Posted by: lovediaries | January 27, 2009

Mod Post: Comments going into spam

Just sticky-ing this for those who haven’t read yet ^^!

Hey! Sorry to commentors who left (long) comments with links only to find your comment gone. Usually when there are links, WP allows us to approve it but we hadn’t been notified of any comments requiring approval; so I just checked our spam filter and along with all those “naughty sites”, I found quite a few comments (which were all very long) in there.

Sorry you guys have had to retype your comments over and over again. WP is being silly >:( And we really do appreciate it when you guys leave us links! So don’t let this discourage you all ^^ If you think you’ve left a comment which hasn’t been approved after days then feel free to just give one of us a poke and we’ll check the spam filter. (We usually avoid going there because that place really is full of spam…just like this post ^^””).

I’ll get up the posts you guys have linked ASAP!


  1. candychu

    welll..heloooooo there. no wonder my 2 comments sort of ‘vanished’. just because there were links there.
    thanks for explaining. if not, i would still be scratching my head and asking WHY OH WHY my comments do not appear (:

  2. ^It’s weird because before, we never needed to dig out comments from the spamfilter even with links :(

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