strip! XD

    I still find it LOL-worthy how we were full asking who SJ and SS501 were versing. But yeah. Sad :(

    YUSSS ANOTHER BIASED FAN *clings*. Hahaha lol but we’re just being honest XD.

    AHAHHAA but Taeyang had to share his points with SR who sexy danced with his female dancer ;)

    Yeah, super depressed SJ lost :(. LOLOL UNDIES? HAHAHA I did not think that XD. STRETCHING ELASTIC LMAO. Maybe that’s just their..dancing? XD.

    YES I saw Taegoon and I was like “Taegoon??”. He’s so cute :3

    Yeah, you’re right! Even though SJ didn’t win, their awesomeness has still been acknowledged ^^


  15. 2pm’s dance is awesome and so sick—i think they choose the right musik and the dance concept match as well with their image!!!!!!! the crown were really into it and i must say they got the loundest scream at that night!!!!!!!

  16. ^Lol I really don’t know why you’re leaving comments under different names (and email this time). You don’t seem to like how I’m an SM-biased fan but … you’re starting to seem pretty 2pm-biased if I may say so myself…

  17. Hmm, I figured that person above was the same person too. Anyway, LOL at your dream – 50 girls! That’s a little too much for me. Yuri was very good though. And yes, shame on those pervy judges!

    Oh, I brought this to cheer you up though. It’s a game they played in between the battles where the contestants have to hit each other to win – it’s really funny! It starts after TY and SR’s performance on the video – and Taemin did it too:

  18. SUJU!!!!! T__________T

    I’m not being biased but I think they really should’ve won. Okay, I’m totally biased but what the hell. Kyujong from SS501 is so hot though. I’m giving him points for that.

    SHINee. Ohgod those boys made me LOL so hard that they chose to dance to HOT. We Are the Future of all songs. LOLOL. And Taemin’s hair…it had to go old school as well. To match the “feel” of the song. XD!

    The Big Bang dance battle is full of smex. Wish it was a GD / YB dance off though.

  19. Oh, candychu-chan, I was trying to link you to this really funny part of the dance battle where they play this game where the contestants have to hit each other to win but the comment didn’t post. So just go to Heebongie’s channel on YT and look for part 3 of the dance battle parts and the game starts after SR and TY’s performances. It’s reallllly funny – I totally recommend watching it!

    Also LOL at your dream. 50 girls?! That’s a few too many for me! I agree about Yuri though – she seems to be pretty good.

  20. moonynim
    And Kara won against Taegoon. Seriously, something was wrong with the results XDDD.

    Maybe it went to the spam filter cause you left a link .. dw I’ll go check it out now. But thanks for letting me know! I’ll be sure to watch.

    Haha well maybe not 50 girls but tonnes of girl groups just got on the stage and there was so much pink XDDD. Yeah Yuri and Hyoyeon were known as the top dancing trainees before debut :).

  21. i think it’s so kind of weird how there is two sides of the stage where the dancers sit on and the one on the right is mostly all sm town

  22. Aghhh honestly I don’t have time to leave the essay comment that I wanted to because it’s kind of late atm and I have school tomorrow, but!

    I’ve been watching the full version that Heebongie has up on YT and honestly, even though I can’t understand Korean, there are a lot of other things (including Taemin being violent XD lol imagine that) so if you have time and the patience GO WATCH IT.

  23. ^Oh so you’re back home?
    LOL yeah I listened to yumimaki and went and watched part 3 & 4. Taemin is the best, seriously. He’s so playful but he full bashed the other guy and everyone is like holding their hands up to tell him to stop and running to the one down on the ground. I laughed SO HARD.

  24. ^yes, but tomorrow’s school again. SLAVEDRIVER TEACHERS *makes voodoo doll, and the rest is history*
    LOL I KNOW. When I showed it to my Melinda friend, I said “Taemin is a violent child :D”. But OMG I fell off my chair, it was just so cute ♥

  25. ^Lol I feel so sorry for your Melinda friend XD. AND WHY WOULD YOU SHOW THE WORST OF TAEMIN? That boy is hilarious akl♥asdjslajfl♥aljdfij♥alkrfv♥ teehee.

  26. Hyukjae sure pawns ass when it comes to dancing. Dont you think so candychu?! But you’re a HyukYeon shipper?!? O_O I hope Beckery doesnt kill!!!

  27. ^Lol Candychu ain’t the only Hyukyeon shipper. They’re sure compatible what with their awesome dancing skills and names starting with the same letters! Just like Candychu & Changmin :D

    (lmao bec, you’re a loser)

  28. Happy Chinese New Year!!! :D By the way, the date of the new year is January 26, if I understand correctly. It’s really early this year, since it’s usually in February.

    To be honest, I didn’t really watch most of these all the way through except for SHINee’s because school uniforms were involved. Taemin’s hair was hilarous. XD But I think I might have to watch SJ’s one now after reading your commentary. ^^

  29. OMOOOOOO!! I just realized who Taegoon reminds me of…Jay Chou, just appearance wise. And lol at you being SM biased and the other fan being JYP(?) biased. As much as I’m SM biased, I do think 2pm’s dance was the best, just wished they didn’t take off their shirts, but lol I think their wifebeaters were too small anyways. And LMAO at kara being against taegoon. The girl spazzing over Seungri is the same girl who hit on Jaejoong on happy together lol. Overall, I think the winner of the whole dance battle should be Kim Shin Young, just because she’s so cute she doesn’t have to do anything in order to win. Just looking at her cheer them on is so cute!

  30. Happy Chinese New Year! :XDDDD
    I haven’t been here for a long time! I missed you guys!


    I know right? XD I have to stop myself from thinking of pervy thoughts coz it’s just not right for an adjumah like me.

    The dance battle was awesome and I enjoyed SuJu’s performance the most, too. Of course SHINee would come in second not just coz I’m biased but because I really think they are better dancers even without the flipping and shirt ripping. XD But I also get why 2pm won. So good for them. Hahaha!

    I’m also getting to know more about Taegoon! He looks like a cross between Rain, Se7en and Jonghyun. I like rain and jonghyun plus JJ is his friend. I think that’s enough reason for me to like him too. XDDD

    Hahahaha! Yoona is actually one of the best dancer in SNSD. I was surprised too when I first got into them but yeah, she’s really good in dancing and acting just not singing. XD But Hyoyeon is of course the dancing queen.

    SM bias ftw. LMAO. I’m too lazy to comment on the others. >.<

  31. :(((((((
    I posted really really long comments twice. TWICE. Both retyped :(((((( And it didn’t appear. And I was almost crying. And then I read something above and realise it was because I added in a link :((((

    So I got from the your comment that you can read my disappeared-from-face-of-earth comments???

    I just wanted to know. Because I kinda spazzed for two long comments. And it disappeared. And it really is irritating. :((

    Basically I just want to express AGAIN, my utter bias for SHINee, and how I totally think their performance rocked. AND HOW I LIKE KEY’S HAIR. And how I am shocked at how Taemin’s face actually fits that 90s kpop hairstyle.

    So yeah. Please tell me if you’ve seen my comments???

    Oh yes. I think its SHINee’s rolled up sleeves that makes everything so hot and sldkfjsldfkjdfl.

  32. Attempting to speak without bias, I think most of the outcomes were fine the way they were. Shinee was better than I expected and they ALL looked mad hot (no pun intended.^^) 2PM is a dance oriented group though and their routine deserved to win.

    Seungri’s routine made me uncomfortable tbh, and Taeyang’s was just better in terms of style and difficulty. the 50/50 seemed fishy…

    Suju’s was original as always and entertaining, but the choreography wasn’t as hard hitting as SS501. It was more exciting. They had the audience members dancing in their chairs.^^ I don’t think they won b/c of extra sexy moves.

    SNSD did a lot better than I expected. Their moves were more difficult than the usual cutesy ones. I liked it. Kara needed more oomph to their routine. Taegoon was true to his style and very smooth indeed. Amazing job from everyone!

  33. Aww, everyone seems to really love SuJu’s performance here, which makes me feel kind of bad. It’s not that I don’t like the boys – and if you know me, you’d know I love them immensely and am eagerly awaiting their THIRD ALBUM xD – but somehow, SS501’s dance appealed to me more. Because the whole hankerchief thing was SEXY. And HOT :D:D. And they all look so darn good. Which is a huge understatement, but anyway :P.

    SuJu’s dance was a really different style, but not in a bad way. It was entertaining, yes, and it’s obvious they put a lot of effort into thinking up the choreography (or whoever thought it up, really), but I guess next to SS501, it just doesn’t seem as dance-y? Idk, I just really love SS501’s one :):). These boys are growing on me each and every day. Of course, I won’t forget about my first love SUJU who led me into the world of K-pop (and turned me into a very spazzy fangirl, might I add) ^^;;.

  34. Here is my experience while I went and watched SHINee’s First Fan meeting in thailand.I went there because of my friend(diehard fan of SHINee).I didn’t go on the first day the day SHINee performed at ChannelV and my friend didn’t get a chance to see them there though she went. I knew how she felt and I accompanied her on the fan meeting day though I am scared of press conference and fan meeting(I did have sad experience at SJ super show press conference, well there will be another story :P).We arrived there around 1pm and the ground floor was aldy taken by press, media ppl and 900 fans(no idea how to get acceptance to get signature) who will get sign from SHINee. So we went up to first floor and got a place at right side of the stage. SHINee showed up at 6pm and they took seats
    in their usual position(from rightmost Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key)…fans were told one fan will get a signature from a member and fans were not allow to choose the member. So I have watched SHINee almost the whole hour while they were signing. It was really hard for me to see Onew from my place but still I can see him well. He was smiling most of the time and my heart knows it wasn’t fake one. Taemin also smiled and sometime he talked to Onew and seems he felt awkward. Jonghyun, what I see on him is he couldn’t hide his feeling and it shows on his face. There were some fans they wanted to get sign from their favorite member and they insisted on positioning in front of the particular member while staffs were draging them to the right place. A fan who was assigned to get a sign from JH but she insisted staying infornt of Taemin meanwhile JH’s expression was like ‘what is she trying to do’ and seems JH didn’t like her behavior.And another fan came and took position firmly in front of JH though she was assigned to be get Taemin’s.This time JH’s expression was totally different, first amazed and then he smiled brightly(happy over the fan choose him).JH was the one who tried to make eye contact with fans the most. Minho, he was cool as usual but in my eye he was just like a robot:D. Key didn’t smile nor talk much (may be he got to sit side by side with robot :P Minho lover don’t kill me). This is all…I am not good at writing and expressing in words. Ahh..I didn’t bring camera and my phone cam is not so good. I am gonna see them again on 7th Feb

  35. i loved all the dances, except Kara’s. *gets shot*
    idk, i just think they could’ve done alot better than that. but the concept was cute xD

    i loved SNSD’s dance! they should totally go with this concept. they’re going to have to move away from cutesy SOME day…

    i am incredibly SHINee biased yes i am, but im nt at all sore that 2PM won :) putting aside dancing abilities, since both groups are obviously fantastic, 2PM’s choreography was original and fresh while SHINee’s, while good nonetheless, was merely dancing to the H.O.T choreography. still, allow me to chuckle at their hair xDDDDD

    i quite liked suju’s dance. they look cool even with pacman in the background. how do they do it? :O

    and lastly, TaeGoon. *sigh* he smiles and i be happy. he dances and i be spazzy. he smiles and dances, and i be crazy.


  36. Lili
    LOL SHINee bias FTW!

    Jay Chou? Really? Lol well Taegoon’s cuter and looks less scary haha. Actually he reminds me of this TVB actor who is a son of another famous actor lol.

    HII YOUUUUUU! I’ve missed you too *hugs*. And yeah, nothing against shirt ripping but SHINee were able to put up a great performance without revealing skin :).

    I’m so sorry WP had to be a pain! And trust me, I know how it feels. I’ve been typing up long ass posts (both on this and my other blog) and after clicking save the whole thing disappears.

    But yes I managed to read both your comments so dw! And ooh I think I’ve just discovered a new kink – rolled up sleeves :PP

    Lol I really can’t speak without bias. I don’t try hard enough haha. But yeah, SNSD danced pretty well which really shows they should just change their cutesy image XD.

    Hmm someone else felt that SJ’s choreo wasn’t really fit for a dance battle and I guess after reading your comment it made a bit more sense. It was excellent stuff but probably not what the audience was looking for? :(

    Omg I laughed SO hard at your comment about Minho being a robot and why Key seemed unhappy AHAHAHA. Aww, lucky. I hope I’ll be able to see them one day too ^^

    and lastly, TaeGoon. *sigh* he smiles and i be happy. he dances and i be spazzy. he smiles and dances, and i be crazy.


    And yes, long time no see *waves* ^^

  37. I totally ship HyoHyuk too (: ♥ Dancing King and Queen ~ If they have a kid … LOL

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